Mystify Michael Hutchence – Official Trailer

– The amount of experience
that you would go through in doing what we do, is many lifetimes. The problem is holding on to a fixed point for long enough to understand it. ♪ All veils and misty ♪ – You know when
there’s one person in the room that has a special light? That was him. – He was the complete package. – And everyone
wanted a piece of him. – Michael Hutchence.
– So sexy! – Michael always had that aura about him. ♪ Mystify, mystify ♪ – If you’re a sensual being all of your senses need stimulating. ♪ Mystify ♪ – A lot of it was
based around pleasure. Let’s face it.
♪ Mystify me ♪ – I don’t like the idea of goals. I don’t like the idea of success. – He actually wanted to be an artist. – I think it confused him whether he wanted to take
on being Michael Hutchence. – It started to take its toll on him. ♪ To keep me alive ♪ – We were riding home on our bikes. This insane taxi driver got
out of his car and punched him. – And, right from the get-go Michael was kind of different. – I just felt this incredible overwhelming sense of sadness. This is not the Michael that I know. ♪ I, I was standing ♪
– He was a shy kid. He didn’t want to walk into a room full of people let alone sing. – Anticipation, anxiety attack. – I remember asking Michael what his definition of rock ‘n’ roll was. He said, liberation. – Sometimes your stars line up and everything in life clicks. And sometimes you’re fighting
against nature itself. ♪ Worlds collided, shining through ♪ ♪ And they could never tear us apart ♪ ♪ I, I was standing ♪


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