Naagin 4 – 11th January 2020 – नागिन 4 – Full Episode

Hail, Lord Shiva. Who is this serpent? He must not kill my enemy.
Not at all. Dev will be murdered by me. Brinda. I have to inform mom about this. Hail, Lord Shiva. Hail, Lord Shiva. Hail, Lord Shiva. Hail, Lord Shiva. ‘When the sun rays will… …fall on this temple… …your daughter’s name
will shine bright.’ ‘Up in the sky.’ What? Brinda. Don’t leave me alone. I’m scared. I’m scared, please. Don’t leave me alone.
– Hey. Don’t leave me alone, please. I’m scared. Don’t worry. I’m scared.
– I’m here. I’m scared.
– Brinda, get up. Brinda!
– Brinda. Brinda! Brinda!
– Please, don’t leave me alone. Are you okay? Brinda, get up. Brinda, are you okay? Please don’t leave me alone, Rajat. Yes, but how did you
come here, Brinda? I have no idea about it. Please, don’t leave me alone.
I’m scared. Just relax. I’m here. ‘Brinda loves someone else.’ ‘She loves Rajat.’ ‘Who is Brinda? How did she
become a shape shifting serpent?’ Hail Lord Shiva! Hail Lord Shiva! I need to tell mom
about this at once. Hail Lord Shiva! Hail Lord Shiva! Hail Lord Shiva! Hail Lord Shiva! Hail Lord Shiva! Hail Lord Shiva! Lord, where is my daughter? Where is she? Who is she? She is someone who
will avenge me. She is a shape-shifting
serpent just like me. I have given birth to her.
She is my real daughter. Where is she? Who is she?
What is her name? Lord, show me.
Tell me, where is she? Brinda. The voice told me that I’ll
see her name over here. Where is she?
Where is her name? Lord, I cannot see anything. Brinda is the shape shifting
serpent. That means… …she is not my real mother. Where is the name? Nayantara, why are you here? Go away from here. Go! No! We can’t run out of time! This cannot happen. No! This cannot happen! Mom. Why did you come here? Mom, what are you doing here? I came here to
perform a veneration. A grand veneration… …which is ruined now. Forgive me, mother. Your veneration was
ruined because of me. Nayan, why did you come here? ‘Who is my daughter?’ ‘She is someone who
will avenge me.’ I saw that shape-shifting
serpent again. I came here to tell you about her. Where did you see her? At the place where I had
gone with Dev Parikh today. You would’ve seen her face then. You might know who she is. No. I failed to notice it. What do you mean? Why did you not
follow her like me? In fact, you are here
to inform me about it. Nayantara, you know how to
control serpents, right? You know to play the flute, right?
Why did you not use it, then? Why did you not control the serpent?
Why did you not catch it? I committed a mistake, mom. Please forgive me.
I committed a big mistake. What do you mean by
a mistake, Nayantara? You will keep committing mistakes
and must I keep forgiving you? Is that my job? Just leave! Leave! I will see you later.
I need to complete a lot of work. Nayantara,
you have spoiled my veneration. Perhaps I could
never recover it. Please forgive me, mom.
I have committed a huge mistake. But I am your
daughter after all. I think you can
forgive one mistake I make. ‘Adoration to Lord Shiva!’ (Sanskrit)
– ‘Mom!’ ‘Adoration to Lord Shiva!’ ‘Nayantara!’ ‘What happened?’ ‘How did you get that wound?’ ‘How did that happen?’ ‘Wait.
I will bring the medicine.’ ‘This girl is strange!’ ‘How did you do all this?’ ‘What are you up to?
How did you get wounded?’ ‘You could have told me, right?
When did you come here?’ ‘Just when you began
your veneration.’ ‘Are you here since two hours?
You were tolerating… …the pain all this while. Why?
What was the need?’ ‘Mom, your veneration was
important, right?’ ‘Nayantara,
are you out of your mind?’ ‘Nothing is more
valuable to me than you.’ ‘Is that clear?’ ‘Always remember this.
We both are meant for each other.’ ‘No one else. We just have… …only us to
support each other.’ ‘Nothing else matters.
Be it anything at all!’ ‘Nayantara, you have spoiled
my important veneration!’ ‘Perhaps I can never
recover from it.’ ‘Where is she located?’ ‘Who is my daughter?’ ‘The one who will seek
revenge on my behalf!’ ‘Nayantara, you know how to
control serpents, right?’ ‘You know to play a flute, right?
Why did you not use it, then?’ ‘Why didn’t you hypnotize
and catch that serpent?’ I swear by Lord Shiva,
now I’ll do it. I’ll find that serpent,
gain control over it… …and then kill it. Yes, Brinda. Now no one can save you from me. I’ll kill you. I’m your death. Brinda. Take it.
– Thank you. What happened, Rajat?
Are you ill? No. I have
a severe headache. How did this happen
all of a sudden? ‘I got expensive liquor and
couldn’t hold myself back.’ Actually, you are
responsible for all this. Where were you the whole night? I searched so much for you. I couldn’t even sleep. I feel my head will burst.
– Rajat, I’m sorry. Sorry.
You were troubled because of me. I’m sorry, Rajat.
– Brinda, are you okay? You fainted yesterday. I think it is more
serious than someone’s headache. Yes.
Mr. Dev is absolutely correct. A headache… …will be gone
with a single tablet. I hope you are fine, Brinda.
– Yes. Actually… …while searching for
Brinda yesterday… Rajat, give this at the hotel. It’s your liquor bill. I’ve signed it.
It’s been taken care of. Go and give it. Mr. Dev, I was very
tense yesterday. So, I… Rajat, I don’t want to create a
scene before Brinda. So, leave. Brinda, are you okay? Brinda, are you with me? Are you fine?
– Nayantara! Where is she? Oh God! I’ll call and ask her. ‘I wonder what happened
to me last night?’ ‘Where was I?’ ‘What happened?’ ‘Why can’t I remember anything?’ Nayantara isn’t answering the
call, too. Where is she? And Rajat. If you had seen her
running off somewhere… …why didn’t you ask her? You could’ve asked her, right?
Don’t you… …think you should’ve done it? I was… – No, Dev.
Nayantara was with you, right? You should know about it. Where were you last night?
– I was… Yeah. I’m sorry. Please don’t apologize. We’ll look for Nayantara. I’ll look for her. Rajat, please don’t bother. Just look after Brinda. Will you be able to do that? Of course, he will. He looks after me
so well. Am I right, Rajat? ‘Stop it, Dev.’ ‘What are you doing?’ ‘Stop! Just stop!’ ‘The snake is completely
under my control.’ The snake will get charred now. Snakes born in the
‘Ashlesha nakshatra’… …can only get burnt
to death in that fire… …which has components
of a scorpion. The snake will jump in the fire. This snake will jump in the
fire of its own accord. That means, this is all true. This hypnotization mantra
and fire are really so powerful… …that I can burn any
serpent to death in it. Especially Brinda. Brinda, take this medicine. You will be fine. Are you still angry
about yesterday? I mean… …Dev spoke rudely to you. If you like, I’ll speak to him. I will clearly tell him…
– Brinda, please. We’ve made a deal. We have to get Dev and
Nayantara to be with each other. That is what Dev’s mother wants. That is all we have to do. I know that. That is why we
made Dev go to the concert. Oh, really? What difference
did it make? You fell unconscious there. Where did you go? ‘We’ll speak later. I need…’ ‘You told me, yesterday that… …I should ask you, first?’ ‘You can do this with Rajat, too.’ ‘You can refuse him.’ ‘He cannot force you.’ ‘Forget about him.
Don’t talk about him again.’ ‘Brinda, listen to me!’ I asked you a question.
Can you answer me? What can I say, mom?
Don’t do this to me! Didn’t you go for a double date? Did you like the girl? Mom, please! Don’t set up
the matrimonial site, please. I am your mother and
your wedding is my business. What wedding, mom? You’ll get married,
sooner or later. Mom, let’s do one thing.
You have another son… …so, get him hitched. You’ll get what you want. Don’t do this. Nayantara is the perfect
daughter-in-law for me. This is just too much! If he says no… …I’m game for it.
– Be quiet! Don’t hush him up!
Get him married. Look at him! He is so eager. Stop talking nonsense,
both of you. Are you listening to
what I have to say? Mom, I am listening
and I get what you mean. But, you forget about this
and try to understand… …that Nayantara and I
are not involved in that way! You may not be, right now
but it can happen later, right? There is no chance of it
happening, now or even later. Mom!
– Brinda! Mom.
– Let’s talk later. First, sit down.
Come on. This is hot! So, don’t
burn yourself. Go on. Drink up! Open your mouth. Hurry up!
– Mom, I’ll barf. It’s okay! Just gulp it
down. Good girl! I’m done, let go. – You’ve left it!
Why didn’t you drink it all? Mom, where is dad?
I can’t see him. I need to speak to him.
– He went to the temple. What do you want to say
to him? You tell me. ‘If I tell mom about
my troubles… …she will fret
even more than I do.’ Brinda!
– What? Tell me, what’s wrong? I need to speak to dad.
If he comes home… ‘I can figure out why
I had a black out this time.’ And you’re thinking again. What is it, Brinda?
Can you tell me? I will go to the temple.
I think, I’ll meet him there. Tell me!
– Since you’re back… …let’s go and speak
to aunt Vrushali. Well… Aunt Vrushali is very
nice to her. She considers her part
of the family. One moment, what do we say
to aunt when we go to her? Just say, we are doing
exactly what she said. Everything is absolutely perfect! No, wait a moment. I don’t
get it. What are you saying? What’s going on?
Can someone please tell me? We will tell you too. But, let us make sure,
first and foremost! Can our thoughts
be translated into reality? This is such great news!
It’s such a major surprise! How can we hide this from you? You just have to wait
for a bit. Okay? Let’s go, or we’ll be late.
– But… But, why don’t you listen to me? What did Rajat say? She must be at home. Good news? Nayantara, I am really sorry. I thought, we shared some
chemistry. I don’t think you dislike me. Of course not!
Why would I dislike you? It’s just that I…
– Let’s drop it, Dev. Right now anything you say
will hurt me. So, I’ll just leave. No! Listen to me. Listen to me. What I was saying
to mom, meant… …that I am not like
other boys. I don’t make friends
with loads of girls… …or date them and
so on. I’d prefer to… …be with one girl
who will be with me, forever. Just one relationship
for a lifetime. That’s why, I want to love
the one I marry. You know, love just doesn’t
happen at first sight. You understand?
That’s why… And you know, about yesterday? You left and
I didn’t even know… …and I fell into the water. The next day, Brinda
was ill in the morning. I was with her. ‘Back to Brinda!’ ‘Nayantara,
you have to deal with this.’ ‘Brinda may end up
getting your mom… …and this boy, too!’ If that happens… …you will really be useless
for your mom. Hello!
– What? Are you with me?
Are you listening to me? What were you saying? I was saying sorry… …for last night and
for hurting you ever. I’m really sorry.
– It’s okay, Dev. Even I don’t want to force you. So, it’s alright, Dev. Thank you. Thank you so much. But, still let me know how
I can make it up to you. Do you know to make coffee? Yes, I make good coffee. I will make it right away. ‘I want to meet you immediately.
It’s urgent.’ ‘Come to path of the forest
in the house’s backyard.’ ‘I’m waiting.’ Did you get what I thought?
– Yes. What are you looking at? Don’t nod your head.
Tell me, yes or no. Did you get it or not?
– Yes, I get it. I will ask aunt Vrushali
not to worry about anything. Great. Listen, don’t you think… …we should ask Dev once?
– Not at all. Have you lost your mind? Aunt Vrushali spoke
to us separately. That means, she doesn’t
want Dev to know about it. Correct?
– Yes. She’s Dev’s mom. She’s bound to know what’s
right for him, right? Don’t complicate a
simple thing, please. Just go and do as
I asked you to. Hey, girlfriend!
What a surprise! Why? Were you looking
for someone else? Yes, Nayantara was here.
Where did she go? Oh, Nayantara! Look, girlfriend. You know what? Mom wants me
to get closer to Nayantara. You know why, right? But… – Something else is going
on inside your mind, right? Lots of questions. Yes. Tell me something. When did you fall in love with
grandpa for the first time? I mean, how did you know? When and how did
you fall in love? I don’t remember that. But, it’s not necessary to fall
in love with someone instantly. Your grandpa and I fell
in love gradually… …as time passed by. So, there’s no way
to find out… …when one would
fall in love finally? ‘Exactly.’ When one falls in love,
the heart beats faster. Hearts starts to sing loudly. And the mind gets dizzy. Oh, no! Am I going to recite these
lines to aunt Vrushali? That too to explain
Dev’s state of heart. Has Rajat lost it? No, Brinda. I will go and talk frankly. I will put it
across simply that… Aunt Vrushali… I want to tell you
romantic things… Yes, go on. Say romantic things. We are listening. What do you want to say? What do I want to say? It’s kind of weird. When I’m with her,
I feel confused. When I’m not with
her, I miss her. Sometimes, I feel I don’t
know her well enough. Sometimes, I feel I have
known her since forever. I don’t know what to decide. Fine, let me tell you. Choose one of the hands. Seriously? Everyone feels that I
am an outdated old woman. I don’t think so.
– I know that. Choose one of the hands. Blame me, if you don’t get
the answer to your question. Okay, if you insist. Tamarind? Brinda, isn’t it? I knew, you were
talking about her. What are you saying? Did I say that? Come on. Okay. How did you know? I’m old, but not blind. Go and tell her your feelings. What? It’s not that simple, grandma. And, more than being
simple, it’s not right. There’s somebody in
her life already. So, what? They are
not married, right? How much
worse can it get anyway? Brinda will say no, right? Never mind. Go and tell her your feelings. Hey! You’ve got to tell us. You said, you want to
speak of romance. Do it. I won’t feel bad. Anyway, I worship love and lust. Explain, Brinda. If you don’t want to teach theory,
at least conduct the practical. Something like you are
my heaven on earth. Show me something. How dare you? What are you talking about,
friends? What happened? Nothing. We were telling Hardik… He canceled movie tickets
without informing us. That’s the matter. He had to come. Okay, friends.
Let’s go out and talk. Grow up, everyone! They are just impossible. What’s wrong with you now? Are you alright?
– No. I’m very ill. I’ll be dying. What? What’s wrong with her? This is the same place… The river bank… …where I was lying
with my daughter. But I was holding my
daughter at that time. Then when was she exchanged? Who could’ve done this? And why? Why? I was lying over here. This is the same river bank. Who did all this? Who interchanged the child?
Where is my daughter? No! It can’t be a member
of the Parekh family. Because they knew very well… …that I can’t take a shape shifting
serpent form till 25 years. Hence, they would’ve
killed me or my daughter. I can’t have any other enemy… …except the Parekh family. Listen. You are that woman, right? So you’ve returned? How are you? How is your daughter? She must’ve grown up. Where is she? That is what I want to know.
My daughter’s whereabouts! One moment! I found a ‘Rudraksh’
after you left from here. I kept it here in my packet. It is said that a
‘Rudraksh’ changes fate. ‘How do I explain
this to Rajat?’ ‘I don’t want
to go to Parekh house.’ ‘I don’t want to be a
matchmaker for anyone.’ ‘I just want to talk to
father.’ ‘What’s happening with me?’ ‘Why do I always find
myself blacking out?’ ‘I faint.’ ‘What’s happening with me?’ No use of talking to him, too. It’s so difficult to explain him. He’ll ask me whether I
spoke to aunt or not. How will I answer him? It’s very difficult to explain to
him, too. What should I tell him? Why are you murmuring? Is there any problem? Don’t hide it from me. If you want to say
something, tell me. No, mom. Are you hiding anything from me?
– No. I was about to tell you. I knew that you are going
to tell me something. I just knew it! I’m sure something
has gone wrong. Rajat also said that
something went wrong. Did anything happen between… …both of you? No. Fight? Not at all.
– Not a fight. A wedding night… Did that happen? What? No! I mean… There’s nothing wrong with it. Situations have changed, right? What are you saying?
– It’s different now. Swear to me. That nothing has happened
between both of you. Mom, have you gone crazy? Is everything alright? Oh God! Mom, you are insane. Wait!
– I don’t want to talk to you. It was over here. Exactly where you and
your daughter fell. It means,
it belongs to the person… …who abducted my daughter. It must be his ‘Rudraksh’. Leave me.
– No, Hardik. Leave me.
– Leave me. Hey, leave me. What’s so funny? Cool.
– No! It’s a whopper. He’s hurt a lot. He received a tight slap. That’s good. We didn’t have any fun
after Manas’ problems. Let’s do something, guys. That’s the spirit. I appreciate it. Come with me.
– We’ll start with Brinda… …and tell her
it’s not good to slap boys. Correct. Let’s punish a girl… …for slapping a boy. And that too at her home. Let’s go. Come on. Aunt Vrushali! Where’s Rajat? Rajat has gone to buy
medicines for me. And your parents? Mom is in the kitchen and dad… I know where your dad must be. Tell me, what did you do? I… Aunt Vrushali, I was unwell. Brinda, do you think I’m
here to know all this? I gave you that responsibility… …because you’re a very
good friend of Dev. I thought, you will think
about his welfare. I always wanted that. Then, why didn’t he
return with Nayantara? I don’t want to
discuss this any further. Tell me clearly… …will you do as I say? Or I can’t help your family. You are staying in our outhouse
since long without paying rent. You must have forgotten. Aunt Vrushali. The rent.
– I don’t want the rent. I’m telling you. I have always
thought about your benefit. And you can’t even favor me… …by helping Dev? I asked you… …to bring Nayantara and Dev
closer. But he is behaving
in a strange way… …after his return. He says that he is
disinterested in Nayantara. He doesn’t love her. I wanted to know what
exactly happened? Why has Dev changed his mind? It’s not like that.
– Ma’am. I’m sorry. I’m doing your work.
– Just a moment. I haven’t asked you to do this… …but her. So she will explain to me… …will she be
able to do it or not? Aunt Vrushali.
– I! She will surely do it. We were discussing the same. We need some more time. I’ll explain everything to you. Brinda, can you please let us talk? Please. No!
– Let’s go. Brinda will get it now.
– Hardik! Stop, I’ll show you something. Come here.
– Where are you taking me? Just look at it. If you can’t do my work… …then forget about your home. No! Please don’t do this. I will tell Brinda
to do your work. That’s good for you. Or else, your wish will
remain unfulfilled. You can’t hide… …your greed about
money from me. I know how people like you are? But, you don’t know me. I can do anything… …to get my work done. So, if you delay my work… …Brinda and you
will not be spared. Vrushali ma’am. I’m so sorry, guys. What, sorry?
You are our friend. Friend. Thank you, guys. We are friends. You can
share your problem with us. Are they taking revenge for me
or extending the brotherhood? No clue. But Sparsh and
Rohan will do something. Something dangerous. I see your problem.
– And I have the solution. We are friends.
So your problem… …is ours as well. Thank you, guys but… …if Ms. Vrushali comes to know
that I took your help… No. Thank you. Hey! Listen!
Don’t worry about mom. Just listen to our plan. Should I call up Brinda? I mean, should I tell her? No. Grandma was right. I should meet her in
person and talk to her. Yes. That would be better. Brinda will be here any moment now. Who knows, if my summons
has reached her or not? Why has my mind gone blank? Why am I unable to recollect… …what happened to me? This won’t do. Who should I talk to? If I talk to mom, she’ll speak
brusquely to me. So there’s no point in that. Rajat… Rajat has been mesmerized
by aunt of late. I can’t talk to him either as
he listens to no one but her. Nayantara and Dev are…. I can talk to Dev. He always lends me his ear. Sure, he may pull my leg. But he will hear me out. I will have to speak
to someone and Dev… …would be the right person
for me to share my worry with. And he must be aware of
what has happened with me. He was right there. I will speak to him. Just as I was about to call him,
he has texted me. I want to meet you right away. It’s urgent. Come to the road… …near the jungle from
the backyard of the house. I’m waiting for you. Jungle! Brinda has caused havoc
in my life! I will teach her a lesson
that she will never forget! No one can take
my place in mom’s life! And if anyone dares
to try and do that… …I shall kill that person! Yes, Brinda. Tonight will be the
last night of your life. This deadly game
won’t work with me. I may not be
a shape shifting serpent… …but I am Manyata’s daughter! She’s my mother and I won’t share
her love with anybody else! And no one but me will take
the revenge on the behalf… …of mom. I will marry Dev Parekh… …and become a part
of the Parekh family. And by the time
I take my revenge… …Brinda shall be long gone! Brinda never was a part of our
lives and nor will she ever be! In fact, she won’t
even remain alive! Dev, I am falling
unconscious repeatedly. But the reason behind it is
not what mom thinks it is. I cannot say that. He will ask me what
mom thinks is going on. Then I will explain to him
what she thinks is going on. It’s better for me to
ask him directly. Dev, what happened
to me yesterday? I don’t remember
how I fell into the water. That is a better idea. But… Dev is not to be seen. Why did he call me
to the jungle? There’s no network in my phone. Why did Dev have to
call me to the jungle? This is enough! This is testing my patience! I will tell Dev that… Come, shape shifting serpent… …come into
your original form. Because after that
you are going to die!


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