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What happened? So percentages.. yeah. We’re going to be
looking at decrease in numbers. Yeah. Which means working from… sorry Nadia,
what are you doing? Maths sir what does it look like I’m doing? Your phone But sir
I’m on like 13% I’m sure you’ll live Yeah but you don’t understand Excuse
me My group chat All right thank you. Give it to me Rarr.. You’ve got 5 seconds.. Are you serious? Five.. Just cus no one adds you to group chat Nah Sir don’t let her do that OK thank you
Tynisha sit down Four.. Are you on Tinder Sir? Don’t have it. OK quiet down! I bet he is init with a topless selfie, them girls are swiping left like “Nah bruv!” Three.. This guy Two.. I ain’t giving you my phone One.. Give me the phone Come and get it then. We are three months from exams. Three
months, and what are you doing? You’re blowing it I know you’ve been through a
lot and I sympathize with you I really do but I can’t help you unless you
communicate with me Look I haven’t got time for this either you hand me the phone, or I’m going to exclude you for refusing to comply with school rules. So which is it to be? Right. I’m calling your
mum. Mum? Mum please! Please let me in mum! Mum
I’m sorry! Hey Leah. *Whispers* Can you let me in? Mum. Mum please. Mum please! Nadia? Give me your bags. You’re late. Chill out! Look at the state of you. Don’t you dare! Put that away. Put that
away now! You are unbelievable. Get in here and have your dinner! I’m coming! What do you think you’re doing? I can’t… This is your home, Nadia. Your father would be ashamed of
you. Do you know that!? What? You heard me. Your father would be ashamed of you. You’re rude. Two hours it took me to cook that.
Two hours! And now look at it. It’s ruined! No. Now it’s ruined. Yeah mum! Now it’s ruined. Happy? I want you out of my house. Do you hear me?
Get out! Move! I told you already I’m fine. Hello? Yeah,
yeah it’s Anthony yeah thanks for getting back to me. I’ve got a young girl here, Nadia
Philips. I think she might be eligible for emergency homeless accommodation. What!? Two hours yeah that’s fantastic that works, thankyou. Nadia wait! I’ll call you back. Nadia! NADIA! Nadia come back here now! Look, listen to me – listen, I’m sorry.
Do I look homeless to you? What? I said, do I look homeless to you? I don’t know. What does homeless look like? I dunno like, man on the street? I don’t know? Look at my teeth for a start! Nadia! Listen! It’s not really like that, half the
people living in homeless accommodation are under 25. Well if they’re in
accommodation they aren’t homeless then are they obviously Nadia, listen you
can be homeless and in accommodation. It is so much more than just man on the
street. Nadia, you are under 18, it is your legal right to be given a room if you haven’t got anywhere else to go. It’s actually illegal for you to be out on the streets do you understand what I’m saying to you? It’s cool I’ll just
crash on that sofa init. Well you’ll still be considered homeless. You talk air Sir, I know people who
do that. Yeah? Well then it’s a more common problem than you think right? Like my cousin Laura,
she ran away cause my uncle wouldn’t let her boyfriend stay over.
Is that a reason to leave home? The council might consider her intentionally
homeless. Why would anyone be intentionally homeless? Not literally
okay. It just means that they might think that her situation might not have warranted her leaving home. She’s mad though still. She’ll chase any man. Look it’s complicated,
alright? But what isn’t complicated is getting onto social services and find
out exactly what you are entitled to and that’s what we’re gonna do alright?
So come on. How do you know so much about all this stuff anyway? You’ve got no respect for us! Oh what, do you really wanna do this yeah!? I want you out! Get out my house! Listen, don’t push me! I’m not in the mood! 150,000. That’s how many young
people sought help from your local council or social services regarding homelessness
in the UK last year. Victims or potential victims of domestic violence are considered priority need. I’m warning you, don’t push me! You’re weak, you’re NOTHING! I’m nothing yeah? MUM! NOTHING!? NOTHING!? Anthony! Anthony, open the door! OPEN THE DOOR! Ant! Look, I’m sorry mate! You shouldn’t have seen that.
It weren’t as bad as it looks, your mum’s alright. You see, people that are threatened with
evictions or repossessions or anyone that can prove that they live in in temporary
overcrowded or poorly kept accommodation that they couldn’t reasonably be
expected to live in, could be entitled to the same help that I got from my local
council as an adult. Or, if they’re under 18, through social services. The law changes once
you turn 18. It’s difficult and it took time. But I too had rights. OPEN THE FUCKING DOOR! That meant that once they established I
wasn’t intentionally homeless and I had no choice but to leave, it was their duty to
find me a home. Sir? Sir!? I said how you know so much about
homelessness? I erm, I don’t it’s er… Are you crying? No, no I’m not crying For me!? Oh my gosh Sir, cute! Nadia, I’m not c’mon let’s go, what are you doing? It’s for my story. What story? Put it down. I said put it down. Come on! Hurry up! Nadia! Just one little cheeky one! I don’t wanna go in on my own. You’ll be fine. I’m outside. Just go in, just explain your situation and they’ll help you out. You alright? Good. More than one in three young people
sleep unsafe and sofa surf in the UK each year. That means someone that you know is likely to have been affected. And it might not even be who you’d expect. So think about yourself, your friends, your family cause the truth is they probably don’t even know it themselves. Nadia Philips? Social services will help Nadia resolve
any issues she has with her mum and if it’s still a problem and it doesn’t work
out, they’ll work hard to find a long-term sheltered accommodation for her. But for tonight, she’s getting all the help that she needs, and more importantly what she’s
legally entitled to. right ready come on stop it what were
you doing story put it down put the phone down hey we took nine y’all alright give me
the phone hey three four times how do you turn this off
it’s not funny how do you turn it off please same jeez now come on
oh so you just get the button foot bone what Bonnie Pannell no hello all right


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