NAFCSuccess: November 15, 2019

(upbeat music) (jazz music) – “Guys and Dolls” is a
fantastic old classic musical. It is one of those shows that has melodies that you will be singing, humming on your way out of the theater, and a lot of tunes that
people already know and love. (jazz music) (shoes tap and click) – “Guys and Dolls” it’s
basically following the story of these gamblers in New York, and they’re all illegally gambling, in the sewers, wherever they can find. And Nathan, one of the gamblers, he’s been engaged to
Adelaide, this show girl, for 14 years (laughs). And then so, he’s kinda struggling. She doesn’t like that he gambles and she’s ready to get married, so he’s struggling to
find how to commit to her. And then Sky, it follows his journey because he makes this bet, that he can’t take Sarah, this very religious woman, to Havana. And then he does, and he ends
up falling in love with her, and so then he’s got to find
out what his feelings mean. And so, it’s just following
how these gamblers are dealing with love and
life in New York (chuckles). ♪ Tear up your poker
deck and play no more ♪ – So I play Sarah Brown,
and it’s just been so fun to dive into this character. She’s very religious, very modest, and all of a sudden there’s a gambler, who of course, she does
not approve of at first. Of course, she works in the mission and when she meets Sky Masterson, she’s immediately drawn to him, but tries to stay away
from him at the same time. And I think it’s really fun finding these two completely
different characters, and seeing how they react together, it’s been so fun to experiment with that. – I feel very lucky to
have this opportunity to play Adelaide. I don’t usually get to play the quirky type characters, I guess. It’s been a blast. She has a very strong New York accent. Mrs Nathan Detroit. (laughs) which was really fun to dive in and learn how to do quickly. She’s kind of like a cartoon in a way, which is something I’ve never
really had experience doing, and is harder (laughing) than I expected. It’s kind of playing up everything that you would naturally do, but it’s been really fun,
I’ve really enjoyed it. – I really enjoy doing what I do, because as the stage manager, you get to be with the
show every step of the way. You get to be there from auditions, to the first rehearsal, to choreo, to music rehearsals, things like that. You really get to see every
single piece get put together. And this week especially is
really fun during tech week, because this is when we get to merge our acting side of things, with the technical side of things, which sometimes can go very wrong. But, it’s also just very cool ’cause you finally get
to see the lights happen, and you get to see the
transitions happen with the set, and things like that. So that’s what I really enjoy, it’s just you know, being
with it the whole way, fostering it and then
just letting it be a show. – You know I think it’s been
a little bit of an adjustment, for the kids to get used to
doing a show that is kind of in that older classic style. We’ve done a lot of
really contemporary shows over the last few years, and those are structured much differently than older, golden age musicals were. So it’s a lot more scene work than they’re used to doing in a musical. The songs come in at less
frequent moments in the show, and there’s a lot more
time to rely on the acting in and of itself. So that’s been a good experience for them to have to focus on really
holding themselves up as actors. – I think the show is gonna be so great. We’ve put in a lot of work, it’s unlike any other
show I have ever done. And it’s one of the biggest leads I’ve had, at Floyd Central, so I’m really really excited to perform and go out there in front of the audience. So I think it will be really really fun. (upbeat music)

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