NAFCSuccess: October 25, 2019

(upbeat music) – Please sir, I want some more. ♪ More ♪ – The show Oliver is about
a young boy who’s an orphan, both of his parents have passed, and he finds himself on
the streets of London. ♪ Consider yourself well in ♪ – [Isabella] And he gets
snatched by a group of thieves and gang members, they’re young of course, and they take him in and
teach them their ways. Along the way, he meets Fagin, who’s the leader of the children’s gang, and he meets my character, Nancy. You wouldn’t know quality if you saw it! And Oliver’s journey throughout the show is kind of him trying to
find his place in the world and finding the life that he deserves. – This fall, we’ve been working
on several different shows, all at the same time, and
Oliver is our first show of the season, so we’re
opening with this production, which we’re doing in
collaboration with Highland Hills, and we have a lot of kids
from the area in this show, which we’re doing as sort
of a concert style staging. It’s a simpler production
than people might be used to, but just as fun and a real
focus on the music of the show, which is fantastic because this show has a wonderful, wonderful score. It’s very rich and we’re actually using brand new orchestrations that were just written
pretty recently for Oliver. We’re really excited for that. ♪ You’ve got to pick a pocket or two ♪ ♪ Boys ♪ ♪ You’ve got to pick a pocket or two ♪ – One of the challenges for this show is that there’s a lot of
individual work involved ’cause we didn’t have that
much time to work on it in class or outside of class ’cause it’s a show that’s based in the musical theater
class, not a main stage show where everything is
done outside of school. We were all kind of tasked
to work on our songs and memorize our lines and find
our characters individually. Now, we’re trying to
throw everything together and it’s really cool
watching it all come together and everyone’s characters
mixing and interacting. The entire show is not locked
where there are scene changes and things are constantly moving around. ♪ You may just as well
infect me with your– ♪ The orchestra is on stage, so you get to see them and recognize them. I think that’s really cool. But also, the actors basically stay on stage the entire time. – Working with the kids
from Highland Hills and the elementary schools
has been fantastic. They have a lot of enthusiasm
and I love the fact that we’re able to expose
them to a large production at Floyd Central at such a young age and hopefully inspire them to continue to be involved in the performing
arts as they get older. (kids singing) – Oliver’s in fourth
grade and he’s amazing. This is his first show ever
and he’s doing amazing. And this is such a hard role
for this to be your first show, especially as a fourth grader, and he’s doing such an amazing job. With finally getting all
the kids together yesterday, it’s gonna be difficult trying to get them to feel comfortable on
stage and in that position ’cause we’ve never done
a show like this before. You could tell a lot of
the kids were nervous ’cause being in the choir
room at Highland Hills is different from being on the stage. They were all a bit hesitant, even if they knew the material,
they were all very shy. The main dancing kids have been great. They’ve worked really hard. Every weekend, they’ve been coming up here to work with our choreographer, Michael. It’s just been nonstop every week and they’re giving it their all. (girls singing) (upbeat music)

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