Największe DRAMY W K-POPIE 2019

Year 2019 is known for being the worst year ever in K-pop industry Because in 2019 MANY things happened So I invite you for a K-pop scandals of 2019 overview! New year, new scandal! The very first hot topic of 2019 appeared on January 1st! I think we all remember it I do, for sure Dispatch published information about EXO KAI and BLACKPINK JENNIE relationship SM Ent confirmed it immediately YG decided not to say anything about it A few years ago girls were talking to JYP and that said that basically everything is prohibited Including dating I wanted to make this video chronologically All the thing of 2019 in order But when I tried to write it down, I discovered that it’s too complicated All the things are connected to each other They are connected One thing happen and this thing leads to more problems Impossible So you have to forgive me the lack of chronology in this video But I tried to put everything together At least I hope so Kai and Jennie’s relationship didn’t last for too long After a month, a statement that both sides will focus on personal career occured Only here another problem arises, because part of the Internet claims that BLACKPINK has absolutely nothing to do, so what should they focus on? And the second part of the Internet requires YG Entertainment to make amends for the ill-treatment of girls, for preventing them from recording a new album, creating a comeback… And to appear on the Korean music scene in general. And we all know that there were so many problems at YG last year that you don’t really know where to start. The biggest scandal, which was also loud in Poland, is, of course, the one related to Burning Sun also known as Seungri’s club the video about it also appeared on our channel and the link to it you will find there at the bottom, in the description HOWEVER, that film was still being recorded during the investigation, so if you want the next part, let me know in the comments! Leave #BurningSun We will know that you wanna watch it! The Burning Sun case was described as the biggest scandal that has ever hit the Korean music industry and K-pop it began with a club-shared recording of a woman drawn to a VIP room, of course against her will Later, there were reports of Kim Sang-kyo, who was allegedly assaulted by police in the club when he wanted to help a woman abused and who was eventually accused of sexually assaulting three women and obstructing police activity. The whole Burning Sun case dragged on for a very long time and a second club was also involved – Arena, in which Seungri offered investors ‘ladies’ So the whole thing was about corruption, police bribery, drunken minors, drugs and the sexual exploitation of women against their will, often after taking intoxicants. However, that’s not all! Because Seungri often visited his friends club, including Jung Joon-Young, whom you can associate with the Drug Restaurant band and now I was shuddered at the thought of the name of the group, given what JJY was involved in In any case, during the investigation of the Burning Sun, screens from JJY’s conversations on the Korean KakaoTalk messenger came to light which revealed another drug scandal, the exploitation of women against their will, including group and illegal recording of hidden videos while performing sexual activities, including often with unconscious women And the videos were published there… Recorded from hidden place During sexual actions And they’re a proof for what happened recently all screenshots have stopped leaking and all the people involved in this scandal have been revealed apart from JJY, Jonghoon from FTISLAND, club manager Burning Sun, businessman Kwon and director of YG Entertainment Heo also participated in the chat. Later, news from Junhyung of Highlight, Jonghyun of CNBLUE, Roy Kim, Eddy Kim and Seungri was also disclosed. Jung Joon Young was sentenced to 6 years in prison, and Choi Jonghoon was sentenced to 5 Both were charged with rape. As a result of an investigation in a group chat on KakaoTalk, six tapes were discovered showing this act, and it was also revealed that both men were additionally joking about the crimes they had committed JJY even wrote that if it all went to the media, his career would be over. Well, it happened! In April last year, the founder of YG Entertainment, Yang Hyunsuk, resigned from all his positions and left the label explaining that after all these scandals, he is no longer able to be the head of the label He also added that he hopes that YG’s artists will no longer be hurt by his fault, as well as the fans who support them. And boom! Suddenly there is another scandal involving BI from iKON that he is taking drugs that were supposed to help him create music Nothing was ever confirmed, but Hanbin decided to leave the band so as not to harm the other members and risk their careers Interestingly, some Internet users thought that BI had no connection with drugs, and was looking for an excuse to leave YG. And there were mass escapes from this label PSY also left and now has its own label, P. Nation with whom artists such as Jessie or Hyuna and EDawn, whose contract with Cube Entertainment has been canceled due to their scandal and being in relationship. This is even more and I will tell you honestly that I do not know which way should I go first But let’s keep going from labels or bands, because this was also a lot in 2019 If one of you favorite idols also left the group, leave your comment below! Kangin left Super Junior because of the scandal, which also went on for a long time, and both Korean K-pop fans and international fans REQUEST to leave it And so it happened. But why? During his career, Kangin had several scandals – starting with a fight at one of the bars in Seoul, then driving a car after drinking alcohol – and here twice, in 2009, when he rode a taxi and the second time in 2016 In 2017 for this , also under the influence, attacked a woman in a bar, but she did not bring charges against him Kangin did not participate in the activities of Super Junior, however, in 2019 he officially left the team. Moreover! Quite unexpectedly, Woojin left Stray Kids and NOBODY expected this Information from JYP Entertainment fell on fans suddenly, as if the label dropped a bomb NOBODY expected this to happen Explanation? There was no explanation JYP issued a statement informing about the departure of Woojin from Stray Kids for “personal reasons” But as it is already in K-pop, fans immediately began to speculate and wonder what these “personal reasons” are and whether something bad is going on in Stray Kids However, they did not find anything, and Stray Kids are now promoted in 8. This is still not all Hwall left The Boyz, and the label explained it poor health. Okay, we understand and it’s really sad that idols work so hard and strain their body and body so much that they have a lot of health problems later However! Hwall recently set up an Instagram account and now looks LIKE THIS: And if this is the process of regeneration and renewal, so to speak, biological, then we should all probably take a break But do not get me wrong, because I understand the reason and understand the resignation from a career when the state of health does not allow it But my question is: WHERE DID HE HIDE IT FOR ALL THIS TIME? Although Deobi, or The Boyz fans, definitely agree with me that OT12 still exists, especially since Hwall still wears a group bracelet. And all these departures lead to another K-pop scandal last year, which was also very loud and echoed around the world because of how the fandom of one particular group fought for the rights of one member and how it fights so far. And yes, I mean, of course, MONSTA X and the Wonho case which decided to leave the group at a time when the media spread information about the huge debts of the idol, which was given by a person whom Wonho allegedly owed money – Jung Da Eun. And not just money! Because on the list of things that did not return to Da Eun there was also a camera, iPod or headphones. However, it was also revealed that Da Eun and Wonho smoked marijuana in 2013 and were caught by Jo who turns out to be the CEO of the Burning Sun club and has now been accused of using and spreading drugs. I don’t know how it all comes down to Burning Sun, but I don’t like it at all. It immediately became loud about the whole thing! Dispatch began to work, more information began to leak, screens of conversations, secret photos out of nowhere Wonho wrote a post on fancafe apologizing for his actions and for not being able to keep his word and provide Monbebe only good memories. He decided to leave MONSTA X. Of course, Monbebe stood and are still on the side of Wonho, they are looking for evidence that the whole situation was planned by Jung Da Eun they notice hidden signs from the other members of the band, not to give up that everything is fine with Wonho AND THIS IS A HISTORY FOR A SEPARATE FILM! So if you want to listen to exactly what happened in Starship Entertainment and why Wonho is no longer part of MONSTA X – leave #Wonho! 2018 was the last year of BAP contract But why do I tell you about it? B.A.P is a group from TS Entertainment, which has several scandals They brought a lawsuit against TS, suing them for unfair distribution of profits and ill-treatment. They left the label but later came back to it … In the end, not everyone, because Bang Yongguk decided not to be part of BAP anymore I remember everybody wondering why BAP came back and in 2018 there was information that they would not extend their contracts and the band would end their activities with the last tour. But why do I tell you about it? And even in 2019, there was another scandal with one of the BAP members – Himchan, who allegedly sexually harassed a woman against her will. The case went to court, but Himchan believed that there was interest – both on his and the woman’s side. In 2019, the case went on and the woman was sued for libel. But back to the topic – TS Entertainment became the source of another scandal in 2019 this time with members of the TRCNG group who experienced both psychological and physical harm on the part of the label – the matter even describes bullying, including metal hitting chair. Wooyeop and Taeseon filed a lawsuit against the label TS Entertainment and the desire to terminate the contract early. The reason was mainly violence and mistreatment of members. According to team members, the choreographer Park Sang Hyun forced them to practice the choreography, not letting them sleep, which was why they were unable to travel to school for 2-3 hours. He also often hit them, which the label did not react to, even when members suffered injuries during exercise. What’s more – Members were forced to live in dorms without food, and the water and electricity bills were not paid, which in turn forced the boys’ parents to pay for them As access was cut off. Wooyeop was hit by a metal chair and had to go to the emergency room himself, and his treatment lasted 14 days. And even after returning, management said that he was fine, he just lied so that he could drink and meet girls all this time. In addition, the record company took away more than MILLION won. The amount of information about TRCNG that has appeared on the Internet is so huge that you can record another episode – this time about violence against Korean idols. You know what to do if you want to watch such a video But you can already see that this film is a brief look at what happened in 2019 and in fact each of these topics can be developed separately for at least 15 minutes. But speaking of labels and lawsuits, Kang Daniel also filed a lawsuit against his. The whole thing dragged on for many months and began with the fact that after the end of WANNA ONE, Kang Daniel was to switch from MMO Entertainment to LM Entertainment. He did! And everything was fine, until the news appeared in the media about the dispute of Daniel with the label. Daniel himself revealed that he had asked the label to change certain clauses in the contract and rewrite the SNS, which was actually his, because he himself indicated that he was not able to contact the fans in the way he wanted. So he announced that he would set up a new Instagram account … And so it happened. It may seem strange to you, but the argument about Instagram that this is the name was not the reason for the whole dispute and did not lead to a lawsuit against LM. As it turned out, LM Entertainment signed contact with third parties and sold the rights of Kang Daniel to them, without his consent and THIS was the biggest problem despite the fact that many articles appeared on the Internet to the detriment of Daniel, tried to connect him with Seungri whom he met even during his career at Wanna One, who introduced him to a mysterious woman from Hong Kong, who then tried to pull him away from the label and persuade him to break the contract BUT the whole thing ended well, the contract was terminated, and Daniel started his own label – KONNECT ENTERTAINMENT and made his debut as a soloist. However, even if you have your own label and your own career concept, it is not easy and it leads to another problem worth raising Daniel announced on his fancafe a break in his activities due to the anxiety disorder he is experiencing He wrote that he did not understand why he felt so tired and why all this must be so difficult. He added that his feelings became a joke Konnect Entertainment then announced a break in Kang Daniel’s activities because of his condition – he was diagnosed with depression and anxiety disorders. In addition, he is not the only idol who decided to pause in activities due to his mental state anxiety disorders, social phobia or depression – these are diseases that k-pop idols struggle with on a daily basis, although not everyone about it they speak openly, afraid that it will harm their career or the career of other members of their groups. However, let’s not forget that in 2019 we also lost such artists as Sulli, Goo Hara and Cha In-ha. And this is a problem that recurs, although I’m not sure I can call it a problem. We try to prevent such situations, but more and more is heard about idols who struggle with depression or insert posts that disturb fans. Be careful with your words – sometimes they can hurt someone so much that the wound they leave will not be able to heal. But let’s get back to the scandals I have to deal with the topic of this, which is again referred to as one of the biggest when it comes to K-pop However, before I get to him, I will also mention news that also touched the world of Korean entertainment fans, such as, for example the divorce of so-called Song-song couple – that is Song Joong-ki and Song Hye-kyo, actors who met on the set of the drama Descendants of the Sun. Some part, others begin to meet, because the relationship of Kang Daniel with Jihyo from TWICE was also loud. But what is loud so far and a moment ago there was information about the disagreement on the part of individual labels and the decision to break up one of the currently most popular groups, which is X1 And yes, I mean the case of falsifying the results of the PRODUCE 101 program But not only! Because there are more and more programs and I’m afraid that soon it will turn out that everything is set up, that someone will pierce this beautiful colorful bubble in which there is K-pop and everything will fall apart. And sometimes I envy people who are only one k-pop group – their lives are more beautiful because they do not pay attention to what is happening around It is worse if they are a group that suddenly becomes the main topic of scandal. And I really liked X1, and what happened is not even their fault! I guess it was hard not to hear about falsifying the results of the Produce 101 and Produce 48 programs However, IZ * ONE, the group formed as a result of the Produce48 program, has a happy ending because the girls’ labels got along and the group resumes which cannot be said about X1 , because here the boy labels were unable to reach agreement anymore However, the issue of K-pop fans’ reaction remains: will they support the artists or blame them for their debut in the place of other artists? Let’s talk about it more! I will tell you the secret that we wanted to record a separate movie about Mnet and Produce, in which I will explain to you exactly what happened and how the whole situation went, so, once again, if you want to watch such a movie, write in the comment #MNET! Well, the results of the four seasons of the “Produce” program were falsified, and five program producers were accused of violating the rules. According to the prosecutor’s office, in the first season of the program two people were exchanged who were to be in the number of 61 best. They changed 2 people In the second season, the choice of the final eleven was also falsified – one person was exchanged and did not debut in Wanna One, it was replaced by another trainee. And it is very easy to guess who should debut with Wanna One, if you followed the second season of this program … At least who the netizens saw in the final composition. On the other hand, in the 3rd and 4th season of the program, the final composition of the groups was perfectly matched, and the votes of the viewers matched … Matched. Mnet also revealed that the police issued an arrest warrant for several people who worked on the production of Produce programs, namely two production directors, the main producer and vice president of Starship Entertainment. The worst part of all this is that more information is still leaking into the media, but not only about Produce programs, but also about other survival programs, so I’m afraid of what’s next. But I’ve been talking about all this for a long time and it’s time to finish this film. Remember the hashtags listed in this video if you want separate episodes dedicated to specific topics. Leave your thumbs up if you enjoyed the video! there will be at least a thousand thumbs up, there will be another film from the so-called “Hot topic”! Subscribe to out channel for more videos! Click the notification bell not to miss any video! And see you in the next video!


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