Nakury – EPK 2020

My journey as an artist began at age 15, Through Grafitti. Later, I got into Breaking and at age 22, I discovered the world of rhymes through Rap. So Hip-Hop has become my school of art. I come from Turrialba, a small town close to The Carribean, in which we have A volcano, many rivers and a lot of green areas. Our town has been fortunate enough to have Afro-Metisse and Indigenous roots. And thanks to that, I grew up listening to different Rhythms and oral traditions from our ancestors. I write the lyrics of my songs, So I speak about my experience As a woman from Central America, Living in a beautiful territory But that has also been confronted by a lot of violence. So, I talk about all those contrasts. I’m also a journalist and audiovisual producer, So I like to evoke images through words And talk about our everyday reality. In 2014, I published my first Mixtape Titled “Rima Que Ilumina” and later, In 2017, I published “VIA”, my first long-play That was composed and produced by Barzo; Which was also published by the record label Lácteo Cósmico. This album consolidated the sound I wanted to showcase, With a mixture of Hip-Hop and electronic music, But at the same time has a strong message. For 2020, I will publish a new album In collaboration with Barzo, titled “O”. It’s a record in which we explore the rhythms That we grew up with And talks about our connexion with our community And with the land that we live in. It invits us to move our body, our heart and our mind.

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