Namo Venkatesa Telugu Full Movie | Venkatesh, Trisha, Brahmanandam | Srinu Vaitla | Devi Sri Prasad

We’ll take artistes to and fro
from that place. l’ve already booked train tickets also. That’s okay, what’s the remuneration? Rs.2 lakhs to each.
– Rs.2 lakhs? Peanuts? Ask them to come in,
l want to talk to them. You mean…?
– ls everything ready? This invitation is making us
lose the clients, l really worked hard to get them. Shouldn’t we know what will they
perform on the stage? Don’t you know you must
open the door while entering? l thought you opened
with respect… l was just checking the
size of handle. ls it okay?
– Perfect. Banging on doors! Nothing great in it,
anyone can do it now. What is it? l dance on single leg. BHAVANI Stomach upset. Urgent?
– Very urgent. Sign this.
– What’s that? You want details or
go to the bathroom? l need bathroom first,
l’ll come back and sign. Sign it and then go.
– Give. Full cost for using bathroom Rs.2 lakhs. How come he’s praying! What were you doing at the door, sir? l was checking the size of
door handle. ls it okay sir?
– Perfect! My name is Venkatramana. Did you feel any anything sir? Did you feel anything? l felt something unusual
on touching your hand. But there’s no clarity. Everything will clarify in future,
take your seat. Did you come all the way
from there to pluck hair? lt’s not plucking hair
but ventriloquism. l think you don’t know,
l’ll show you a sample. chitti, they don’t anything,
say good morning to them. Rs.2 lakhs for this doll play? l gave my dates only after you
accepted the price, right? You know my name is Venkatramana,
God’s name, if anyone tries to cheat me,
they will get cheated. Why are you threatening emotionally?
We felt you’re asking more. You don’t know my track record
that’s why you feel like that. l’ll show you now. lf you see my details,
all your doubts will be cleared. We’ll see later,
but have juice first. l’ll have later, you pay us,
you’ve the right to doubt my talent. lt’s my responsibility to clear it. Look here, with chandrababu Naidu,
do you know what did he say? You did a greatjob, Venkateshwarlu, though farmers are not getting
the right price for produce those who run your program
get back their money easily, So l wish you a great future. Do you know what did
late YSR say about me? Roshaiah sir, if people call 108,
like how fast they come to rescue, if we call Venky,
he too comes very fast on bike Not only that,
he makes you laugh to tears. For such a talented man, it’s not wrong to give Rs.100 extra,
so he said sir. Are you mimic too? Notjust mimicry, l write poetry,
sing songs, recently l wrote a song
describing my dream girl, wherever l sing it,
it’s applauded.- ls it? We felt Rs.2 lakhs is more
without knowing your talent. l feel it’s less now. Have juice.
– Elders first. Young man, you have it now. Not that one, it’s sugarless,
take this one. Sign this.
– Why sign sir? On the agreement. correct, it’s very important. You can read it later, sign it first.
lnauspicious time is approaching fast. Account details are changed.
– l think glass has changed. Look here, you didn’t pay me
a rupee also, but it’s written everything is paid.
– Let’s discuss it later. No sir, we must see it now, else you
may feel sorry for the mistake. l think it may come out here only.
– What? Toilet.
– Toilet? First correct this agreement
else inauspicious time will set in, you said just now.
– lt’ll take time man. No need sir, l’ve a ready copy.
l’m very careful about such things. Here’s the agreement, sign it. Stop!
– Why? Read it once.
– l can’t now. Just 24 pages only.
– 24 pages? l can’t now. Then, l’ll read it for you,
you listen. come. l beg you, please tell him. Venky, let him sign, he says
it’s very urgent. lt’ll be over. Slowly…slowly…there only… Where is he?
May be really urgent. How did the glass change?
– Aunty, l’m fine here. A small mistake in the agreement,
l checked and corrected it. l’m worried about your marriage only. Don’t worry about my marriage,
it’ll happen when time comes. We are leaving place tomorrow.
l’ll call you after reaching there. Ask uncle to walk regularly. Now he’ll get the real dose.
– You’re not an ordinary man. Bye. Why is he leaving without
bothering about it? He’ll feel heat once
he knows about losing it. Our agreements are in this, right?
– Yes. Why is he keeping our photos?
ls it his suitcase? What happened? What is he saying? He says these crooks stole
his suitcase. Why do you need his suitcase? Mistook it for your suitcase and…
– Shut up! What really had happened? What did he say now? They have taken Rs.2 crores loan
from our bank, if they don’t repay,
he’ll send them to jail, scoundrels! He shouted at them. You translate very well
like Undavalli Arunkumar. Go away! Your nose is hurt…
– Get out! Bloody tricks. You lifted the suitcase thinking
it’s Venky’s, right? Are you surprised,
how do l know it? He said he’s named after God,
anyone cheating him will get cheated. BHAVANI Very nice boy! clap for him,
artistes need encouragement. Do you what had happened yesterday? My husband died.
My son revived him with his magic. Tell about it to everyone,
announce in the public system. What did l say now? We are getting late to the train, your people promised to come
but haven’t yet turned up, are they coming or not? l’ll beat you with slippers. Do you who they are?
Are they any commoners? can’t you wait for them?
Wait for them. What happened to me today? What’s this disturbance in my heart? Shining clouds… When it’s raining down… Lover…lover…
you turned me into a lover… Hi uncle! Why are you so late?
Senseless girl. Sorry aunty…actually…
– You keep quiet. You needn’t say sorry,
you’re a fatherless child. lf not this train, we’ll catch
another one. You carry on. Uncle, you’re so sweet. Give it to me. No problem, l’ll bring it,
you carry on. Why are you shouting on her?
– No, not like that… Shut up! You & fat boy carry them,
it’ll be exercise to you. Your father left this luggage
for us to carry, come. How are you enduring such a man? lt’s my fate, son. come. Let’s carry oursleves, son. Why are you carrying it?
Give it to me. You go, l’ll bring them. Look, respecting women is
our tradition, anyone who makes them carry
weight is not a man at all. What happened to me today? What’s this disturbance in my heart? Lover…lover…
you turned me into a lover… Uncle, they had many plans
for these holidays, l convinced them to join you
saying it’ll be more fun. l don’t know what you will do. lf program is boring, go shopping. lfjourney is boring, l paid
them a lot, they will entertain you. Will they perform here also?
– They will do anywhere. Why are you treating your niece
like a princess? Not treating like a princess,
she’s indeed a princess. She owns hundreds of
crores of money, she can solve our problems
with a snap of a finger. Look there, location is grand. Why are you enjoying visuals
like a paid tourist? What do you want me to do sir? Show your talent man.
– Yes. l didn’t get a chance in
the interview also. Definitely, come on boys.
– Yes sir. For variety we practiced
a Tamil classical song, can l present it?
– Present it. come with me…destination isn’t far….
join me…come with me… Go away!
– Okay. Hold this. You said about song on dream girl?
– Yes sir. Sing!
– l’ll sing sir. Time too has arrived. Who is this Soundarya? My dream girl’s dummy name. Face of smile is Soundarya… Like reality in dream,
l met you Soundarya… BHAVANI Life of my song is Soundarya… You made my heart sing love, Soundarya… Face of Telugu is Soundarya…
Mischievousness is Soundarya… l fell deep in love watching you…
My love, you’re my companion… Putting life into my imagination,
won’t you come into my life, my love? BHAVANI Shall l call you as jasmine
or any flower… The shine on your lip, my love… Shall l say it’s moonbeam
or early morn… Are you the lightning that’s
cutting my heart? No language has enough words
to write in praise of you… Won’t brushes hang heads down
in shame unable to paint you… l believe with hope… That you’re born somewhere for me… l’m waiting to welcome… That you’ll come in
my way sometime… Alone inside me…
Like my life and my dream… Receive the message
l’m sending through wind… BHAVANI Uncle, a good news.
– What? l saw my dream girl.
– ls it? Who is she? Her name is Pooja.
lsn’t it very nice? She’s niece of our organiser
Paris Prasad. l’ve decided to marry her only. You’ve decided,
what about her decision? She will, you’re a doubting Thomas, uncle? Not much time left,
summer sale is on at Kalamandir, go with aunt and
buy bridal costumes and jewels. He’ll give additional discount
if you tell my name. Bye. This is not Eluru but Europe. l’ve Venky in trap.
– How? He loves my niece. Then, you’re trapped. But my niece doesn’t love him. l’ll make him believe she too loves
and play a game with him. This idea is good. What’s this, sir?
They are here to perform. Why are you playing with their lives? Are you here only? can’t you change the cell phone? Your son’s photo?
– Yes sir. lf you tell anyone about this, it’s promise
on your son, be careful, come on. Sadists! How dare you swear on child! Am l your dream girl?
– Did he stop with it? He talked to his people and making
arrangements for marriage also. ls he mad? Almost mad, they don’t care
about others’ feelings. lf you act that he’s your dream boy, his dreams, desires and wishes will
come out in colourful graphics. lt’s fun all the way to us. Why should play with him
for fun, uncle? Leave him. That’s the problem with
girls like you. You want entertainment but
don’t co-operate with exciting ideas. You tell her.
– lt’s interesting. No, poor man… You brought us promising entertainment,
so entertain us. You must do! Who stole your heart?
– Who swept you off? ls it the girl in jeans?
– ls it the girl with dimples? Did you see? Stop it. My niece.
– Greetings. Ever since she heard your song,
she has become your fan. She wanted to talk to you.
That’s why l brought her. Only if you don’t mind.
– Why would l mind? Tell me. Uncle…not here… Girls, you go the restaurant. You wanted to say something, right? Are you married?
– Which fool told you that? Just now you said it. l said yes lost in thought,
l’m a writer, right? l’m telling you now fully aware,
l’m not married. Thanks God! Why are you happy if he’s not married? l don’t get you.
– l got it. By the way… What’s your age? Age? There’s a controversy in it,
so leave it. What is it? My parents didn’t record correct date.
But l remember a thing. Film ‘Prema Desam’ was released on
the day my tenth exams started. Was it ‘Prema Desam’ or ‘Prema Sagaram’? l’ve no confusion, l remember very well of
Vineeth and Abbas starrer ‘Prema Desam’. l remember ‘Mustafa’ song too.
l think l’ll be around 26, 27 or 28. Unnecessarily l reduced
too many years. No secrets, just food habits.
l follow MS Raju’s guides. MS Raju? Mantena Sathyanarayana Raju,
he advises eating only raw, for example raw geenleaf vegetables, raw vegetables, almonds, raw cashewnuts,
raw pulses, raw toor dhal, raw peas, he advises to eat all food raw.
– ls it? Eat on time. Just a minute. chew pounded dry fruits at this time. l’ll never miss it wherever l may be. You too follow this,
you’ll be young and fresh always. lt means like you, right? Talking with you is very
interesting, Venky. Enough of it, uncle will get angry,
let’s go now.- Okay. Did you call me?
– No! l felt you called me. The reason for you to feel like that is the
chemical reaction taking place between us, and the big change that’s taking place
in you is nothing but love, how am l to tell you, my dear? Your face is bright like bulb… Something unexpected has happened… His heart is pounding… A big burden on it has vanished… We know it. Your dream girl is Pooja, right?
– Leave it l say. He’s feeling shy. ‘Prema Desam’ was released on the
day l wrote my tenth exams, 26, 27 or 28,
raw cashews, raw vegetables, eat on time! l never laughed so much
in my life, uncle. That’s why, if you co-operate with me,
l’ll show more of such fun. When your eyes touched me,
thousands of drums played havoc, lightning at the end of your hand,
cool breeze turned into cyclones, with your touch, my breath turned heavy,
my jaws tightened, without love my heart had
become cemetery, my heart was having labour pain
to deliver love, it turned into normal delivery
with your arrival… l felt it was a normal delivery
with your arrival, my love. Did l disturb you?
– No sir…tell me. Nothing, Pooja is on cloud nine
after talking to you. What did you do?
– We know what he has done. l feel like flying in air…
l feel like my heart is bursting… Shut up!
– l want to talk to you alone. Tell me Venky, they are my men. lt’s a family matter. Family matter means issue is severe. Will you please let us talk?
Please go away. l feel like flying in air… Tell me Venky.
– Actually it’s… No magic please, go away.
You look like Guinea hen. He can stay, he’s our family.
– Okay carry on. That is…it is…
l told you about my dream girl, l sang about her also, it’s none other than your niece Pooja. Please don’t get angry.
Please listen to me. Why should l listen to you? How can you decide my niece
is your dream girl? There’s reason for deciding like that. l knew the moment l saw her in
railway station, she’s my dream girl, l kept it secret in my heart,
but after talking to her now, l felt she too has an idea about me, that’s why l told you bravely my feelings. When you decide that she’s your love, whatever she may say,
you feel she too likes you, but when you face the reality, you will know women’s words
have different meaning. Don’t think negatively, dad. His love will definitely succeed. Kids words are like God’s words, if you co-operate with me,
l’ll operate. lf you kids like each other,
what else we want. He says if you co-operate,
he’ll operate. Look there! Scapegoat number two! BHAVANI What’s this Prasad?
You say your niece loves Venky, but she’s going happily with Shake Raj. That’s what confusing me also.
– l got it. She has billions property, she thinks Venky is not of her class
and changed her mind. She was educated in foreign, it isn’t wrong for her to wish for
a modern man like Shake Raj? No, Venky is very sensitive, if he comes to know this,
he may get depressed, and it’ll turn into frustration,
and divert towards perversion, l fear he may ruin his life in sorrows. What happened?
Why are you so dull? Nothing sunny. You’re hiding something from me. lt seems your cousin Pooja is very rich. l didn’t get you. lt seems she’s very rich. Rich and poor is the
best combination for love. ln Titanic, your love will be as successful
as that film. Good to hear what you say but Shake Raj
has become my competitor. He’s very stylish. He’s no compare to you. But your hairstyle, your dress, you must change all this. BHAVANI The girl has given green signal to love… What are you still waiting for? Your heart is catching it… Don’t lose out steam,
raise full throttle… You’re my Angelina.. l’m mad about you… Oh my sweet boy… l’m your partner… Babe, you’re my colour… l’m here, come to me… Love says to sing duets with you… Handsome man, you’re my future hubby… l’ll plant a kiss on your cheek… My heart says to love and
marry you only… Don’t trust him, he’s a cheat… Don’t go after him,
he’s running bad time… Don’t go overboard, you fool… lf you do, you’ll get a good stick… BHAVANI Without a fort, l’m a prince… lf you’re with me,
it’s festival always, my love… l’m hot even in polar… When you’re with me,
shivering is killing me… O beauty, you cat walked
into my heart… l’m on moon with you… Don’t fall into his trap… Don’t cheat yourself… Let him burn with jealousy… You’ve a blast with her… BHAVANI lt’s time…you’re shattering… Got a chance…
may l take over you, honey? Eyes are bewildered…
heart is moved… Pulse is racing…
may l forget everything with you? Facing east,
leaving behind your shyness… Kiss me, my dear… lt’s hot on the east because of you… Don’t let me down… Don’t leave my heart gasping… Don’t punch hole in my heart… You rotten brinjal,
forget her, if not, will break your teeth… What happened? What are you saying, Prasad? Yes, ear ring of my niece fell into
the river which she loves dearly, l told her l’ll fish it out but she insists
her Shake Raj will get it. She’s close with Venky but
wants me to risk my life. Let Venky jump, l can’t.
– No….no… Mad boy! She was acting close
to him to play with you. Any girl will have fun or play with
only the man she loves, right? l misunderstood her unnecessarily. Now that you’ve understood, jump! Why to put life in risk? Don’t know how deep it is? Do you know the depth of love?
Didn’t you jump into it? Jump into water thinking it as that. Give me your passport.
– Why do you want passport? lt’ll get wet. That’s it! l don’t know to swim. He doesn’t know to swim.
He may die. lf anything happens to him,
we are in trouble, what to do now? Shake Raj! catch it! come! Will you commit suicide because
Pooja is leaning towards me? No, actually…
– Shut up! Don’t say anything,
l’ll not listen to you. The problem that’s serious now
may look silly in future. lt’s already silly to me. Think silly and it’ll ease your tension. Did you see Pooja?
– No. Okay, l’ll find her,
but you be careful. l wanted to tell they pushed me
but he’s not listening. Bloody crooks!
Where the hell they are? How could they believe a girl like
Pooja would love these fools? They believed it, that’s why we are
playing with them. Bloody cheats! How dare you play
with artistes in foreign? l’ll tell this to Venky. Tell him…tell him they took your
passport and pushed into the river. You’ll be shot like street dog
without a passport, you’ve to decide now. l’ll not tell this to anyone,
please return my passport. l’ll return it after the program is over. BHAVANI Stop! Plan for Venky is ready. What’s it Venky? Look at him, how he’s beating
a fallen man like a beast. Pooja too has the same feeling. That’s why l’ve got your name
registered to knock him down. How can l knock him down? Leave him, his sins will
take him down. Don’t know whether his sins
will take him down or not, but l’m sure if you don’t do it,
Pooja will never be yours. What are you saying?
– What else can he say? lf a rich girl like Pooja has to accept
a poor man like you, But me…? No ifs and buts,
already your name is registered. lf you don’t go,
they will take you by force. Don’t take it that situation, you come man. Poor boy fell into the trap for love… Hail Lord Venkatesha! Why did Venky enter the ring? l made him enter saying if he
wins over him you’ll love him. What if anything happens to him? Nothing will happen, they’ll bash
and leave him, That’s all. Sister! Poor Venky! He may hit him
back if we encourage him. Sister, you too encourage him. What a knock-out punch! Venky won! Did you see sister, how he knocked
him out with your encouragement? l committed a great mistake. l’ll not continue it. l’ve got another brilliant idea
to play with Venky. Enough uncle, we’ve done a big mistake
by playing with his emotions. l don’t have courage to look into his eyes
and say all this is fun and not love. You tell and make him understand. Okay dear. l did for your fun only,
l don’t have any personal grudge. l’ll explain it to him, you go. May l tell him? Will you? He’ll bash you up. Did you see how he
knocked out the wrestler? But you promised to tell him. We promise many things but…
we promised to pay Johnson next week, will we pay him? Till where your love story has come? l’m confused sir.
– Why? Pooja used to greet me
always with smile. Did she cry today?
– She left without talking to me. lt’s very difficult to fathom
a women’s hearts. Pooja is walking away, right?
– Yes. lf she turns to look back at you…? lt means your love is success. lf not…?
– lf not failure. Why are you building up my tension? What can l do?
So many films have this scene. You really mean it?
– Yes l do. Hail Lord Venkatesha! Because Pooja didn’t turn back,
you don’t get depressed, and convert it to frustration,
and then divert it to perversion… What?
– Look there! What happened? Nothing happened, l told him
everything, you carry on. l’m extremely happy! Because l hurt my leg?
– No, for the success of my love. l’m also very happy. To celebrate it,
l’m throwing a party tonight. l must immediately
tell this to my people. Why are you throwing party
for his love success? Party, my foot! ln the name of party,
l’ll get him drunk, l’ll strip him naked and
take his photos, and threaten him to upload on web,
and make him fall at our legs, and without paying him the money, and finally the photos…
– Will you return it? Upload it on website. You’re really great. He’s throwing
party for my love success. l’ve a doubt. Where’s your glass, Venky?
– l don’t drink. What? We’d big plans for you,
how can you not? Big plan? l mean how can you refuse drinks
in a party thrown in your honour. l had a drink once in life,
that’s enough. This time will make it second. My foot! lf l drink, Sundaram master,
Doctor, and Joseph uncle will appear. cool it! How can they appear? They appeared when l had
my first drink, that’s why l swore not
to drink again in life. l beg you, you must have a drink. You must drink! lf you insist, then to give
you company l’ll have milk. Where can we get milk now? How about having a juice?
– l’ll have full bottle. Enough.
– Let me pour some more. He must hit top with one sip! You’re mixing drink in juice,
who is the scapegoat? Do you want our plan
or your passport? Keep your plan with yourself
and give my passport. Then, shut your gob, go. Yourjuice. You too have a drink. BHAVANI Venky, you said you can have many
bottles but gave up so quickly. Sundaram master? He said they’ll appear if he drinks. What brings you here? l want to talk about Sailaja with you. Sailaja? Your student cat eyes Sailaja. ls it Sailaja who looked sexy
like Sneha Ullal? Should you see intelligence
or beauty in a student? What’s wrong in it?
Admiring beauty is my hobby. More over l’m young. How dare you beat your master! He’s not a teacher one who
ruins a student’s life. Why is he beating him? They mixed drink in his juice
and he’s rocking them. Leave me. Brother, Sundaram master is having
my Tc and is refusing to give. No Tc, get out! Why are you shouting at
student for asking Tc? Give it to him…
– l’ll give…give… Give it.
– Take it. Gave it, is it enough? Why are you shouting at me also? What’s this like a brute?
Like in high BP! BP…doctor uncle? l’m not your doctor uncle. You’re my doctor uncle.
– No. You’re my doctor uncle.
– l said no. Accept or else he may kill you. Yes, l’m your doctor uncle, so what? What did you do when we brought my
friend Ramakrishna to you with leg injury? What did l do? l did free operation and
gave free medicines too. Did you do it free? How dare you lie! You refused to operate without money
and removed his leg. Please don’t beat him, he may die. Which uncle? Aren’t you great uncle Joseph? He’s saying great,
l think he’s positive character. Yes, l’m Joseph uncle. You’re a very good man, uncle. When l used to come to your home
to play with Mary as kids, you used to serve me with snacks. lf you want l’ll serve now also. No need uncle.
– Why? You were a good man,
why did you do that mistake? Which mistake? l can’t remember with that gesture.
l forgot it. ls it such a small mistake to forget? l’ll beat till you recollect it.
Remember it? Yours was better,
he beat you telling the reason, he’s beating me to tell the reason. What are you discussing there?
Without answering my question. No, l forgot the past after
a coconut fell on my head, please give me a clue. Okay, your daughter Mary and l…
– Enough! Fell in love, right? Love?
– Yes Love?
– Yes. You told this with my best friend David
and broke our friendship. Who is David?
– Asking me who is David? Have you forgotten David who
loves your daughter Mary? Don’t try to find fault in him,
you can never find any defect… ln which film this song comes? Tell me, which film this song comes?
– l don’t know. What are you doing
without trying to know it? O cool gentle breeze!
Tell me touching my heart… Where’s the festival of spring?
– This song is from film ‘Okkadu’. ls it?
– Yes. Ask anyone if you’ve doubt. Did l ask you now? l’m a foreigner…
l came from abroad… l left Washington for
youngmen here… Where are they?- close the door quickly.
come…come… He bashed us black and blue. Let anyone knock the door,
but don’t open it. Why did you have a ball with
them last night? What did l do? Don’t you remember anything? l don’t remember anything,
what did l do? Then we must tell him. Aren’t you Joseph uncle? May be Prasad is feeling hurt for this? l must say sorry to them. Will they get up for the thrashing
you gave them last night? l must never drink juice like that.
– How is that? That’s what l said. Look, how happy he is though
he knows you don’t love him. Why? You take everything positively. My blood group is also B positive,
so got used to it. Getting acquainted with you… She said she likes you. Your love story is another ‘Titanic’,
‘Geethanjali’, ‘Dilwale… lt’s ‘Okkadu’, ‘Varsham’… l saw the truth in your eyes…
lt’s impossible to be on earth… My heart is on cloud nine
like a kite… l’ve opened my sealed lips for you… My life is rushing and
gushing towards you… We are both in the same
boat of love together… BHAVANI What have you done to my heart?
l feel you’re my man… My eyes have been waiting
for years to see this light… l’m giving my hand to you… You’re my life partner… Your call has given life
to my desires and wishes… Seeing you with eyes has changed
my outlook forever… BHAVANI l knew my love will a bridge
to your heart, my love… We are two but one and
you’ve won over me… After seeing me in your heart,
l don’t give a damn about heaven also… l’ll become part of you and
become all yours… Won’t the seven wonders of world
lose sheen seeing us together? BHAVANI He beat us black and blue last night. Yes, did he do it purposefully
or unwittingly? Whatever it is,
he did a big mistake. We must break his back keeping him in
the feeling that Pooja still loves him. What are you saying? Your uncle hasn’t yet told Venky
that you don’t love him. Venky, l’m very sorry for playing
with your emotions, with hope that you will understand… Uncle!
– What? call Venky.
– Why? To give him this letter. They are not here,
they’re in Berlin for the program. l couldn’t go because of body aches. Don’t do anything silly and give
this letter after he comes back. l’m going to lndia.
– Why? Uncle called on phone,
grandpa is not well. l mean Johnson and bank… Give this letter to Venky
and say sorry to him. l’ll think about money later. l’m on the job, boss. Tomorrow we’ll hit chengalrayudu. You be happy, bye. Are you planning to kill chengalrayudu?
Why? How can l live without killing someone? l took advance from Guruva Reddy. BHAVANI l think more about my enemy
than myself. Brother… l arranged the SlM card for
Guruva Reddy who is in jail, do you know why? To kill his henchmen. Brother, l beg you,
please leave me. How can boss live if he leaves you? Brother! Brother! Brother, Pooja madam has arrived. What happened grandpa? Have you come dear?
l didn’t expect to see you, dear. Grandpa! l wanted to see you marry
your aunt’s son before l die. Promise to marry aunt’s son.
– She’ll marry him, father-in-law. Brother, uncle’s acting was mind blowing. You’re not well, why are you drinking
instead of taking medicines? Why should l take medicines?
l’m hale and healthy. l was playing a drama to make
Pooja agree to this marriage. Why play a drama for it? lf not will Pooja agree to marry
this rogue with all bad habits? They say marriage within family
will affect future generation, isn’t it? Yes sir, your mother too
married within family. lf Pooja married outside,
we’ll go to the streets. Entire property belongs to her. lf she marries Bhadram,
property will become ours. That’s our plan. No matter whatever you may try,
you can’t escape from here. Present… Recovery officer Johnson’s
deadline is over. What shall we do if he comes now? Enjoy when you’re enjoying,
we’ll think of it when he comes. Then we must do it now.
– Why? Here he comes! Why are you saying it so cooly? Greet him! Sister-in-law, it’s me Prasad here. How are you doing? Just going on, give the phone to Pooja. Very difficult to give the phone to her. Please do something and
get her on phone, very urgent. Prasad uncle. Uncle! My position is very precarious,
Johnson is… l’m in deeper problem here.
l’m under house arrest here. l don’t know how you do it,
get me out from here. l’ll solve all your bank problems. lt’s not that easy, my dear.
They are real bad people. Please uncle, do something.
Here l’m… Especially my elder brother, until he dies
nothing good can happen there. That crook calls me like that only.
– lt’s me here! Brother…is it you? Are you keeping good health, brother? Stop acting drama and
come here immediately. Pooja is getting engaged
with Bhadrappa on 10th. Marriage is on 15th. Got me?
– Okay brother. l’ll come with my wife and son.
Bye brother. lf you try anything silly like this,
l’ll get angry. lt’s very dangerous to you.
Don’t do it. What’s Pooja’s reply? She promises to pay
if we bring her here. Buy a ticket and bring her. ls it my ln-law’s place
to buy ticket and come? lt’s you ln-laws place, right? You’re right but there are crooks. Why did you come searching us? l’m going back to lndia tomorrow. For your payment?
– No sir, for Pooja. Pooja has left to lndia.
– Left? She’s getting married on 15th.
– Marriage? Has Pooja willingly agreed
to this marriage? Why are you asking like a lawyer? They are forcing this marriage
on her, so what? So what?
You know l love Pooja. You say she’s being forced
into this marriage. What do you mean by it?
Doesn’t it mean she too loves me? What do you want me to do for it? You don’t need to do anything.
l’ll do. l’ll see how this marriage
will happen. l don’t know how you do it,
get me out from here. l’ll solve all your bank problems. We must break his back keeping him in
the feeling that Pooja still loves him. lf l use him to get Pooja here, my problem will be solved and
would’ve avenged too. l knew you’ll take this risk. Pooja cried on phone to tell you
and get her out from there. l gave a thought about it,
they are beasts, you’re an innocent child,
how am l to send you there? Thorns near flower is inevitable,
danger lurks love. l’m ready to face any danger
for my Pooja. Rajiv Gandhi lnternational Airport lt’s been an hour since Venky left
to keep the luggage at home. He hasn’t come yet. He will come later.
First, let’s go. This is our family marriage. You really don’t know
what’s happening. We are going there to stop the marriage
not to attend the marriage. What are you saying?
– Then listen. This is what happened. Why isn’t Pooja interested
in this marriage? l’m the reason for it. Pooja & l love each other. That’s why this marriage
brought her pain. She called Prasad & wanted me
to come here. As her lover, it’s my duty to
help her escape from there. l don’t feel my duty as a burden. Sir…it’s okay. Now have you got everything?
– Yes. Mummy, if you leak this
matter by mistake, they will pack my papa to cemetery. Stop talking like that. When your dad is doing
a good deed, why would l leak the information? Do you remember the entire plan? Do you want me to tell again?
– No. Then, let’s go.
lnauspicious time will come soon. Let’s go.
Take the luggage. Pooja’s father is like god. He treated you & us as his
own family members. Don’t ruin his daughter’s life. lnstead of seeking forgiveness
for your mistake, you are giving me suggestions. Bairagi, lets this be his
last word uttered. BHAVANI Get inside. Good morning, brother-in-law. Got up so early? Don’t get angry. Myself & Ramanujam worked all night and have done a good job which
might make you happy. Yes sir. What have you done? We have saved Rs. 20 lakhs
from your tax. Really? You have done a good job. Brother-in-law, if l do anything
useful for you, you promised to return my property papers
and send me back to my village. Do you remember that?
– Yes, l do remember. l will let you go. l’m very happy. Ramanujam, l’m going back
to my village after 40 years. chinni…
– Yes. You haven’t mentioned anything
about the orphanage. Orphanage?
– Established in Jogulamitta. Really?
l didn’t know that. Me too.
– Stinking man! There are more than
1000 children over there. We feed them big idlies
every morning. We give them food for
lunch & dinner. Now you appear like male Mother Teresa. l do so much.
Tell me the entire cost of it. lt might cost you around 2 crores. What do you say Ramanujam?
– Yes sir. Okay. Open an account in the name of
Ashram for Rs. 2 crores, and we will take all the money
in third party’s name. What about the children
in the ashram? There should be an ashram
for children to be in. ls there no ashram? You said there is an ashram
a while ago. lt exists on paper. Fool. You have finished your PUc. Why don’t you get the ideas
which l get? To think like you, l need to have
a country brain like yours. Long time ago,
we got our sister married to you. With my sister,
l too came here with a calf. You tied the calf in the garden
and tied me inside this house. The cow & my sister are long gone. But l’m still here. You took my property documents, kept me as a bachelor
all my life, from teen l turned old,
and still l’m held captive. You cannibal! You stingy fellow! You stinking ugly fellow! You beggar! ls there any use of shouting at me other
than getting high blood pressure? lt’s a 40 year old hell. lf l don’t
let out my anger, l can’t survive. You have to take all this. Sir…you? Open the gate. come, we have to take the luggage. Welcome madam. l’ve come here to take you with me. Don’t worry. l will take you with me. Sorry sir. l thought you were Pooja… What are you doing? People who are very careful
will be killed here. Day dreamers like you will
die in your dreams. Got it?
– Yes, l got it. What have you understood? To live with Pooja,
l must listen to you. Okay. Let’s go. What? Why are they breaking
these glass bottles? To wrap them with them bombs.
– Are bombs manufactured here? Don’t shout. They might throw
the bombs at you. What are they cooking?
Sambar? No brewing arrack. country arrack.
can’t you smell it? Yes. Why is he sharpening a big knife?
– Don’t shout. He is very short tempered. While sharpening the knife,
his other hand came in between so he cut his own hand. Prasad, do ordinary people
live here or not? Ordinary people don’t live here.
And they can’t live here either. Look there. Jammalamadugu Janardhan.
He has committed 50 murders. Look here. He is Rajampet Ravi. Specialist in cutting throats. He drinks human blood. Oh my god!
Have you understood? Yes.
– What have you understood? For Pooja to step in our home
with her right leg in, l must enter this house
with my left leg in. lf something goes wrong,
they will cut both your legs. lf they ask you something,
don’t look at my face. Tell them anything that
comes to your mind. Watch me. come. Greetings brother. Our boys are busy making bombs? lf anyone tries to stop this marriage, they will throw these bombs on them. Who is he? His is Pranit. Greetings. He lives in Europe. You’re a useless fellow and you have come with
another useless. Oh no! He is a multi millionaire. He has come here to open
a factory here. He wants a local partner for that. He will put the money and partner
has to take care of the business. l told him that you’re
a trust worthy man. So, l brought him here to meet you. Why are you making him stand? come here & sit. Why have you brought a small bag? The big bag has gone upstairs. He respects him because
he is very rich. What factory are you planning
to set up here? Set up a urea factory in this dry land
and give farmers a new life. What do you say? A good thought. Which place are you from? Place? Tadipatri. Tadipatri…? Tadipatri is my place too. Brother, the Tadipatri which he
means is different. He means the one near Telengana. Am l right?
– Yes. Even l meant the same. That’s my uncle’s native place. l grew up there only. Where is your house in Tadipatri?
– House? There is a temple…
– Yes. Next to the temple… …is Sharma’s house. Next to Sharma’s house… …is Ananda Rao’s house. So, you know Ananda Rao, ah? Seven houses after Ananda Rao. There are seven houses between
my house & Ananda Rao’s house. Since you’re are addressing
him as uncle, then you must be
knowing Ananda Rao. Yes, l know very well. Ananda Rao is our family friend. lf he knows that you have come here, he will be very happy. Let me call him now. Not now brother. He is very tired now.
– Yes. lt takes just a minute. Look at them, they’re very tensed. The phone is busy. We can talk to him later. You go & take rest. You are right, brother.
We can talk later. You look very tired.
Go & take rest. Bye grandpa.
Bye brother. What’s your name uncle?
He will tell you later. come… Ramanujam, there is something
fishy about them. l too feel the same. Are you saying because l said so
or do you really feel the same too? Yes, l really feel the same. Then have an eye on them. What is it?
Why did you say Tadipatri? How would l know that his
relatives live there? But why did you address
Ananda Rao as uncle? Won’t they get doubt if l say no? You have answers to all my questions. They have the evidences for
all your answers. You’re shouting as if
l’ve committed a big crime. That’s was my idea.
– Be it ldea or Airtel, lf Ananda Rao’s network
gets connected, we will out of coverage area.
– You’re talk all wrong. Nothing will happen.
Take your hands off. Okay, come. Let’s go. Why is Pooja looking at me like that? How else should she look at you? After a long time,
her fiance has come. But there is no feeling or
emotions on her face. She has too many problems
to worry about. How could you see feelings
on her face? You’re right. Okay, let’s go. Where are you going?
– To meet Pooja. You’re not allowed there.
l will bring her here. Pooja… l asked you to come here.
Why did you bring him here? l’m not Lord Hanuman to take
you on my shoulders. But he knows some tricks.
And more over he is in love with you. So, you didn’t tell him
the actual thing. l was about to tell him. But you called me at the same time
and told me about your problems. l was clueless.
So, l brought him with me. How could you act so foolishly? l feel l’ve committed a grave wrong. And you are still continuing
with that wrong. The matter is not out of reach. lnstead of telling them the truth now,
we will would tell them after a couple of days. But if you get married to Bhadram,
your life will be in ruins. That’s why l was forced to do this. But… No ifs & but’s… Once you escape from here, l’ll somehow try to convince them.
Okay? Okay.
– That’s not enough. You must be little closer to him. Do you want me to hug him? Even he expects the same.
– What? Have fun with him. come with me. Look at her. She has lost weight without seeing you. l know all this is a play. Myself coming to Europe,
you introducing me to Pooja. l know this is God’s play. We are just actors. All this happened because
we are made for each other. Problems will crop up. But we should never worry about them. lt’s my duty to take you away
from here. You be happy. Smile please. A little more. Good. Keep smiling. Prasad, let’s go & take rest. Prasad, did you notice?
Pooja was so dull. But on seeing me,
she became very happy. Yes. But how? That’s the magic of love. l’m dreaming non-stop… l’m lamenting non-stop… l’m running wild with her
non-stop memories… BHAVANI l’m running non-stop… lt’s Telugu non-stop… l’m going crazy non-stop with you… You dipped my heart in to many colours… Honey, it was like festival of colours… You shook my mini silent heart
and brought little tremors to it… BHAVANI Let your breath be my company
round the clock.. and let it play the
symphony of lullaby… Let your beauty come with me… consider my gesture as yes
and cradle my lips… My eyes are like the sunflower…
And it is filled with dreams… Let your power burn my body… Let my fingers play the tunes
of lust on your body… Let my shyness vanish
without a trace… Let the moon give its
hand to me. BHAVANI Sir, Ananda Rao has come.
– Ananda Rao? Oh my God! We’re going to get kicked off.
And you’re busy exercising here. What happened? He has come.
– Who? Your Ananda Rao uncle. What should we do now? What else can we do now? Justjump over the wall & escape. Then, what about Pooja? come with Pooja from the back door.
l’m leaving. Sir, our boss wants to meet you. He wants to meet you. Go. He also wants you to come. You too. l heard what he said.
– Then let’s go. Let’s go. Son Pranit…
He is… l know. He is Tadipatri Ananda Rao. Greetings uncle.
– Greetings. He is not Tadipatri Ananda Rao. Surveyor Ananda Rao. l asked him to come here to handover the job
related to allocation of lndustrial land. Why were you in a hurry before
he could introduce him to you? He is also tall & well built
like our Ananda Rao. Tall & well built? He is very lean. can’t you say anything right? ls he very lean now? l saw him when l was a child.
l got little confused. Now if l see him once,
l will never get confused. lt’s not a big deal. Let’s talk to him on phone right now. All your confusions will get solved. can’t you keep your mouth shut? lt’s me chengalrayudu. Hey chengalrayudu, it’s been
too long since you called me. What is the news? A boy from Tadipatri went abroad
and has come home very rich. Really?
Who is that? You talk to him. Hello uncle Ananda Rao,
it’s Pranit speaking. How are you uncle? l’m very fine. Whose son are you? We shouldn’t discuss such
matters on phone. Why? lncome tax might tap our phones. You want to know why l came here? Good. l will explain. Are you asking why l’m here. Why is he answering questions
which l haven’t asked? You know my helping nature, don’t you? l wanted to set up an industry
here & help the poor. l need a working partner for that. Oh no! Why don’t you become my partner? You don’t need to invest a penny? What do you say? How could l refuse if you
insist so much? Then, we will proceed. Don’t tell him anything. What’s all this, Pranit? When everything is over, why do you
want him to be your partner? Since he is from my village… lf you bring caste & village
sentiments into business, you will get ruined. All you need is good people. Tell him. Yes Pranit. They are very good people. Lets make them our partners. Okay Prasad. Since you insist,
let’s make them our partners. Sounds good. Take him & serve him porridge,
it’ll taste good. Go. l won’t let it go. Hey chengalrayudu, when Pranit was talking about
business, the call got cut. Give it to him. lf you call again,
l will cut your throat. Did you see how l made them not
to utter Ananda Rao’s name again? Greatjob. l hate this. You never appreciate me
when l do good things. lf you make me tensed again,
l will die of heart attack. Plan for a fast escape
from this house. To plan that,
l need this house plan. Why do you need this house plan? l will tell you once the job is over. l’ll clear you doubt right now. Prasad, you call him Pranit there and
here you call him Venkatramana. What’s really happening? Nothing happening. People will have many nick names. You call Mahesh Babu as Naani
and Allu Arjun as Bunny. We call you chinni. Nick names do exist to everyone. We call Mahesh Babu as Naani
and not Pavan Kalyan. We call Allu Arjun as Bunny
and not Prabhas. l’m not a fool to believe
all that you say. You idiot. You stupid. You stingy fellow. Why are you smiling
when he is shouting at you? He is not shouting me. He sees the man he is angry
at in me and shouts at me. Oh l see. Only you have grown up
and not your brain. You idiot. You stupid.
Why are you laughing? l’m scolding you & not Prasad.
– Me? Did he ask you for all the details? Stop pouncing on me.
Tell your brother-in-law about Prasad. Atleast you will get released soon. They won’t trust me just like that. l need to prove it with evidence. Hereafter, that is our part time job. Take your hands off. Are you angry with me
for slapping you? You idiot. BHAVANI l’m very lucky.
– Why? When l first saw Pooja, she matched
with the looks of my dream girl. Now, even her qualities are matching
with my expectations. lt’s all because of you. Someone might watch us.
Let’s go. Don’t you have non-vegetarian?
– No. We shouldn’t cook non-vegetarian
dishes today. We offered prayers to God. Should l starve because of you? Son, if you don’t eat non-vegetarian
food for one day… l won’t eat. You eat. Why is Bhadra so angry? He is angry because
l didn’t cook non-veg food. But still, is this the way to
behave with his mother? He can’t be blamed.
All men in this house are same. Actually, today is auspicious Monday. Every woman wants to offer prayers
to God & eat with her husband. But they don’t understand anything. Look, she is very much worried. How could he shout at his mother?
ldiot. Forget about that idiot. Do you know what Shahrukh Khan
does in such situations? What will he do? He takes advantage of this situation
and eats with the heroine. Shahrukh does that.
– What will Venky do? Watch me. l’m very hungry.
Even l’m very hungry. Sakthi has gone to a military hotel. He will get something to eat. Hello uncle Ananda Rao,
it’s me Pranit speaking. l spoke to you about the
industry, didn’t l? l want to discuss about it now. l’m little tensed to make
them my partners. His son banged the plate on the floor for
not preparing non-veg dishes. Where there is no sentiment,
there will be no success. So, be ready for our partnership.
l will call you. No doubt. l’m telling you. Partnership is for you 900/0. Ramanujam, look at him
with his grandson. He is overhearing his
conversation on phone. Mannerless fellow. Keep in touch. Bye. Shit! Free loader! You have ruined everything. Will you die if you don’t eat
for one day? Stop shouting at me.
Do what has to be done. Please take these sweets.
– l’ll eat today. Today, l’ll eat everything. Eat well.
Don’t feel shy, eat. Give me that sweet. He is coming. Why are you serving us? lnstead sit with us & eat. lt’s too late now. We will eat later.
Grandpa… When did you come? Do you also offers prayers
on auspicious Mondays? Notjust this day. On Bhogi festival, we decorate
our home with colours. We celebrate the women’s festival too. l asked for non-veg food not knowing
today is a auspicious day. Sorry mother.
– lt’s alright. Eat. Why are feeding the photo? lt’s not a mere photo. l feed her first & then l eat. Since you are from abroad, our sentiments, love & affections
might seem funny to you. No…no… Thinking that you don’t have
any sentimental feeling, l called Ananda Rao to finalize
the partnership. Don’t keep calling him. lf you have anything to say, tell us. We will do as you say. You also eat.
come. lt’s alright.
l will eat later. See how l made them kneel
on their knees. Thank you. No formalities between us. lsn’t my family yours and
isn’t your family mine? Look.
– What is this? couples are eating together, we are going to be couple,
let’s also eat together. That is… Your aunt said it’s good for us. He always drops in at wrong time. cheers also mean eating together,
have it. Like flies on sugar, why is Venky
after you with food plate? No uncle, his hopes on me is
getting stronger with every day. l don’t know how to tell him the truth. Be patient for few days, once ourjob
is done, we can get rid of him. Sir these accounts… You did all the mistakes and
why are you chiding him? Let bygones be bygones, be patient.
Everything will be fine. Get rid of him after the job is done.
What’s the job? First, let’s do ourjob. Give me way. l’ll give way if you kiss me. What’s this silly? Give me way.
– Silly? Am l not your fiance? Leave my hand. Leave my hand. Bloody old man! crook! You don’t feel bad, Pooja. My blood was boiling seeing him
behave like a beast. But l controlled it. Be patient for few days,
let’s get rid of him. Prasad wants to get rid of him,
he wants to get rid of Bhadrappa, what do you understand from it? Nobody is using right leg. My foot! lt’s not that. Something is happening. lf l get a small clue
l’ll have a ball. l got it! come and sit here. We’ll dance to his tunes till the factory
work is over, what do you say? As you say uncle.
– That’s it. What’s this new trend?
New outfits and food served by women. l heard Pranit on phone threatening
to cancel the partnership. From this phone.
– Yes l mean it. May l tell you all a shocking news?
– What is it? Your phone is dead from 2 days. l personally gave a complaint,
isn’t it Ramanujam?- Yes sir. He called from dead phone
and you believed him. He’s making you all fools
with along with Venky. Uncle! What are you saying?
– Truth! lf you’ve doubt, check it. Likewise give my property papers
and throw me out from here. What do you say?
– As you say sir. l’m Tadipatri Anand Rao,
can you please call Pranit online? Okay sir. Please hold on the line,
l’ll call him. Give it to me. Don’t get angry, l’ll talk to him with tact
and get information. You look at them. ls he behaving to his age? l’m Pranit here, tell me uncle.
– l heard a bulldozer rolling in. l came running fast,
may be you heard that sound. But your voice isn’t like Pranit’s. l did change my voice, right? changed your voice? Uncle, l mean my voice changed talking
to different people about the factory. Why did you call me now, uncle? l’ll tell you but those idiots
are not near you, right? Which idiots, uncle? chengalrayudu and his uncle. Elderly men, it’s sin, uncle.
– Sin? Seeing their face is sin. You may not know it,
chengalrayudu is a murderer. His uncle is a sinner.
He usurps other’s property. People who did business
with them are on streets now. lf you come quickly,
we can proceed ourselves. Hey Anand Rao!
– What happened, Pranit? l’m not Pranit,
l’m chengalrayudu’s uncle. You didn’t recognise me, right? lf you call Pranit again
or try to meet him, l’ll break your limbs, mind it.
Hang up the phone. Thank God! lt wasn’t working
when l lodged a complaint. Trying wedge differences
between partners. l’ll rip out your skin.
Bloody lousy man! Why does it have to be me always? That’s what l too don’t get it. ln response to your complaint, your
telephone line is rectified an hour ago. lt’s my bad time else how can
phone get repaired on time. Let’s check accounts. Did you know the phone was working? Why didn’t you tell them? To see your worried face. You’re a sadist too.
l can’t hold on this tension. Tell me how far the plan
has reached? l’ll show you, wait. Do you know what is this?
– Arundhati palace. No, the palace we are staying now.
can’t you see the bulls? Vishwanath Sathyanarayana said
to think theoretically and do practically. l’ve got 620/0 clarity
according to this plan, when l get the balance, paper work
is over and we can escape. When will you get the balance 380/0? How can l tell?
This is creative job. lt can happen just like that
or take time. By then they can kill us too. No need of paper or plan,
tonight we must escape. l’ll tell you a plan and you follow it. No, there’s a small hitch here. What’s this sir? Kerala oil.
– can we use it here? You poke holes. Try to catch me. We can slip if anyone
tries to catch us. Only thieves get such ideas. Okay, let’s go, give me your slippers. They are mine, it’s big for you. Not to wear it, it’ll make sound
and wake up people. Be careful. Who is it? l’ll manage it. All useless cats are here. l’ll do it again.
– No…no… He’ll sleep if l do it again. …Bloody… Bloody cat is dead…bloody. Why are you rushing as
if you know the place? Follow me. l’ll not leave you, Bommali!
– Who is disturbing at this hour? Why are you calling at midnight? l’m getting bad dreams about you walking
at nights and getting beaten up. Don’t encourage bad dreams. What’s it sir?
– Get up. Why are you disturbing my sleep?
– Look there. You cut the call.- ls it Swaroop?
l’ll talk to him. No need. Did you see their true colour? We must catch them red handed.
come.- Okay. BHAVANI l got him! What are you doing?
– Wait. Ramanujam, listen carefully.
– Tell me sir. l must steal my property documents
and escape from here tonight. Okay, come. Where did they go away? When did you come? Do you know what’s going on here? l heard everything.
– What did you hear? Your plan…l heard everything. Spend entire night in this store room. Enough of smirking, come. Henchman! He releases dogs at
this time every night. Those big dogs look ferocious
but are soft, that small looks very simple
but very cunning. lt has a special feature too.
– What is it? lt’ll spare if it likes the person.
– lf not? lt’ll bite. They say barking dogs seldom bite,
but this biting dog never barks. He released it free. Oh God! You go that side,
l’ll go this side. lt is looking at which ever side l turn. l’ll teach you a lesson. Let me see how you can come out. Where is Prasad? come…come…
– come…come… How can l come out?
lt must leave me. You wait, l’m coming. lt is killing me. Leave me. Don’t get scared,
if l put this monkey cap, it can’t see and will be confused.
You go out first. That’s it! lt’ll stay here only. Why are you pulling me?- lt’s not Pooja.
She changes room every night. Whose room is this?
– chengalrayudu. l’ll not leave you, Bommali!
– Who is it? Bloody ring tone.
Switch it off. Who is it? Bommali…l’ll not leave you. He disturbed my sleep.
Get up…get up… What’s it, father?
– Sleep in your grandpa’s room. Grandpa snores, l can’t sleep there. Your laments are disturbing my sleep. Why are you kicking me? Get out quietly.
– l’ll go. Why are you beating me?
l’m going, am l not? Am l beating you?
Are you drunk? Go! Never lets me sleep peacefully.
– Bloody idiot! Why did you beat him?
– Not beat, l must thrash him. How dare he holds Pooja’s hands. Forget him, first let’s find,
where is Pooja? You go that side, l’ll go this side. Short man doesn’t know to
keep phone in silent mode, if it rings again, he’ll get caught.
lt’s better to warn him. Why are you hanging there?
– Don’t watch, pull me up. Give me your hand. That hand too!
Be careful! Stay put there, l’m coming. Why did you fall into dung heap? You’re stinking! Get up! Get up… Don’t know what sin you committed
to get punished like this. How come Godly man
like you gets punished. l’m going forward but
why are you going backward? What?
– Look there! Glass pieces! l didn’t see it.
Looks like you’re hurt severely. come here. Sit here. You were helping me,
why are you getting hurt sir? Are you really crying for me? Why did you get that doubt?
l feel like crying on seeing you. My throat is dry crying for you.
l think this is water. Why is it hot? How do l know? Drink.
– Okay, l’ll drink. come, let’s enter the house.
come on l say. Why is he spinning his head? Why did you walk on
glass pieces like kids? My fate! You go. You’ll know when they amputate it. How come your face is hurt? Why are you asking as if you
don’t know anything? l don’t how you go hurt. l forgot everything after
l had warm water. Not warm water but local brew. So l saw all the three in you
and had thrashed you… You’ve sacrificed so much for me
and uniting me with my love Pooja, but l beat you black and blue. Why are you shouting so loud
to wake everyone at home? lf anyone hears we’ll be in fix.
– What? What’s all this? You both loving each other
and Prasad helping you. No mother, actually
what had happened was… You wait, how can a girl say it.
l’ll tell you. l’m not Pranit as you all think. Father is Late chittapathula Ramachandraiah.
Mother is Late chittapathula Janaki Devi. We are from the beautiful city Hyderabad. We belong to a colony where
everyone is close like a relative. When will you finish if you go so slow?
l’ll finish it in three sentences. This is not a crime story
to say in few sentences, this is love story, without details
you can’t understand it, where did l stop?
– You said about some colony. Not some colony
but Anand Nagar colony. Like the name we lived
very happily there. One day in those times… Get up Prasad, it’s over.
This is what had happened. l went fast due to shortage of time.
– Fast? l could’ve narrated Mahabharata.
– Okay. You understood the past, right?
Now, let’s talk about future. Did you all see film
‘Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge’? lf they hadn’t, will you narrate
the story to them now? No, like hero Shahrukh Khan
in that film, l’ll get permission from everyone
without hurting them, my ambition is to marry Pooja then. But men in this house are idiots, Prasad said we can’t reform them, without any other way,
we planned this escape. What do you say, Prasad?
– That’s it.- That’s it. l’m very happy for Pooja getting
such a good man like you. My niece is more than
a daughter to me. Her happiness is more
important to us But marriage arrangements
are on full swing, how now? l’ll manage it,
but l need your co-operation. More from you Pooja. Nothing, they will tighten the
security if you show displeasure. But if you behave,
you like the marriage, They will relax and we can escape. What do you say?
– That’s it. That’s it! What for this Rs.10000?
– Paid to them, asking as if l took it. Keep your accounts out for sometime. Marriage tomorrow morning.
Bride is weeping there. Groom is sitting here
with sullen face. lf it had been Anand Rao’s house…
– Why do you compare everything to him? lt’s bad luck for us if
a marriage home is dull. l fear it may get on me also. lt won’t happen,
tell us what should we do now? We must rock it!
– That’s all, right? We’ll follow whatever you say. What’s this song?
Ever good workers will feel sleepy. What do you say, grandpa? Stop your lousy old songs,
bad will turn worse. You sing!
– May l? BHAVANI Visual delight…ln the courtyard…
lt’s festivities of marriage… Who become life partner to whom? God has decided long back
sitting up there… Let anyone plan anything… He’ll never let anyone
over run his fate… BHAVANI Bride is devastating…
Groom is average… You too have a fling of
happiness of marriage… Bride is like Benz car…
You’re like an old shack… lt’s better you to change
your attitude and style… Swear on the man of house…
Open the secrets… Looking after your welfare…
Won’t you get all my support? My heart yearns may your
imagination come true… My heart wants to tell you something,
will you listen to it? When we are one,
is there any distance between us? Your love has told me everything
though it has no language of it’s own… BHAVANI Lord, please forgive me for hurting
Venky with or without my knowledge. What were you praying for with lord? l’ve decided to tell the
truth to Venky, uncle. Would he co-operate with us
if he comes to know the truth? can’t say how he’ll react to it. We did the mistake and
must be ready to face anything. True! God fearing people like
you have fear of sin. lf you tell this to Venky,
it’s a swear on God. l don’t mind whatever you say,
if Venky comes to know this. he’ll tell those idiots
about our plan to escape, they will lock you here
and pack me in coffin. That’s why l had to swear on God.
Please forgive me. Boss, Guruva Reddy is out ofjail.
lt’s not safe for you to go out. lf you fear, never start it,
once you start it, then never fear it. Why did Guruva Reddy go to jail? What’s that deadly look? Think once again, chengalrayudu is
very dangerous man. lf he’s dangerous man, am l a eunuch?
l was born to kill him. Look here, he’ll go to Kurnool
in this route tomorrow, let’s plant a landmine
near chittigirdh culvert, when his convoy reaches the culvert,
the landmine will blast off. Alert! His men are coming, run! Senior boss, Guruva Reddy has attacked
our chengalrayudu with his men, a big fight is going on. lt seems Guruva Reddy has
attacked my nephew. Go immediately.
Hack all of them! BHAVANI You weren’t born to kill me.
You were born to die in my hands. No…don’t kill me, chengalrayudu. What happened, uncle? Senior boss, Guruva Reddy’s men
have attacked your nephew. They mustn’t cross our
boundary at any cost. Did you see Prasad?
Plan must be tight like this. You too had a foolish plan. See, no chases, no deaths.
Everything is peaceful. Watch your behind. We mustn’t see behind while driving. Stop your silly rules
and turn back to see. What is it? l needed this for trusting
a fool like you. lf caught l’ll be the first to die,
go fast. Never panic on facing a problem. Wear your seat belt, you too Pooja. Go fast!
– You don’t get tensed up. Go! Why are you entering forest? We can’t hide on highway,
here we may have a chance. Drive carefully! l’m almost dying. You don’t move,
l may lose balance.- Okay. We may get caught if we hit the road,
go right side. Once we took right side, taking right
again is geographically wrong… Do as l say.
– No… Okay. What do you eat? Food or grass?
lt’s unlucky to follow you. Go! Why are you entering this village?
– Shut up! Wants details always! Hey, you go that side. Did you get it now?
That’s me! Stop the vehicle! What are they doing here
without following the others? come…come… Where are you heading? l’ll tell you, wait.
– After my death? Shut up! come, let’s eat something. l’m not hungry, uncle.
You carry on. Let’s get a parcel, she’ll eat later. Why isn’t he coming to our table?
– You can’t withstand hunger, Prasad. Who is calling you at this hour? Don’t answer it.
– We’ll pass time till food comes. Passing time with him? Where are you? ls there any question
more silly than this? Will we tell our whereabouts? You’ve done a big mistake
by taking away Pooja. No need of routine dialogues,
say something new. Handover Pooja to us,
we’ll pay any price. l asked for new and
you’re repeating same old hash. What do you say, Prasad? Why did you take away Pooja? Brainless fellow!
Why would anyone take her? l love her, so l’m taking her. l’m giving you last chance, routine
question again, l’ll cut the call. Think something new! Pooja doesn’t love you,
she loves someone in Europe. l told you say something new
but you’re telling lies. This is not lie but truth. Prasad is a cheat. He’s using you. What? Pooja loves someone else, will you use me by making me
believe she loves me? No…
– What no? Today l’ll drink your blood.
– Drink it…drink it. Bhadrappa tried to kill you till now,
unable to accomplish it, he lied about me, trusting it,
you were ready to kill me, l went out of the way to take
so much risk for your love, l did get the stick l deserved. Wasn’t he telling me the truth?
– Still having doubts? lt’s fine you asked me this,
had you asked this with Pooja? He suspects me so much
before marriage, how much he’ll suspect me
after marriage? Pooja will spit on your face. l believed that rogue and hit you. l’ll tell Pooja all the accusations
you heaped on me. Don’t do it, everything will get spoilt. lt was slip of tongue.
– Okay. l’m sparing you because
l’m a good man. Never again do like this.
– Never. Food too has come, eat. Tell me Ajay. l’m waiting in airport.
Are you safe? Okay, flight is at 4, come quickly. You bring the parcel.
– Wait, let’s go together. Just do what l say. Please don’t tell anything to Pooja.
– l will not. Uncle! Where is Venky? He met some friends and
went away with them. He promised to meet us in Hyderabad. Starting trouble sir? Get down…go…
Sit that side. lf you face any problem,
think of God. Hail Venkatesha! Did you see? Venkatramana, go to airport.
– Why to airport? A friend of Pooja is coming
from Europe, to receive him. To attend our marriage? Yes to attend your marriage, go. Who is he? Name is Venkatramana,
in short Venky, profession is ventriloquism,
favourite place is Tirupathi, favourite dish is…
– Who the hell are you? Pooja’s fiance! Why is he shocked?
– Thank God, he’s not dead. We didn’t tell him about
your love to surprize him. Their love?
– Why is he shocked again? You stop giving him shocks,
you come with, l’ll tell you. Where are you going?
You can tell him here only. More over l want to hear
my love story from you. lt’ll not be nice to tell your
love story before you. You come with me. ls he your close friend?
– Yes. Then, he’ll enjoy our
love story very much. That’s what had happened. Keeping him in love trap,
l used his till now. That’s all, isn’t it?
– That’s all. Let’s go there and send him
out on some pretext, before he comes back,
let’s escape. They are coming back. Did you hear the full story?
– l did. How is it?
– Fine. Just fine? lt must be shattering.
Ours is new love story. He has travelled a long way, jet lag,
he’s having head ache. You get saridon for him. Why should l get it?
Anyway we are going to my house. We can buy it on the way. No, it’ll take time to get his luggage,
go and get it fast.- Okay. l suspect your uncle wouldn’t
have told him correctly, so you too please tell him. Wait…let’s be here till he goes. He boards the car and
we make the escape. What? Why say sorry for it?
lsn’t your friend my friend? You be with him,
l’ll be back in a minute. Thank God!
– lt’s time for our flight. come. come Pooja. That’s my problem,
Please tell money with Pooja. My Pooja
– Who are you? What’s this rogue like behaviour? Put him also into the vehicle. BHAVANI Hack him! Oh my God! You said they were using me, right? Not a soul has come into this world
to use me or play with me. l love Pooja and l’ll marry her. Get it into your mind. l don’t know whether l’ll kill or bite
if anyone comes between us. come Pooja. come! What are you saying? lt’s wrong information that Pooja
loves someone in Europe, father. Pooja loves none other than Venky. Getting late to our flight,
where is he taking us? Find out. Where are you taking us?
– Shut up! Why are you rushing?
l’ll tell you. Bloody idiots. How dare they want to
separate me and Pooja. lf anyone dares to come
between us… You keep quiet man! Till now you saw my violent angle,
now you’ll see my family angle. come. Wow! Perfect made for
each other couple. She was born for our Venky only. Venky is very innocent.
You must take the first initiative. What’s all this?
– Wait. Take daughter-in-law to your Taj Mahal.
– As you say. come. You come dear…come… Why are you following them?
Don’t disturb them. Mysamma, arrange for their
stay in our godown. Please put your right leg first
and walk in. come dear. She’s feeling shy. He wanted to enter this
house with wife only, that’s why he stayed
till now with aunt. Show the house to your wife. When you entered the house
l feel like l’ve won the world. All this is Lord Venkateshwara’s blessings. He united us as l wished. BHAVANI My father and mother. They will be happy now
wherever they may be. Mother used to tell always,
look after wife like queen. That’s why l got everything
ready for her. What’s it?
What happened, Pooja? Remembered your parents? Just a minute. How are you my dear Pooja?
– l’m fine mother. You don’t worry, dear. We trust Venky will take
good care of you. Pooja, never again call here. lf necessary, we’ll call you. lt’s danger if anyone overhears us.
– Okay. Are you feeling fine now? You’re more sensitive than me,
l sometimes lie and repent for it, you never tell a lie and hurt anyone. it’s very difficult to survive
with this attitude. What’s this Prasad?
We are having tea here like losers. l think they will marry them
as l stand watching. What to do?
Situation is like that. Look at her, isn’t she like
a cow munching grass? Let’s tell her about our predicament
and go with Pooja. Write those accounts.
– Greetings sister. Greetings.
– We want to talk to you. Okay, you go ahead.
– Sister! What’s your problem?
l’m talking to these gentlemen. Sister, that Shankar…
– Got him?- Yes sister. Bring him here. How long will you roam avoiding me?
You cheat! No sister..
– Bloody! l’ll kill you, bloody! l’ll hack you. You and your sister sent
my boy to hospital. Played love drama and
roamed promising to marry, how dare you fix marriage
with a rich boy! Bloody! Please sister, don’t beat me. l’ll fix my sister’s marriage
with your boy, sister. Go…go…bloody! Tell me brother, you wanted
to tell me something. Nothing sister, l want to present a silk sari
to you for Venky’s marriage. Why should you present a sari
for my Venky’s marriage? We’ll present you silk dhothis.
– Okay sister. No uncle…no uncle…
please open the door… No uncle…
please listen to me uncle. Why should l live now? Last night my son appeared
in my dream, l brought people home who
should be rotting on streets, how could they send
my daughter to the streets? He was asking so on my face. l played to your tunes
all these days, l lied l’m going to die and
brought my grand daughter home, l deserve death for the sins
l committed along with you. Father…
– Uncle, listen to me. Let’s arrange Pooja’s marriage
with the man she loves. How can you do it? Who knows where is she?
How is she now? Father-in-law, we know where is Pooja. Let’s go to Tirupathi immediately
after the marriage. Aunty, good news to all of you. Pooja’s mother called me just now,
entire family has accepted me. They asked us to come
there immediately. Agreed for their marriage?
– What’s this sudden twist? How can they not accept you? How can they let go
a golden boy like you? l’m nothing, entire credit goes to him.
– Who is that? Hail Venkatesha! Hail Venkatesha! BHAVANI Hail Venkatesha! Lord Balaji of Seven Hills…
How powerful you are… My fate changed because of you… And turned us into
made for each other couple… l told you about my love matter…
And got your blessings… Your mercy is super…
that changed my future… So, l thank you my dear… BHAVANI We got you married.. We posted you the
first wedding invitation… come out of temple
to attend our marriage, O lord… We prepared the VlP guest list…
You top that list… Let the marriage band
reverberate, O lord… We fixed marriage on Saturday,
the day that’s special to you… Booked 100 kgs of Tirupathi laddu
to serve in marriage feast.. Arranged orchestra to sing only
Annamacharya devotional songs… BHAVANI Postponed our honeymoon…
Booked to and fro train tickets… As soon as we tie the knot,
we’ll visit your holy mountain… Son born to us will be named after
you as Balaji or Srininvas… You’re our saviour and protector, O lord… All the happiness in our life
is your blessing, O lord… Be with us through thick and thin… Till now you were with us,
hope you’ll be with us in future too… You’re a big man, how changed
you’re to kill yourself, uncle? As soon as Pooja comes,
take her inside. And kill Venky immediately. He fooled us, how can our anger
subside if he kills him, uncle? l’ll kill him with my hands. You promised to marry them,
what’s this twist? Fool! l heard women talking
to her on phone, l played a drama cleverly
to bring her here. Played a drama?
Why didn’t you try for Nandi award also? Bloody crook!
Bad time would’ve vanished, if l’d thrown a lighted match stick
on you doused in petrol. Bloody crook, rogue…
– Brother-in-law.. Brother-in-law? Where is he?
– Just for fun. Why?
– Just for fun. comedy in your dirty life too?
Bloody idiot, come let’s check accounts. Am l cheap to him
or he’s cheap to me? BHAVANI Why don’t you get down?
Get down quickly! Did you see?- Venky’s in-laws’s fort.
lt’s like Golconda fort. come in.
– Why are they here? How can l marry without them?
l invited them all. Please come in. As you’d wished, you’re marrying
Pooja with everyone’s consent. Bhadrappa, arrange guest house
for their stay. come in…come in dear. You take rest. come Pooja. You said you’ll tell on arrival,
why didn’t you tell him? They came suddenly, l’ll tell at
opportune moment, wait till then. l think everything will
be over as l wait. Uncle…brother…everyone is here. l’m very happy you reformed
and agreed to this marriage. But l must tell you an important
matter about the groom. We are also waiting to tell you
an important matter. Why did you close the door, uncle?
ls it a secret? Yes, it is a secret. come… Making us fools joining
hands with Venky. Haven’t you reformed?
– No way. l’m sparing you because
you’re my son-in-law. l’ll cut Venky into pieces and get Pooja
married to Bhadrappa as planned. lt’s not as easy as beating me, uncle. People who came with him
are beasts like you. call Allagadda Narasimhulu and
tell him to send all his men. Did you tell him the matter? No, they told me a new matter. Why do you always narrate new tales? You can’t do it, l’ll tell him myself. lf you’re determined, go ahead. Give me your address before you go.
– Why? Shouldn’t l intimate your death
to your people? What are you saying? They didn’t invite us for marriage.
– Then? To kill us. You know your family’s intentions,
we must escape immediately. What about Venky? Venky? You played acted
love on him for fun. Your uncle stretched it to this limit, if not today,
he’ll know the truth in future, then you both are strangers. l made a big mistake. Playing with a good man like you,
l’ve committed grave sin. l’m going through hell
for it everyday. Why do you think the
mistake is yours only? l’ve also part of it. l used to check my program many times
fearing adverse public reaction, but l didn’t do it in a matter
that concerned my life. lt’s not wrong to think of looking
after wife like a queen, but l couldn’t realise it’s wrong
to wish for a queen as wife. My life is like that, somebody arranges the program,
somebody delivers speeches, they invite people like me to keep
the audience happy in between, hearing the applause
l thought it was all for me, later on l realised… One must be lucky to get anything. l always wished you must be happy,
l still wish you the same, it’s my responsibility to take you
both out safe from here. Ajay, trust me. Aren’t you angry on me? A little hurt. My people are happily waiting…
how am l to break this news… l’ll manage them. This colour sari is good.
Look at this chain. lt’s round. Why are you drinking?
– lf you drink raw, you’ll die. What if l die?
Who will be at loss? Tomorrow you’re going to marry,
why are you so dejected now? Marriage…marriage…
would l die if l don’t marry? This marriage will not happen.
– Why not? Pooja loves Ajay not me. Why did she bring you here
saying she loves you? Did she tell you that she loves me?
Did she atleast tell me? Believing some fool’s words,
l brought the situation to this stage, it was my mistake, l thought of keeping her
in my heart, uncle, she fell on my feet to forgive her, l promised to take them
out safely from here. Promised to help the girl
who ditched you? lt wasn’t her fault,
astrologer already told, that l’ll remain as lone shell.
That’s what had happened. She’s way ahead of me, uncle. Nobody must fall in love, uncle. lf it fails, it’s terrible pain,
Pooja mustn’t feel this pain. That’s why we must help them
to escape from here. l’ve a plan for it also.
– Mad Venky! You wish good for people
who have hurt you, it’s her bad luck to miss
a gentleman like you. She’s a good girl,
it was all Prasad’s doing. A shocking news to you.
– What is it? They called you here to kill you
not to marry you with Pooja. Pooja is crying profusely to help her
marry Venky getting out from here. So, you plan something and help me,
Ajay and Pooja to escape from here. l’m an old man, l don’t care dying, think of Pooja’s life
if anything happens to you. What will happen? Asking silly, what will happen?
She’ll die without you. Will she die? l had drink to forget everything, the shock you gave
made even that useless. Has Pooja become my fan
hearing my song? How easily you cheated me
with your words? Will my life turn if Pooja turns? What was that? Getting frustrated,
falling into depression, would l get ruined? Venky, you stop.
– Thanks sister. l’ll take care of him. We must get away from here
before they get to know the truth. Murthy is in airport with tickets. Will you call back after
reaching there, won’t you? As sweet as love is…
lover is as… Let it go…let it go… BHAVANI You stay here only. For cheating us, l thought of
hacking you to pieces. After knowing the truth,
l liked your character, l’m giving you a chance,
leave them and walk away. You gave me a chance,
l promised them. You will die. l thought my life is with Pooja,
now l’m ready die for Pooja. Hack him boys! lt’s me brother-in-law! Did you see your partner’s true colour? You said l was creating differences
between partners when l told about him. Now he’s breaking your back,
isn’t it Ramanujam? All your men are down,
you’re the next. He’ll make you run and beat you black
and blue, isn’t it Ramanujam?- Yes sir. lf anything happens to you,
what about my property papers? Please tell me where it is? lf l don’t tell will you…?
Bloody idiot! Don’t harm my uncle! Why did you spare the man
who raised sword on you? He was fighting with us for
our daughter’s happiness. So many Gods are there,
l rejected all of them, l made you my favourite God,
took your name, used your dot,
trusted only you, what have you done in return?
You got all my friends to marry. Now you’re getting my lover
marry someone else. Are you happy now? Enough of you.
We are parting for good, bye. Are you from bride’s side
or groom’s side?- Why? Why are you asking silly question? Marriage canopy is empty,
fill it up. Why? To take everything
after marriage. Are you married?
– No. You’ll never marry.
– l know it. Say something new. l’m feeling sad looking
at your situation. lt’s good for your health to be sad. You’ve a big heart to
conduct Pooja’s marriage. You’re not a stranger to us even
if Pooja is married. You’re always welcome to our home. Happy to hear it, getting late
to marriage, you carry on. You too go. Bring bride and groom. Sit down.
You too sit down. Sit!- Venky, you sit there. Why him? l’m not the groom, it’s Venky. Why aren’t you ready yet, Pooja? l want to talk to you, Ajay?
– What? l thought burden on heart will
reduce if l tell the truth to Venky, l’m feeling sad of losing Venky
than getting you. All can fall in love,
only few can share love. One such man is Venky.
He was ready to die for me. l’ve taken a decision hoping that
you will understand me. Venky, you won Pooja’s heart
with your goodness. l learnt a lesson from you. Sit down, auspicious time is elapsing. Just a minute, stay here only. l lost cool and chided you.
Never again l’ll do this sin. Hail Venkatesha! Have you thanked your boss? l…my boss…
– What will you tell me then? l…you…what am l to tell you? l’m very happy you’re married, if you give me Johnson’s dues,
l’ll go back to Europe. Nothing is in my hands,
l’m married now, uncle. lt’s all in his hands now.


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