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After so many years? Children.. you remember the stories of
Baba Nanak and Mardana from Talwandi? Yes teacher, I remember them all. Look there! Mardana ji is returning
after so many years. Maulvi sahab? As-Salaam-Alaikum Wa-Alaikum-Salaam Where’s our Nanak? He has become famous, far and wide. He is also on his way. First of all, please tell us.. What is Nanak? By religion,
is he a Hindu or a Muslim? He is neither a Hindu nor a Muslim. Then what is he? Mahanti son, please let him rest. Keep your questions
and answers for later. Teacher, please intervene. He has traversed the world, learn something from him. Humanity is Nanak’s religion, spirituality is his companion, and He believes in One Ram, One Allah, One God.Guru Nanak descended,Guru Nanak descended,Guru Nanak descended,Guru Nanak descended,the mist cleared, the universe lit up.the mist cleared, the universe lit up.Guru Nanak descended,Guru Nanak descended,the mist cleared, the universe lit up.As, when the sun rises,as, when the sun rises,as, when the sun rises,as, when the sun rises,the stars disappear
and the darkness dispels.
Guru Nanak descended,Guru Nanak descended,Guru Nanak descended,Guru Nanak descended,the mist cleared, the universe lit up,the mist cleared, the universe lit up.Patwari ji, congratulations! You’ve been blessed
with a beautiful baby boy. This was at a time when the
land and people of India were.. suffering extreme atrocities
of violence, bloodshed and apathy. Drunk with power, greed and lust, the rulers were not concerned
about the common man’s plight. India! From where the scripts
of religious duty were written, there humanity was falling apart. Under the oppression
of foreigners, the voice of learned
Saints and Fakirs was being suppressed. While on one hand, the terror of the
invaders was firming its foot-hold, the wedges of caste, creed and religion
were dividing people, on the other. In such a period of darkness, in a small village of Talwandi,
in Punjab, Baba Nanak was born. Rai sahab? You…here? I was coming to give you the good news. Congratulations! Here. I am delighted to see you here. Kalu ji, it’s my duty. Hardayal ji, so early in the morning? You have a fine sense for good news. Rai sahab, your Talwandi is so small, that when the children play,
their sound resonates the jungle. Pundit Hardayal ji prepares
the horoscope of our family. Yes, yes I’m aware. Kalu ji, while preparing daughter
Nanki’s horoscope, I had predicted the
arrival of a Godly soul in your home. Last night, I saw a saintly soul… I’m not sure if it
was a dream or a reality. Nanki.. stop playing with
the spinning wheel now. And, go look for your brother. Write on the slate of your heart,
the name of the true Lord. Has Nanak committed any mistake? I ask Nanak one question, he counters me with two. Questions? What questions? Questions that I
don’t have answers to. I will tell him not to ask questions to which you don’t have answers. It is not so, Kalu ji. I have answers to
children’s questions. But Nanak’s queries are deep, insightful. I think he is trying
to understand his own mind, and seeking answers thereof. You are adding to my dilemma. What do these questions
have to do with his studies? He has nothing to do with this world! But, will he be able to study? I feel he knows more than me. More than you? What are you saying, teacher? Sir, he is your disciple,
and you are the teacher. If you are unable
to understand me, then how will you understand Nanak? Kalu ji! By looking at a tall tree, it’s difficult
to fathom the depth of its roots. But, it’s not difficult
for me to appreciate that.. the essence of the entire universe.. rests inside Nanak’s
temple-like heart. Means…Nanak is intelligent? Prepare the horses. Kamru Nath? Received. Charan Das? His crops didn’t get water. Why? Last year, Rai sahab had got
one Persian well dug up for the crops? He said, by the time his
turn came the crops dried up. If Charan Das is
unable to pay the taxes, then he would have to plead
his case himself to Rai sahab. I shall not advocate. Sikandar Lodhi has ordered that.. the entire revenue collection.. from across the country
must reach him by the month end. Ok, then I will pay
the taxes on his behalf. Hmm.. I didn’t point at you, Kalu ji. You please come outside. Load all the books of account, I have to submit them in Sultanpur. What’s the matter? The teacher has complained
that Nanak asks too many questions. What is wrong in asking questions? Rai sahab, he goes to learn,
not to ask questions. Nanak is not an ordinary child. You are aware of this, right? But.. he needs to do something
when he grows up, Rai sahab? Make him learn Persian,
it’s an official language. Once he learns Persian,
he will get government employment. That’s my responsibility. Be patient, Kalu ji. An ocean of patience can
absorb millions of turbulent rivers. Why should he learn
a foreign language? Only by learning a foreign language.. one can understand their culture. When a Pathan hears
a Hindu speak in Persian, he swells with pride. He’ll get a government job. His life will be settled. Nanak! Nanak! Nanak! Nanki was aware of Nanak’s
spiritual disposition. Nanak had grown-up before her eyes. He must be day-dreaming! She was the only one who was
aware of his mystical thought process.. and would appeal to their
father on Nanak’s behalf. Kalu ji, what are you carrying? Pundit ji asked me
to bring loose change. They have to be distributed among the
poor, after the ‘Holy thread’ ceremony. Please go ahead, I shall follow you. I hope Nanak is learning Persian? Your son doesn’t study Persian,
instead he teaches it to us. Swear to God, Patwari ji,
I am telling the truth. He has 100 times more
command on Persian than you. Nanak is not coming out of his room. He told Nanki,
that he’ll not wear the ‘Holy thread’. Please, you talk to him. Come out son, these rituals are a must. As per the Hindu religion,
all Khatris and Brahmins… Nanak says.. he is aware of these customs.Make compassion the cotton,contentment the thread,modesty the knot and truth the twist.Make compassion the cotton,contentment the thread,modesty the knot and truth the twist.This is the sacred thread of the soul;This is the sacred thread of the soul;If you have it,
then please get it for me.
If you have it,
then please get it for me.
Make compassion the cotton,contentment the thread,modesty the knot and truth the twist.Neither does it break,Nor soil.Neither can it be burned, nor be lost.Blessed are those
mortal beings, O Nanak
who wear such a thread
around their necks.
Very few people understood.. the reason behind Nanak’s
refusal to wear the ‘Holy thread’. Nanak son, what form of ‘Holy thread’
are you talking about? Traditionally, cotton thread is worn, which obviously will wear out. The thread that you desire, where should I get it from? You are unable to understand Nanak. Get him a ‘Holy thread’
which is made of truth.. and cannot be broken. We should be patient, and patience,
teaches the virtues of silence. Procure salt, spices and all.. ..merchandise from Choodkhana
bazaar that Bala procured last month. Only those goods sell in Talwandi. Bala.. Yes. Look after Nanak, serve him well. I’m sending him with you
so that he learns the trade. Nanak, take care of the money, conduct an ‘ethical trade’. Yes father. I travel in and trade
in the name of The Lord. Greetings, O Holy saint! Greetings! It appears that you
all are hungry and thirsty? We live by the grace of The Lord. We eat when he gives. At a short distance from
here is Talwandi village. Why don’t you go
there and beg for food? When one begs from a human, one does not grow in stature. But when one begs from
The Lord and connects, he becomes Him. Bala. – Yes. Go to Choodkhana bazaar, and arrange for food
& clothes for the saints. Baba, even I have not eaten since morning. I shall also eat with you. Nanak, Mehta ji gave this money for… Father directed me to
conduct an ‘ethical trade’, and that’s what we are going to do. Son.. in life, you will always
encounter two paths. The easier one may impart happiness, but the ethical one
will lead to bliss. Where is Nanak? Nanki rush, rush! Why did I send you with Nanak? So that you could
take care of the money. But Nanak only said, that serving the sages is ‘correct’. Then hiding outside the
village must be correct too? Nanak was scared that you might… He is not scared of me. Had it been so,
he wouldn’t have blown my savings. Nanak! Come, get back home. Nanki, you are always shielding him. Because you don’t. Ask him, why was he not coming home? I have not done anything wrong. Even after committing such blunders, you
still say you haven’t done any wrong? I gave you 20 rupees as
also valuable goods for trade. Father, you only directed
me to conduct an ‘ethical trade’. What can be better
trade than to serve.. the hungry sages & take
lessons in return, O father? You should not have raised
your hand on Nanak, Kalu ji. You are not able to understand Nanak. He finds peace and
harmony in doing this. Those who find bliss
on a bed of thorns, stay connected to The Lord
even when in the lap of luxury. Hail the Seers! Hail the Mystic! Hail the Allah! Sanctify the affluent! Badra? After so many days? I understand that our chief,
Rai Bular has arranged Nanki’s marriage, with the revenue
collector of Sultanpur. We had to be here. It’s our right, as well as duty. Bala, get some rice and pulses for them. Long life to you Patwaran ji! You give so generously on all
occasions to this humble minstrel. You have to play the Shehnai
at Nanki’s wedding. Don’t forget. I will definitely play the Shehnai, my son plays the Rabab very well. Yes. Get him along as well. What’s your name son? Patwaran ji, his name has an anecdote. I had six children. Every child died post birth. Then he was born. I was apprehensive of the evil eye, so I named him Mar-ja-na.
(He too shall die) Marjana? Yes, Marjana. He is Mar-da-na (He shall not die). My son says that
Mardana shall not die. That day, by changing my
name from Mar-ja-na to Mar-da-na, Nanak gave me a new lease of life. And when he asked me to join him, I began following him,
without losing a moment. From here on, our friendship began. It’s time for the departure ceremony. Take good care of Nanak! Yes. Mother, promise me, else I shall not
be able to live happily. Indeed, I shall look after Nanak. I wanted to play the
Rabab at the wedding ceremony. I looked towards Nanak. He was lost in deep thought. Perhaps wondering that
post Nanki’s departure, who would stand up
to his father for him. Please come. How many days have passed? It’s been 6 days. He doesn’t eat, doesn’t drink water, doesn’t sleep. Doesn’t speak to anyone. Just gazes at the sky
or towards the jungle. Hasn’t spoken to Mardana either. But, what’s wrong with him?
What does he say? My wise physician! Haven’t I just told you
that he’s not talking to anyone? Now what’s happened to him,
how do I know? That’s why I’ve called for you. Let me see. Nanak is not sick, O doctor. The pulse reveals only
the symptoms of an unwell body, not of an unwell mind. A body that feels
no hunger may be sick, but a soul that feels no
pangs for The Lord, is worthless. Patwari ji, your son is hale and hearty. He needs no medication. Send Nanak to Nanki. Sultanpur is a big city, ideal for work. I will inform Jairam
to convey to Mir Khan that.. I am sending Nanak from my village. I’m grateful to you Rai sahab. Nanak and Nanki have
grown up in front of me, where is the obligation? Be happy always. May you live long. Concentrate on your work son. Okay. Work is worship. Don’t think like an ascetic. For that, you have your
whole life ahead of you. Okay. Go. Take care. Let’s go. Please look after him. Yes. He can’t die, nor can he be cheated
in the heart of whom resides The Lord. They are not from Sultanpur. They are royal Pathans, from Sialkot. Your job at the Government’s
ration store is confirmed. It’s an honorable job. The Government also provides
accommodation to its employees. Are you happy? Please give ten portions of bajra. One.. Two.. Three.. Four.. All yours, O Lord, all yours, O Lord, all yours, O Lord. You have given me 3 portions extra. All yours, all yours. In my opinion,
Nanak should get married now. Now that he’s running
the ration store responsibly. Even father desires this. I know of a very good girl,
from Pakhoke village. Really, who is she? Remember Moolchand’s
family at Pakhoke? Yes. My father knew the family very well. They have a daughter, by the name of Sulakhani. So? Okay…I shall take it forward. Are you tired? Here, have some milk. My brother has a
divine way with words. And he also sings very well. Anyway, tell me your name. Sulakhani.. Sulakhani, may you live long. In the noisy glitter
of the Sultanpur bazaar, where every precious object
and human being was being auctioned, there my soul had found its protector. Exhaustion caused by the
journey from Talwandi to Sultanpur, evaporated with just
a single glance of Nanak. How are you Nanak? Your father has sent me,
to check on your well-being. When Nanak asked me to stay put with him, I agreed instantly. He would spend hours meditating
by the riverside, singing, and I accompanied with the Rabab. The number of his
listeners kept growing. Ram-Ram, Jairam ji. Why are you not at the ration shop? I often have to come
here to collect the keys. And why does the ration
shop open so late? Nanak meditates early morning, and only then he
opens the ration shop. Also, he mostly stays in this hut. How’s work? Measures extra portions to all. Whoever comes,
he says, “All yours, O Lord”. Why is that shop so crowded? Sir, I’ve heard he is
generous in his measurements.. and gives more than
the requisite purchase. What’s his name? Umm Nanak, from village Talwandi. Who pays for the extra
rations that he doles out freely? I don’t know the details, sir. Go and complain to the revenue office, and order an assessment of accounts. Sir…Sir! Listen sir,
Nanak has not done anything unlawful. Get out of my way or
you shall also be arrested. But why is Nanak being arrested? We are not answerable to you. Sir.. He is a truthful and a simple man. The court will decide that. Sir.. Sir.. Sir.. Jairam, you came from Talwandi
with Rai Bular’s recommendation. That’s why we employed him. Please listen to me, sir. Nanak cannot commit this crime. This crime has already
been established. Officers Hassan Khan and.. Sahi Khan have themselves
seen him doling out the rations. The witnesses are also present here. I have a request to make. Please direct the treasurer
to cross check the inventory again. Sir, the accounting is
in process at the ration shop. The treasurer will be here
any moment with the accounts. Proceed.. Lordship, the accounts of Nanak’s
ration shop tallies with the inventory. How is it possible? During the investigation,
witnesses have admitted that.. they received rations in
excess of the purchase value. Nanak did measure extra all the time, but that had no bearing
on the treasury. Surprisingly, the inventory
is in excess of what it should be. Ever since he began working,
Nanak has not even drawn his salary. Mistake on my part, Lordship. Oh, even such a wealthy man.. is feeling so lowly in front of Nanak. Be it the sweltering sun, cold winters or rain, he would always remember The Lord, meditate by the riverside. Nanak’s songs reflected Nanki’s
affection and her pious soul. Nanki was the only one who
knew what Nanak wished to say and do. She had prophesied the day when her
brother would accomplish his purpose.. the divine reason for which
he had come into this Universe. Nanak.. O Rabab player! Yes. – Where is Nanak? He is not here. Why is the ration shop shut? Why hasn’t it been opened? He had gone for a dip
into the river in the morning, but hasn’t returned yet. Hope he hasn’t drowned? Found anything, Salim? Nothing. We found nothing, sir. Sir, it seems the body has drifted off. My brother hasn’t drowned. Look for him. Did you carry out an extensive search? Yes sir. Did you go deep under? Yes sir. We found nothing. He cannot drown! Nanak has come to liberate
the world from sufferings. Call off the search. Have faith.
My brother will return. I know it. Nanak! Nanak is back! Nanak is back! Nanak has returned! Nanak is back! Nanak is back! Nanak is back.. Nanak is back.. Nanak has returned.. Nanak is back.. There is no Hindu, and there is no Muslim. This is blasphemy.. it’s against the religious diktats! Take him to Daulat Khan’s court. Qazi sahab.. please hear out Nanak completely. You are also with him. Take him in too. Take him away. Nanak.. you have worked for
many years in my State. I greatly respect
your spiritual strength. But.. but why do you make
such statements that.. could lead to discord and disharmony? Lordship,
Nanak has no such intentions. You throw a stone in placid water,
and you expect no ripples! There is no Muslim, no Hindu What does it imply? There is one God. There’s only one Creator. All the creations are His own. Therefore,
to divide them is against His wish. Whether a Hindu or a Muslim, in the eyes of The Lord,
are all equal. You proclaim that there’s no Hindu,
no Muslim, then come, join us for the Namaaz. You advocate the essence of ‘One God’, then why didn’t you participate
in the Namaaz with us? Even you didn’t participate
in the Namaaz, Qazi sahab. How can you say this? Did you see, my King, Nanak’s defiance. Qazi sahab, your mind was wandering to
the newly born calf, worried that it might fall into
the well of your courtyard. Nanak.. you could have offered
the Namaaz with me as well? You were also not
present at the Namaaz. You were engrossed in acquiring
a new breed of horses in Kabul. Namaaz ought to be read earnestly,
from the heart. Only then the Allah accepts it. I would like to meet you in private. After the death of Sikander Lodhi, who will rule over the Delhi empire? Ibrahim Lodhi or some Afghani? Sir, Nanak ji doesn’t
believe in such prophecies. This wine is from overseas. May I stay drunk,
in the nectar of God’s love. Sir, permission to leave? God is one, and it’s important to spread
the message of ‘One God’ to the world. I will always stand by you. Look after the children. Shrichand and Laxmichand are yours too. Don’t go Nanak. Where will you go? Wherever Nanak takes me. Take care of him. Who am I to take care of him? Daulat Khan doesn’t want
Nanak to leave Sultanpur. Whatever designation he desires,
shall be given. This is a humble request. Thank you. Nanak needs no designation. Your Lordship, Nanak has declined the offer. Daulat Khan couldn’t believe
that someone could reject his proposal. But he was aware of Baba
Nanak’s spiritual strength, thus swallowed his anger. Attention…attention! Attention! Chief Malik Bhagon has summoned.. all the dwellers of Saidpur.. to join him for a feast on the
occassion of ‘shraad’ (a Hindu ritual). Please join us for the
feast at Malik Bhagon’s palace. He has invited all Saints,
Peers and Fakirs to his palace. Malik Bhagon? He is our landlord. He has invited all nearby
villagers for the ritual. Join us.
A delicious meal will be served. Please come. Can we get some water please? Sure. Would you like to
have a meal at my home? Yes, sure. Brother Lalo, everyone from the village
was invited to Malik Bhagon’s feast. Why didn’t you go? Not everyone. Only the high caste. We too manage to eat this only. You have purified us.. by eating at a low castes’ hut. It’s us who are blessed. The Creator doesn’t judge by disparity,
but cherishes equality. Are you a Fakir? Call me as you please. Hold on! Why are you not at Malik Bhagon’s feast? We had our meal. Where? At Lalo carpenter’s house. You had the nerve to
decline Malik Bhagon’s feast.. and instead ate at a low caste’s house? Take them away! I respect Peer-Fakirs a lot. However, you have insulted me
by not accepting my invitation. We would have surely
accepted your invite, but the invitation was not for everyone. I don’t allow people
from low caste in my temple. But you don’t look to be low castes. Nanak doesn’t believe in caste or creed. He believes only in
rightful and honest earning. So is my wealth immoral? I have inherited this title, and I have bought these
slaves at an appropriate value. I live as per the norms of the society. So what’s wrong in it?To take what rightfully
belongs to another, says Nanak
is like a Muslim eating pork,
or a Hindu eating beef,
Our Guru,
our spiritual guide, stands by us,
as if we do not eat those carcasses,Please cook some food. Why? Baba has said so. if we do not eat those carcasses.To take what rightfully
belongs to another, says Nanak
By mere talk..people do not passage to heavenSalvation comes only
from the practice of truth,
by adding spices to forbidden foods,Malik sahab,
please present your food now.They are not made acceptable.O Nanak, from false talk,O Nanak, from false talk,only falsehood is obtainedonly falsehood is obtainedTo take what rightfully
belongs to another, says Nanak
In the Lord’s world, people have
built beautiful nests, small and big. But amidst the straw walls, only material wealth has been hidden, The Lord has not been accommodated. The clay pot filled with milk, is more valuable than
the golden plate with blood. Please forgive me. I have made a huge mistake. And please guide me to the right path. These poor people too have
an equal right over your wealth. You should perform your ‘Karma’, remember the Lord and share with the needy. Only the Lord’s name makes one pure. Whereas on one hand laws of nature.. were reduced to superstition, On the other hand,
consumption of meat had divided society. Speaking against mindless killings
of living beings, Baba said… Nanak ji, how far is the sun? Greetings! Don’t be afraid. Me and my aides have been wandering
in this jungle for many days. We couldn’t find any food, therefore, we had to kill this deer. Actually,
I was to be the king of this region. But my kingdom was taken away from me, forcing us to wander
in this jungle for many days. Will you help us cook? Sure. Someone is cooking at
the auspicious time of eclipse. Yes, Guru ji. That’s how it appears to me too. It’s a great insult
to the Hindu traditions. Cooking during the eclipse
is forbidden in Hindu religion. And that too meat? Oh my God, oh my God! What else can we eat in this jungle? Being a Hindu, aren’t you aware
that it’s the time of eclipse, and the rituals are being performed? But what’s wrong in this? I don’t think our vast history and
traditions would be diluted if we ate meat. And that too when it’s
a matter of survival.The fools argue about flesh and meat,The fools argue about flesh and meat,but they know nothing about
meditation and spiritual wisdom.
What is called meat,and what is called green vegetables?What leads to sin?It was the habit of the
Gods to kill the Rhinoceros,
It was the habit of the
Gods to kill the Rhinoceros,
and make a feast of the burnt offering.Those who renounce meat,and hold their noses
when sitting near it,
devour men at night.They practice hypocrisy,
and make a show before other people,
They practice hypocrisy,
and make a show before other people,
but they do not understand anything
about meditation or spiritual wisdom.
O Nanak, what can be
said to the blind people?
O Nanak, what can be
said to the blind people?
They cannot answer,
or even understand what is said.
After travelling much distance,
I finally asked, “Where are we headed for, Nanak ji?” In his reply, Baba stated, “In this universe,
numerous learned souls have been born, to pay them our respects.” Our first stop was
Saint Kabir’s Varanasi, then Gautam Budh’s Gaya. And so we travelled,
via Kamrup in Assam, to the east coast of India,
at Jagannath Puri’s sea shore. I wish to ask you a question, Nanak ji? Ask. When in Kamrup, the villagers who insulted us, and shooed us away, you blessed them ‘to stay’. And the other villagers
who gave us respect, and served us, you told them ‘to disperse’. Why? I blessed the disorderly
villagers ‘to stay’ in the village, so that they don’t
go out and spread hatred. Whereas people from the
good village will spread goodness, where ever they will go. Therefore, Mardana ji,
their ‘relocation’ is good for humanity. Greetings! I have been informed that
Nanak sahab is in Jagannath, Puri. I have specifically come
to welcome him and to invite him.. for the evening aarti at
the temple of Lord Jagannath. Nanak sahab does not
conform to these rituals. We request with all humility.. that Nanak ji should join
us for the evening prayers. Okay.The sky is your platter,
the sun and moon are the lamps,
stars in the galaxy are the pearls.The ‘essence of the sandalwood’
is the fragrance that the wind propels,
the whole forest is
your bouquet of flowers.
The sky is your platter,
the sun and moon are the lamps,
stars in the galaxy are the pearls.O! What a wonderful aarti, this is.O’ Lord, your aarti.You are a destroyer of fear,
the sound of your name,
You have a thousand eyes,
forms, feet, noses…you have none.
Thousands of your holy feet,
yet you have not one foot.
Thousands of your noses,
yet you are without a nose.
I am bewitched by this play of yours.Your light enlightens all!It is by the grace of the
Guru that the real light manifests.
The sky is your platter,
the sun and moon are the lamps,
stars in the skies are the pearls.The ‘essence of sandalwood’
is the fragrance that the wind propels,
the whole forest is
your bouquet of flowers.
By Guru’s teaching,
the divine light manifests.
Whatever pleases Him,
that is His real worship.
I yearn for your lotus feet,
night and day,
My soul is bewitched by the
honey of the lotus feet of God and..
..night and day I am thirsty for them.Bless Nanak, the pied – cuckoo....with the nectar of your mercy.Your name, O’ Lord.Your name, O’ Lord.Your name, O’ Lord.Your name, O’ Lord.Your name, O’ Lord.Your name, O’ Lord.Nanak ji,
we have been travelling for years. We came across people
from different cultures, they all heard your message, appreciated, accompanied us for
a distance and then returned. But no one travels along, Nanak ji? They carry back the
message of ‘One God’. That’s what’s needed, Mardana ji. I too feel like going home Nanak ji. I miss my children, a lot. Can you point out the direction
in which Talwandi lies? Oh, of course! So you are testing me, Nanak ji? I will tell you the direction of Punjab. I knew you would test me. Nanak ji, I will tell you. See.. where’s the sun right now? The sun is overhead right now. By evening it will reach there. And that is where Punjab is, Nanak ji. Come then,
let’s go to your home, Mardana ji. Look there. Mardana ji is coming
back after so many years. Are you Mardana? Yes son. We’ve heard numerous stories of you. Where all did you travel? Almost half of India, Delhi, Haridwar, Banaras Bodh Gaya, Kamrup (Assam) and far east of India. Dani? – Coming. Maulvi sahab, As-Salaam-Alaikum. For so long you’ve been staring at him. But when you have to talk to him, you fall short of words. Now I understand the
sound of his silence. Then go and tell him so. Nanki? She didn’t even look at us. Ah, Jairam! Nanak, my beloved brother! Dear sister! I had an intuition you were coming back. You are always with me. Whenever you will remember me,
I will be beside you. These eyes that are
moist with boundless happiness, have longed for one such elusive tear. Dear Mother! You should visit Pakhoke village. And meet your family. Sulakhani has gone with
children to visit her parents. You both have become quite old now. But you shall remain ‘immortal’ Nanak. In my courtyard, in my very arms, God’s own form played.. and I remained unaware! It is my biggest regret,
son, that due to my ignorance.. I could not understand you. And instead, wasted time
in checking your pulse and fever. And after some time, in Sultanpur when Bebe Nanki
placed her head on her brother’s lap.. and gazed up at him one last time, then Nanki’s face
lit with heavenly glow. She was Baba’s first disciple. Son, come here to your grandfather. You have changed so much. You could never suppress hunger. I still can’t, but am learning to control. People were talking at the market place, that you have begun talking like Nanak. No son, I’m an illiterate. You’re no longer an illiterate, dear. In fact, you have even
started resembling Nanak now. We continued our journey. But on learning about the poor health of
Rai Bular ji, we returned to Talwandi, to honour the pious,
inexpressible relationship.. between Nanak ji and Bular sahab. Nanak ji, these are official
papers of Rai Bular’s properties. He has bequeathed his entire property
and the village Talwandi in your name. After Sikander Lodhi’s demise, the Afghans have turned rebellious
against the Delhi sultanate. Pathans came with a message seeking… alliance from the
respective village chiefs. You propagate the message of peace and equality across India and Talwandi. Therefore, please accept this
as a small token of my contribution.. to your noble efforts. It’s surprising Nanak, that a man’s wishes can be fulfilled, if he earnestly desires so! How are you feeling now? Now that I have seen you, I am better. Have witnessed many
a sunshine and shades. There’s nothing left to see now. Think of The Lord, Almighty. You are a pure soul with virtuous mind. You will depart this world smilingly. Your Lordship…in Pakhoke, after so many years? I am privileged to be
in your gracious presence! I’m Chaudhari Ajeeta, Chief of Pakhoke village. Nanak ji has come
here to meet his family. Yes, sure. You both rush back immediately, convey to Moolchand ji’s family, Guru Nanak ji has arrived. Guru Please come, Guru ji. Come. Guru Nanak! Thank you. Dhan Guru Nanak. Salaam. How have you been? Time has gone by. Work honestly, remember the Lord and share with the needy. Can you give us shelter for the night? Where are we resting tonight, Nanak ji? In his hut. Wouldn’t he be troubled? No! Till date I have
not seen a human face. Even the animals keep away from me. But this happened with us too. Even with you? The villagers threatened us,
swearing to harm us.. if we entered their village. Why? Because Guru Nanak was
born in a high caste family. And it is unacceptable
to the high caste Hindus nearby, that Nanak ji considers
every one as equal. I understand neither
religion nor equality. It is for the humans to appreciate. I’m not even treated
as a human being anymore. For me, nothing matters anymore. You are a better person now. When I was a normal person, I wasn’t a good human being. Give up you mustn’t, for your soul is strong. You’ve been blessed with karma now, go and perform your duty. In Tibet, after meeting the Bodh Guru, we proceeded towards the mountains. This was the place where only
a few fortunate ones could reach, those who had the
endurance to face storms. Despite an ageing body,
my soul was getting younger. Where have you come from? Sir, from India. What’s the situation in India? It’s the same, I assume,
as it was when you left. First the Turks were ruling, now it’s the Pathans. I arrived 200 hundred years ago. He came later. Only a pure, enlightened soul can traverse this far. What brings you here? Guru Nanak says,
wherever there is human race, we should visit there
to spread the message. Come! Stay with us, dress like us. Give up your robes, you will find a lot of
peace and tranquility here. Sir, I believe in ‘Oneness of God’, while performing my
karma as a householder. Do us a favor. Down below,
there’s a pure water reservoir. Please fetch us that water,
we have run out of water here. Sir, as you command. Not you. Send your companion.
He is a good soul and a fine Muslim. We need to discuss the
earth and the cosmos with you. In the Himalayan caves
many saints lived… who, by the use of black magic
enslaved birds, animals and humans. By using their own style and dialect,
Baba taught them.. ..that true path to the Lord’s abode
was far away from the black magic route. Here’s water! What are your directives for us,
Guru ji? If you wish to seek The Lord,
you will have to let go off your ego. After admiring the scenic
beauty of the majestic valleys, we proceeded onto a track
that was known as the ‘Silk Route’. Here we met people from the other side.. ..of the Himalayas, belonging to China. We sat together, partook meals and as
always, remembered The Lord. Please. – Thank you. Do have some dry fruits please. Thank you. Goodbye. Happy journey. Is the route via the
river side dangerous? No, no. Don’t worry. See you. Take care of yourself. You take care of yourself too. Can we request for your help? Yes, sure. Guru ji, we have severe
shortage of water on our land. Even our horses and goats
don’t get sufficient water. Yes, we observed. Water doesn’t flow down, just disappears somewhere at the top. Wali Qandhari lives in the
dilapidated fort on top of the hill.. ..and has taken full
control of the water stream. He stores all the water in
his tank and doesn’t let it flow down. Mardana ji, please go up with all these people
and appeal to him to release the water. Please give me a hand. You look like a stranger, that’s why you are unaware of
the customs and practices of this area. This place belongs
to me and my followers. Didn’t they tell you? You have stopped the water
stream from flowing freely. People down there long for this water. So…what should I do? The villagers will bless you. I don’t need anyone’s blessings. This water is my and
my followers’ property. Go, tell your Guru, that he himself should
arrange for water for the people. Go! Guru ji, he is an arrogant beast. Once upon a time,
Allah had bestowed prosperity. But ever since this crazy,
nomad has begun practicing black magic, the whole place has turned into ruins. Mardana ji, please trek up once more, and plead to him with folded hands that water is gift of nature
and any one person cannot own it. Okay. If you ever step foot in my fort again, you will never be able to return. Here, my writ runs. You won’t be able to return. Go! This arrogance,
this lust for wealth and power.. are all temporary, like tenants, will come and go. God be with you. Come, let’s pray
together to the Almighty. Thank you, O Lord! Throw this stone down. He has dried up my water well. Now let me see if he
can challenge my power. What are you staring at? Throw! Nanak ji, beware!
A rock is falling from the top.. Allah!Allah is the un-writable, endless,Sir.. Sir..Creator, the doer, mercifulMaster, sorry to disturb,
but someone is singing upstairs. What? Yes please.All the world comes, and goesWas it important to disturb my sleep? Sorry sir.The Lord is the un-writable, endless,Creator, the doer, merciful.Call permanent only the One,Who does not have destiny
inscribed upon His forehead.
The sky and the earth shall pass away;He alone is permanent.The day and the sun shall pass away;
The night and the moon shall pass away;
The hundreds of thousands
of stars shall disappear.
He alone is permanent..He alone is permanent..Nanak speaks the truth,The Lord is the un-writable, endless,Creator, the doer, merciful..Excellent! Any raga sung in praise of the Lord,
can never be wrong. Thank you. Where are you coming from? From Mecca. Oh! Where are you from? India. Which part of India? Punjab. Are you aware sir,
Punjab is very beautiful. It’s spread like a
massive piece of bread. It has five rivers. Numerous foreigners
keep visiting Punjab. What’s your name? Mardana. Mardana, another foreigner will come. The prince of Farghana, has already left for India. He’ll pass through Punjab,
and shall unleash.. ..unimaginable butchery in wake.. ..that will change everything. What’s his name? Zahir-ud-din-Babur. When the Arab mentioned
about the attackers, I recalled the prophecy
made by Baba Nanak. He had said that the soil
of India would undergo turmoil, that will cause shock and surprise. Sitting by myself, I began pondering
over the words of Baba. “Has that time arrived?” Mardana ji.. Namaste. Namaste. I never imagined that
I will meet you again. We were destined to meet again,
brother Lalo, how are you? I am ok. Is everything alright in the village? what should I say? Ever since the Pathans
have arrived here, we have run into serious problems. They say that they are
fed up of the Delhi sultanate. And they need the help
of our village chief, to fight. Please go and settle
with all the villagers, in the cave by the stream,
and remember the Lord Almighty.As the word of the
forgiving Lord comes to me,
As the word of the
forgiving Lord comes to me,
so do I express it, O Lalo.Bringing the marriage party of sin,Babur has invaded from Kabul,demanding our land as
his wedding gift, O Lalo.
Modesty and righteousness
both have vanished,
and falsehood struts
around like a leader, O Lalo.
The Qazis and Brahmins
have lost their roles,
and satan now conducts
the marriage rites, O Lalo.
The Muslim women read the Quran,and in their misery,
they call upon the God, O Lalo.
The Hindu women of high social status,
and others of lowly status as well,
are put into the same category, O Lalo.The wedding song of the murders
are sung, says Nanak,
and blood is sprinkled
instead of saffron, O Lalo.
Nanak sings the glorious praises of the
Lord in the city of corpses,
and voices this account.The one who created,
and attached the mortals to pleasures,
sits alone, and watches this.The Lord is true,
and true is his justice.
His issue, His command
according to His judgment.
The body-fabric will
be torn apart into shreds,
and then India will rememberComing in seventy-eight (1521 A.D.),they will depart in
ninety-seven(1540 A.D.),
Coming in seventy-eight (1521 A.D.),they will depart in
ninety-seven(1540 A.D.),
and again another of
his disciples will rise.
Nanak speaks the word of truth;He proclaims the truth at this,
the right time.
As the word of the
forgiving Lord comes to me,
so do I express it, O Lalo.The messenger has come with
news that Daulat Khan has died. He further stated that Babur has a
weapon, which they call ‘Cannon’. They mount it upon horse carts, and from one end, in a long, thick tube, a solid ball of inflammable
material is inserted, and from the other end, it is ignited. That tube throws a ball of fire,
which travels a long distance. Whoever is in possession
of such a fire spitting weapon, doesn’t need a large army. And the other Nobel’s of the Sultanate? Chiefs of other territories
have also joined hands with Babur. We might not be in
possession of fire balls, but we will have to protect our Saidpur. We are ready. My King, the cannons have arrived. Hurry! Ring the alarm gong!
Ring the alarm gong! Rush! Get inside. Everyone be silent. Don’t speak!Having attacked Khurasan,Babur terrified IndiaHaving attacked Khurasan,Babur terrified IndiaHaving attacked Khurasan,Babur terrified IndiaThe Creator Himself
does not take the blame,
but has sent the Mughal
as the messenger of death
but has sent the Mughal
as the messenger of death
There was so much slaughter
that the people screamed
There was so much slaughter
that the people screamed
Didn’t You feel the pain, O Lord?“Please go and settle” “with all the villagers,” “in the cave by the stream,” “and remember the Lord Almighty.”Babur terrified IndiaO Creator Lord,
You are the Master of all
You are the Master of allYou are the Master of allIf some powerful man strikes
out against another powerful man,
then no one feels any griefIf a powerful tiger attacks
a flock of sheep and kills them,
then its master must answer for itIf a powerful tiger attacks
a flock of sheep and kills them,
then its master must answer for itThis priceless country has
been laid waste and defiled by dogs,
and no one pays any
attention to the dead
You Yourself unite,
and You Yourself separate;
I gaze upon Your glorious greatnessOne may give himself a great name, and
revel in the pleasures of the mind,
but in the Eyes of
The Lord and The Master
he is just a worm,
for all the corn that he eats
Only one who dies to his ego while
yet alive, obtains the blessings,
O Nanak, by chanting the Lord’s NameO Nanak, by chanting the Lord’s NameDidn’t You feel the pain, O Lord?Didn’t You feel the pain, O Lord?I had never witnessed such
a brutal act of genocide before. With a shaken, trembling voice,
the words poured out, why have the innocent been butchered,
why Nanak ji? Drunk with brute power,
the arrogant rulers forget their duty. Unfortunately, the poor,
innocent masses will have to suffer. This is the unending universes’,
never-changing law. This was Baba’s reply. Suffering from the terror by
the Turks and the Moguls over India… Baba Nanak’s love,
affection and community service.. ..acted like a healing balm. Converting a barren land
into fertile soil by the river side, Hindus-Muslims, people from all castes, ate together and started the
tradition of ‘Community Kitchen’. On the rapidly rising violence
and cruelity against women… Baba preached about their.. ..high stature, dignity and respect. We are born of woman, Of woman conceived, Engaged to woman, married to woman. We befriend woman The civilization is continued by woman When woman dies, we seek a woman. It is by woman that order is maintained. Then why do we call her evil From whom Kings are born? A woman is born from woman and without woman none should exist. Says Nanak,
if there is anyone beyond woman It is the Eternal Lord. It is the Eternal Lord. Come Mardana ji. Ik Onkar. There is but One God.

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