Nani Gentleman Movie Theatrical Trailer | Nani | Surabhi | Nivetha Thomas | Gentleman Trailer

Tell me..tell me! What can I say if you ask suddenly? If we say to go somewhere and understand
each other, will the public accept it? Are you ready? I wanna follow follow follow follow you… Movies have spoilt Cool breeze is very naughty.. It is tickling me..
– This will be like hugging you, right? Go! Fog is most admirable.. Creating a screen in between… When would we get to see love stories
without violence, right? I did not know that you have
this angle too. Adventure time! I should marry you. Aishwarya! Should kill wisely… As far as I know, there is only one enemy. There is no chance of the crime
to fall out. I know as a mother about that hell I am so angry that I want to cut him
in to pieces if I find him. You cannot escape. Fasten your seat belts.


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