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TV: The truth TV: I said I want the truth I said I want the truth TV: She is my sister and my daughter. This way… I need to write it this way… No… I need to write the same thing.. If he has written 28 revenge novels, imagine the kind of revenge
running through his thoughts. “Rasidhu ni champu” It’s a very nice book… but I still can’t figure out who “Rasidhu”
is though I’ve read the complete book. Granny… “Rasidhu”
is the literal translation of bill.. it’s a movie called “Kill
Bill”… this guy is a fraud.. This is how a writer’s world is…
It’s filled completely with books… the words are our food
when we are hungry and books are our
blankets when we are cold… A famous writer helps them to take their
revenge… buddy, this is the story. The protagonist in my books
gathers an evidence board like this and within a couple of
minutes he finds a clue… I’ve been thinking for two days…
instead of a clue I got a headache. What’s your plan? The most powerful weapon in the world
which can trap even the most formidable men, is a girl. I will go… I will go… For the first time ever in your
life this is an original story. You know,
this might happen exactly in the same way. Yeah… It’s happening exactly
the way you are typing. He is the sixth person that
we have been searching for. Five women and a
guy along with them. Get ready for the war,
I will blow the conch shell. NANI’s GANG LEADER
Hey! I am still in the thriller genre… let’s start before I get into a psycho killer genre. NANI’s GANG LEADER


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