Nannaku Prematho Theatrical Trailer | Jr. NTR | Rakul Preeet Singh | DSP | Sukumar

Hunger, S*x, Sleep … These 3 are common Between Animals & Humans But the thing that separates us from them is, Emotion So, now my Emotions are Zero… Zero Emotions, Zero Enemies. Dad, the emotion which always follows me through. The only person I’ve seen to face any emotion, with a smile, was my father. (Dad to Son about Villain ) He’s the symbol to achieving success in life only by way of doing Frauds. I have never lost a game… I have never played a losing game. In this Nature surrounding us, the moment which happens elsewhere, decides the fate of the another moment elsewhere. Everything is Interlinked. Sorry, Mr. Krishna murthy. I haven’t done this out of anger towards you, but only towards Love for My Dad !


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