Naruto Stage production – Classroom scene

Why are you here? Today’s explanatory meeting is only for those who graduated. So troublesome. Hey Can you not see this forehead protector? Starting today, i’m also a ninja. Naruto was able to graduate. Ahh… Hah… GOAL!! I win again, Sakura. What are you talking about?! My toe entered the classroom before yours by a centimeter That’s not true! It’s Sakura! You forehead girl. Sakura’s looking at me. Sakura.. Good morning. Get out of my way! Good morning Sasuke. SHAANAROO! This guy… he was the most popular in our class. What do you want? What do you mean, what do I want? You’re useless NARUTOOO…! You’re annoying. Sasuke, can I sit with you? Wait a sec! The one sitting next to Sasuke is me. First come, first serve. I came into the classroom before you! No, I did! Please, be quiet! Everyone sit down. Starting today, you are all officially ninjas, but… You are all still lower class ninjas. It’s going to get harder from here on out. You all will be in a group of three and each team will have a teacher. You will follow that teacher’s instructions as you complete the assigned missions. A group of three..? I wonder who’s going to be in Sasuke’s team. I don’t know. Damn it, i’m the one who’s going to team up with him, of course! A group of three? That’s only going to burden me. First, Sakura and then the other will be… Anyone else is okay as long as it isn’t Sasuke. We’ve arranged the groups such that overall abilities are equivalent. It’s already set. What..?! I will now announce them. 1st group. Next, 7th group. Uzumaki Naruto, Haruno Sakura… ALRIGHT! I’m with Naruto…!? And, Uchiha Sasuke. ALRIGHT! I’m with Sasuke..? So, i’m in a different group than Naruto… Next, 8th group. Hyuuga Hinata. Inuzuka Kiba Aburame Shino That can’t be helped. Why do you get to be with him..? Alright! Love prevails! Why do girls like such a guy anyways? Girls are so troublesome. Don’t you even know that, Shikamaru? I’m not a girl. That’s why you’re not popular. I wouldn’t want to team up with a guy like you. 10th group. Yamanaka Ino Nara Shikamaru Looks like you have to team up with me. Last but not least. Akimichi Chouji And a fatty…? I’m not fat! I’m just big-boned! This is worse. That’s it for groups! Iruka-sensei! Why is a top student like me in a group with this guy?! Sasuke graduated with the highest scores. Naruto, you had the worst scores. This happened because we wanted to evenly divide abilities between the groups. Don’t pull my leg, blockhead. What did you say!? Stop it already, Naruto! So, I’m going to call the teachers that will teach you. Class adjourned until then. Iruka-sensei! I want a group with a strong member. Sensei..! Naruto’s so annoying, right?! It’s probably because he’s had such an irregular childhood.


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