Natalia Kaliada – Theatre of Resistance

hello everyone I have one question do you know where Belarus is located just raise your hands pretty good impressed really always when we come to speak to any other conferences nobody knows and we say this is the first stop to Mars and so do you know where Russia is located great so Russia is located between Belarus in China just for you to fix it geography do you know the picture I believe so as well I believe you would think that I’m completely insane it’s Belarus and it was a God bless america and you would think what is the connection between all of it so the first picture was done by Marc Chagall and he was born in Vitebsk and he draw his pictures till the end of his life about Vitebsk the famous world famous Kirk Douglas Spartacus his parents were from Belarus as well and even Berlin who wrote god Bless America is from Belarus as well I’m from Belarus as well when I was 16 years old I wanted to become an actress but because my dad was the vice president of the Academy of Arts I was told that it’s not possible and children of top officials are not admitted to it and my other brother Yuri told me listen become a diplomat it’s kind of the same stuff as an actress but you would speak English so here I am today and reading papers instead of acting and later my father was dismissed from Academy of Arts because he was told that his children are disgrace for the country and he is disgraceful the Academy of Arts lady he was beaten up and luckily survived now he teach our students underground in Belarus on the 31st of December 2010 my dad was staying across route and waving to me the way it would not attract attention to me I was sitting in a car crying and thinking that it could be the last time when I see him in my life we were on the road for two and a half years apartments of my parents and my husband parents were numerously raided a neighbor’s I instructed to report if they see us were called Public Enemies by the official TV and all of it is nothing in comparison to what happens to those people who were and are in jails all over Belarus or under house arrest but in between 30th of March 2005 and now we do theater just theater with great actors funky managers and unique director we gathered together in order to make the theater and say whatever we think wherever and whenever we want and to whom we want by means of odds we wanted our spectators to think and this is the most scary part for any dictatorship when people start thinking as a result of our artistic work the company experienced all possible types of repressions from dismissal from their job to arrest of the whole group together with all spectators but today I’m here not at the theatre maker the received critics to review what we do today I’m here on as a human being to talk about those people who are in jails in Belarus I’m here today to talk about on behalf of my friends people with who I worked and who I even never met in my life but all of them I either not rehabilitated after released from jails or still in jails all over the country midnight the 19th of December 2010 a 12 year old girl was walking down the main avenue of the city together with her father back home streets were empty there were no people there were a lot of snow and a big Christmas tree with many lights on it was 5 days before the Christmas and two weeks before the new year the girl said to her that I have a feeling that there will be no new year a family dinner this time it was a day of presidential elections when people went through a peaceful rally and there was feeling that this new new year would be the best one for the last 16 years but snow absorbed a lot of blood they were people boots and shoes all of the main square there were no people in the streets they were severely injured beaten up humiliated arrested thrown to jails there was no new year family dear dinner because it was Minsk Capital Belarus the country that is located in the center of Europe and ruled by the last dictator for more than 19 years who went with the crackdown against its own people it was my daughter who walked that street now Lukashenko wants to repeat what he did in 99 he wants to remove all leaders of Belarus but using new methods as he said at his press conference right after the crackdown on the 20th December he will not make presents to the opposition as disappearances that should have been the moment when the world stops talking to the last dictator of Europe this is the person who kidnaps kills people put innocent people in jail and use them for blackmail sales open arms to Syria and Iran well should call such a person as a terrorist and place him on a most-wanted list generally such people put on trial but somehow the world doesn’t apply to Lukashenko Belarus was one of the main five countries that traded arms it’s necessary to understand that last dictatorship in Europe put in danger the whole world not only its own people nevertheless the West continued to engage this monster human rights and democracy took second place place – geopolitical interest and business profits and historical fears of Russia it was a strategic mistake for Europeans to count on Russia and hope that this country that never cared about any human lives such as Sergei Magnitsky girls from Riot hadar Coast Politkovskaya St Mirren would start to care about human rights and Belarus Russia has signed an agreement with Belarus on building nuclear plant practically the same day after tragedy in Japan Lukashenko played EU with his fake pre-election liberalisation in EU ate it up why did the Europeans buy it because they liked this idea of zone of stability there are 10 million hostages of European hypocrisy zone of stability for European Union and Russia which prepared to have a buffer zone and build relation on realpolitik zone of stability that became zone of silence people are silent by sophisticated repressive regime of the last dictator of Europe whose friends are and you know many of them the world leaders need to put ultimate request Belarusian government that will political prisoners should be released immediately without any preliminary negotiations and complete rehabilitations and please do not think whether it would get worse to people of Belarus lives of Belarusian could get worse only because of world community indifference and irresponsible politics towards existence of dictatorship in centre of Europe by if any way politicians do their jobs and think only based on their interest they have done only one major geopolitical challenge if there is no dictatorship in Belarus it would be for the first time for world history when European continent would be free from dictators and it would be possible to talk next time that we talk about Belarus as the youngest democracy in Europe if Europeans can’t solve a problem at their doorstep how they Association would talk about human rights and common values could be taken seriously anywhere in the world the US and EU need to extend targeted sanctions to cover all individuals and enterprises that are connected to presidential administration to fund Belarusian own KGB by the way it’s still KGB Belarus is not sexy sexy countries have oil and gas and coasts and mountains Belarus is only European country with no cost and mountains Belarus is flat nobody fancies billar is not even the closest neighbors even with assume that parts of could be beautiful is that definitely not sexy the closest thing to see is the man-made reservoir near minsk we’ll get to sky results they had to dig into the ground so slopes were big enough the highest point in minsk is 300 meters the only way the country can get attention is to get its kid off in front of the whole world I suppose another idea would be to have a massacre or two can ruin the Syria Iraq Lybia Tibet in attraction it attracts attention when a man kills his kids by slicing them up roast the pieces and force his wife to eat them just after she’s given birth as it was in Rwanda and when she refused he burst her cesarean scar open dumps the pieces of his kids back into her womb and suits up again is it this is what the world waiting for I think so but which one the tortoise is that even if that happens the world takes at least three months to react and stop the violence it’s much easier to watch it like a thrill one that might have an exciting unpredictable ending and then after that sitting in front of the TV with a scotch one European politicians tend to nod and says well it’s happened again time to do something then they go to UN Security Council and they vote to revive the country like they were given a teenage girl the kiss of life to help her recover so they can get a gratitude part of her character or something she has so do this because they’ve been dead themselves for years and they need to pure flesh like an oxygen mask and give them a new lease of life for a while the only resource Belarus has it’s people but people are unpopular commodity unattractive if you put them in a cage people kill each other they created an idea of sexual violence the ones who hold society power crush the weak and defenseless ones and dogmas thousand opposed stanzas growling growling screaming banging they stick on their shields black leather gloves with metal plates in them boots laced how I patent leather helmets jumping on a body to hit crunch splitting skulls like water melons and then they print you a little roll a dip slowly into black ink and they roll up their sleeve if they’re getting ready do not just your fingers but all of you taking each other finger in turn taking a tiny area of your phone onto your palms pressing your fingers down with their two sweaty hands it’s enough to make you non-stop jerk after that you can’t wash it off you are properly printed then the girl grows up her body will get wise and realized that you don’t sell just beautiful breasts long legs plump red lips insecure cells your creativity when you know how to do something that others can’t if she get used to violence a sudden majestic southern masochistic sophisticated will be born that make world tremble he had the whip crack and start to understand the girl she’s grown up when appropriate word and polite words exhausted itself and when we talk to politicians you start to use in other words it’s real human body sculpture with words realpolitik it was started in order to say to all politicians who forget when it was minus 30 people from KGB cells and Belarus were taken naked strips stretched tortured Belarus is the only country in Europe where death penalty has not been a bonded as you could see I’m not traveling alone I’m trailing with this suit I was given this suit by mother over one guy Vladislav Cavanaugh who was executed last year even United Nations Human Rights Committee made the decision that the capital punishment violated the fundamental human right to life the only thing that is this costume she calls a wedding costume unfortunately this guy would never get married what mother asked she wants his body back in Belarus bodies are not released back to film two families after executions how many suits I would need to carry around the world in order to stop what is happening in Belarus I would wait for the moment when we will start rehearse again came to see how our new piece is created and how the public responds but today it’s clear that it’s not enough just to be a theatre makers today is more than enough to be just humans and with our joint efforts we could try to give back a value just to one human back life it was him and it’s mom today I’d like to draw attention to the cases of scimitar – cabbage Michael idea doc pol subordinates mikalai are to have each vassal parfait on cough Alexander France cabbage I’m speaking on behalf of Ali Spaniard Sookie who was arrested two years ago in bellos and remains under severe psychological and physical torture and unbearable prison conditions she used her rightful freedom of assembly to participate in a peaceful rally against the falsification of presidential elections in Belarus that day nearly 1000 people were arrested since then the spiral of repression has only got worse Amnesty International has stated that both of them are prisoners of conscience in prison solely for peaceful protest today are written with British national appeal to David Cameron I appeal to David Cameron I appeal to David Cameron I appeal to David Cameron I appeal to David Cameron I appeal to David Cameron the prime minister of my country to disturb the sleep of conscience and urge Alexander Lukashenko Europe’s last dictator to end the torture of his own people and release all political prisoners by the new year today I appeal to all of you Natalia colada to put all your pressure on all your governments to make possible that all political prisoners would be released and rehabilitated so it would be real people giving back to their families before they become dead bodies thank you you

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