Natalie Gavin on her love for costume dramas following her role as Alice in BBC’s Gentleman Jack

We can’t obviously do an interview with you without asking about Gentleman Jack that you were in. Could you just tell us a little bit
about what it was like? Was there a buzz about the set? Oh god yes, especially a period drama. Oh wow! Because it’s so real, everything’s so real. Everywhere you look is,
is the world. It’s all done for you. There’s no imagination
needed, you know? I mean, obviously there is
to a certain degree because I’m not that
character, in that time. I’m not that actual person. But it’s as close as it’ll
ever get, you know? Working with the things, the props,
the costumes, the smells of everything, their locations. Was it all on location at Shibden Hall? Yeah, yeah, yeah. And actually, Yorkshire is like…historic! Literally…we did the first scene where my little boy falls off the cart. They didn’t have to do anything,
it’s all still cobbled streets, you know, in cobbled little
walkways and man, that’s just stunning! And they filmed here as well,
didn’t they in Huddersfield? Yes, they filmed at the theatre
didn’t they? It was a bank, but with
a completely different backdrop. Yeah! I was like ooh! Yeah, I mean that’s a buzz in itself. It’s like you’ve gone back in time, you
know? Who wouldn’t want to do that? And allow yourself to believe it? For
people to allow them, you know? Everybody is in that, that bubble,
that world that’s being created. There is no buzz like it in my opinion. I love a costume drama. Do you prefer TV or theatre work? I think, it’s got to be
screen work for me, for that reason. Because with theatre,
you can only imagine that it’s so much. It can only ever be… …you’ll never get that full experience. I mean, you can. You are
allowed, especially working in Traverse. I was constantly looking
out to the audience but I were looking at a
bookshelf. Do you know what I mean? Or I were looking at posters in
Sharon’s bedroom. So you can allow yourself
to internally imagine it, for sure! And that’s a buzz in itself. That people can see you see something
that’s not there. That’s pretty cool, don’t get me wrong? But, having it there,
that you can touch and that you can see
and that you can smell, and that you can enjoy, whatever it is. I think it’s got to top it, in my eyes. And the subtlety, I think, of what can be achieved
on screen is…champion. Would you ever think of
or consider directing? Do you know what? I would love to. I really would. Yeah. Yes I would. I teach so I direct my students and when they get it, when they get what it is,
that you’re trying to achieve. Oh that’s a buzz! I love it. Absolutely love it. So, yes I would! ♪ Music ♪

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