National Theatre Live: A Midsummer Night’s Dream | Clip – The Mechanicals

Doth the moon shine
that night we play our play?— A calendar. Calendar.
— Calendar?
— A calendar.
— Oh, calendar!
ALL: A calendar! A calendar! A calendar.Do you have a calendar?Do you have a calendar?
Ah, yes! Yes! I’ve got one, got one.
Got one, got one, got one.(AUDIENCE LAUGHING)Unlock your calendar, I beseech you!(LAUGHTER) (APPLAUSE)Look in the almanac. Find out moonshine.
Find out moonshine.
(GASPS)(LAUGHTER)(LAUGHS)24th June. 24th June.Yes! The moon doth shine that night!Yes! Why, then, may you leave
the casement on…
(LAUGHS)May you leave the casement
of the great chamber window open
and the moon may shine in at the casement.Ay, or else one must come in
with a bush of thorns and a lantern and say he comes to disfigure
or to present the person of Moonshine.— For this, your leave, much thanks.
— Bottom!
— Portrait.
— Oh, yeah.

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