National Theatre Live | All About…All About Eve

I play Margo Channing, an actress,
the queen of the theatre world.That success has become
comfortable, somehow —
and not in a good way.My character, Bill, wants more of Margo, as a real person,
and less of Margo, the actress.I play Eve Harrington,this sort of doting fan
that hangs out at stage door
and slowly infiltrates herself
into Margo’s life
so that she becomes indispensable.I think I’m the first person
to see that her sweetness is not real, and she’s dangerous!She comes into this family
and reinvigorates them.
She’s almost a ripple effect
through the other characters.But that love so quickly turns to this
sort of wanting to, literally, be Margo.
Not only might Eve be making the moves
on her boyfriend, but, potentially, also on her career.

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