National Theatre Live: All My Sons | Introducing the play

All My Sons takes place over a day and an evening in the backyard of the Kellers’ house. NEW SPEAKER: They are

much loved in the community. They’re kind of the perfect family. NEW SPEAKER: One of

the sons came back from the war. The other one is missing, presumed dead. It was based on a true story that Arthur Miller read in a newspaper, which was about faulty aircraft parts that caused some planes to crash

during the Second World War. There’s a reunion

with their former neighbours. BESSIE: Quite a large lie unfolds over the course of the play. I think Miller was concerned with the social damage that capitalism can do. The American Dream comes at a price. What you do to protect your loved ones and protect yourself. How that can cloud your vision

into making decisions that aren’t necessarily morally right. KAYLA: I think it’s about love, and I think that it’s about secrets.

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