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New spring season…
new spring season… Hyderabad city… A city that changes the fate of
people coming to seek refuge in it. Millions of young men come here
in search of future, with dreams, with imaginations,
and with great ambitions. Every one wishes to win in life.
But only few manage to win. How many had won is a secret
which only the seeker knows. But the number of seekers
never dwindles, they keep coming, one such youth seeking
success is Ganesh. He has come in search of his life
with a heart filled with love. Sir, please guide me
to this address. Excuse me sir, can you tell me
if l’m at right address? Yes, but what’s the matter? My name is Ganesh,
native of Ramapuram, l came to meet my maternal uncle.
– Are you boss’ nephew? Yes sir. You came at wrong time. Nobody is at home,
they have all gone to Tirupathi. They’ll be here by morning,
come back tomorrow. What son? Nothing sir. l don’t know anyone here
other than my uncle, l don’t have money too. l’ll stay somewhere here
till my uncle comes. Okay. This is gross injustice sister, if you transfer your entire
property to my name, what will your son have in future? Did you give a thought about it? Why do you speak like a stranger? Are you any different from my son? lf you succeed in life,
won’t you take care of my son? Then, send your son with me, l’ll educate him well and make
him an engineer or a doctor. First succeed in business
with this money, after that your will and wish. But never forget that your daughter should
become my daughter-in-law. Why are you insisting it sister? My daughter will become
your daughter-in-law, even if you don’t accept her,
l’ll not agree to it. What are you thinking son? Nothing sir. My mother wished for
my uncle’s success, Uncle has succeeded in life
as my mother had wished. But my mother is no more to see it. Who is this girl? This is Ammu. Ammu?
– Yes, uncle’s daughter. Junior madam? l’ve treasured all this
as her memorabilia. lf l show it to her,
how happy she’ll be. How is Ammu now?
ls she as tall as me? lsn’t she fairer than me? She’s a golden doll!
– Even if not, l’ll marry Ammu only. l’ve been observing you,
thinking about madam only, don’t you ever think of yourself? You haven’t eaten anything till now,
come, let’s have food. Come. l saw…l saw… l saw you in the moonlight… l saw…l saw…and
became your devotee… l saw…l saw… l saw happiness in
the mischievous age… l saw…l saw…
l hid it in my heart… Amidst billions of stars,
you’re my moon… Among millions of women,
Ammu, you’re my only love… Saw…? What did he see? Duet in dream? l saw…l saw…the heart that
wishes to be with you… l saw my shadow going
to be with you… l saw a beautiful world
without a third person… l saw your love too
not just you and me… l saw myself as a new man
when you become a part of me… l saw myriad of colours in the
bashfulness of a butterfly… l saw and felt romance
in the breezing winds… l saw a blooming beauty in
the gushing waterfalls… l saw rhythm in the breath… l saw you as a rain drop
in the gentle rain… Oh God! l think boss has returned. l missed her. Sir… Any post for me? No post sir but your nephew has come. Nephew?
– Yes sir. Where is he?
– He’s sleeping inside. ln your place?
– Yes sir. Uncle is coming,
let me act like l’m in sleep. Let me see his reaction. Who is he?
– Parvathi’s son. Parvathi’s son? l was worried about a good gardener. Now, l’ve got one
who’ll work for free. Don’t talk silly, who are you
planning to make a gardener? His sudden arrival is with the
intention of marrying our daughter. Our daughter doesn’t even
know his existence. lf he meets her and
introduces himself as her fiancee? Will you get her married to him? Even if we accept,
would our daughter accept it? He’s no match to our daughter. She’s modern and he’s country. She’s rich and he’s poor. Why are you inviting trouble that
you should drop like hot potato? We must nip it in bud. ldiot! How dare you invite
strangers into the house? l don’t know what you do,
l mustn’t see him by morning. lf he’s here, you’ll not be here. Son… No sir, l came to the wrong address. This isn’t my uncle’s house,
somebody else lives here. Bye sir. Jr. Madam goes to college at 9 am, you can meet her outside
and talk to her once. No please, if she too
despises me like my uncle, l can’t bear it. Uncle rejected me because l’m poor, l’ll earn money,
l’ll raise to his standard, l’ll come back then, and face my Ammu bravely. Till then l’m happy with
the Ammu who lives in my heart. This isn’t a song of dream, my friend… lt’s a word from my heart… There’s a word of advice
in my song… lf you see it,
it’s a heart warming thing… Hey! House owner is coming! Open the door boys! Open the door l say.
Are you in there? We are not in. l’m calling you,
are you in there or not? House owner! l’m Savithri here, all three boys went out early morning,
l saw them going out. Vijay, don’t try to cheat me
by mimicking like Savithri. l’ve come after seeing her
going to the temple, l’m warning you to open the door. You spoiled the show
with your mimicry, go and open the door. He’s very young,
may be gone tired. Anyway you don’t pay the rent, won’t you at least respect the owner? Bloody! How many times
should l knock the door? Sir, this is your house
and your door, knock it as many times
as you like sir. No fool can stop you. Can’t pay the rent but
can unleash barbs at me. l must kick myself for letting
the house to fools like you. You always say it but never do it. l’m shouting at the
top of the voice here, why are you silent like you’re praying
for my soul to rest in peace? Answer me. Who am l to stop if you kick
yourself for your mistake? Kick yourself sir. Stop this nonsense,
a boy l know will come now, he’ll stay with you for few days.
Please adjust. We can’t share room
with strangers. Then, he’ll stay here,
you vacate the place. – lmpossible… Who am l to tell you this? This is your house,
you will and wish, ask him to come. That’s better! You changed perfectly. Do we have any other choice? Are we paying rent properly? May be its like this.
– How? The man who enters
here for few days, he may throw us out and
settle here permanently. Would l accept it? For the loud sound from my mike… You are Raja…
– He’s our Ganesh! Did he tell about you?
– Yes. Come in, let’s go and talk. When did you come to Hyderabad?
– Just now How are people back at home?
– All are fine. What brings you here?
– l came to meet my uncle. Do you’ve an uncle here?
– Yes. Did you meet him? No, l misplaced uncle’s address. l don’t have money too. l was confused. A man left me here to stay for days,
work, earn and go home. l was little jittery to stay with boys, but l’m very happy to see you all. We too. When did you all come to Hyderabad? Why did you come here? lt’s a long tale. You fool! Still in bed at noon also? l don’t know what sins have l
committed to get a son like you. You useless! Where did you go last evening? Didn’t l tell you to come early
to see a marriage proposal? How many times l told you
l’ll not marry now. l must become a great singer,
everything else after that only. Can’t earn a decent living but
dream about living in palace. You must be clapping along
with the crowd, why do you desire to get
applauded for your talent? Till now l fed you like a bull,
it’s useless to feed you anymore. You’ve a home to live
and food to eat, that’s why you’re dreaming
about becoming a singer, people like you will get sense when
you pick and clean leftovers. Decide now, stay here as l wish
or go and beg on streets. You must pay interest
correctly every month. Okay madam.
– Go. Step mother, l had asked money
to pay college fees. Feeding you is burden to me, l may have to steal somewhere
to pay for your college fees. Don’t say like that, my only desire from
childhood is to do lAS, please try to understand me. ls your father here to earn for you? ls your mother here to cook for you? You free loader! Do you want
to become a Collector? Poor brother!
– Yes. Enough of your studies.
Find some work and try to earn. Are you going for a bath son? New shampoo and soap, bath with them and
you’ll become fragrant. Wear new clothes, you’ll shine bright. Your pocket money, enjoy an outing happily.
– Father… But please don’t come back to home. What’s this dad? l’m trying out new mimicry to have
my name entered in world records, why are you asking me
to lift bags in the shop? Record your name? Go to any office and get your
name recorded there. That’s enough! lt’s not just record,
but Guinness record. lt’s a book the records
great achievements. Guinness book! Silly boy! These day dreams ruin lives. Record?
What great record will you create? Decide today, either you come to the shop with me,
or else you’ll leave this home. lf he comes to the shop with me,
serve him food, otherwise feed it to the dog…
feed it to the dog. Who scolded you?
Your parents. Will you leave home for it? Not just parents,
every one made fun of us. How long could we tolerate it? One day a big trouble broke out. lt reached police station too. lnspector refused to leave
unless our parents come there. Even goons’ parents came and
took them home with affection. But do you know
what our parents said? He made me hang my head in shame
boycotting the bride seeing ceremony, l’ll never come the station
for such a son. Very happy to hear it. Please file fake charges on him and
put him in jail for few years, it’ll save food expenses for me. He’s inviting trouble also
apart from being a free loader, you arrested him, right?
You’ve done the right thing. Let him rot there. Every time they chided us,
we thought they didn’t like our ambition, but we came to know that day, in fact they don’t like us at all. We decided then, if we want home,
we’ve to dance to their tunes, if want to achieve our ambition,
we’ve to forget them like they have. That’s okay, do you’ve to
struggle like this for that? Do you feel we are struggling
looking at our room? Bachelors’ rooms are like
this only in Hyderabad. We are very happy here. We’ll hit big time in near future. Do you know the music director
he’s working for? – Who? Great Lahari. Yes, he has only one assistant,
l’m right and left hand. He’s studying in college,
after exams he’ll go for lAS training. Prasad, you’ll not write exams
if you don’t pay fee by month end. Yes, after finishing exams,
l can go to lAS training. Forget about them,
what about you? He’s trying to enter
Guninness record books. l’m really happy, when l heard first about you,
it was sad to hear, but what l heard now is really
encouraging and happy. lt’s time for my college,
l’ll leave now. He too is getting late to studio. You bath and take rest,
we’ll meet in the evening. Okay? Bye. Take the keys, you needn’t go
to village immediately, stay back, take a tour of Hyderabad
and then go, okay? Okay, bye. Bathroom is in downstairs,
go and take bath. Let’s meet in the evening.
– Okay. Go! He really thinks his pant is torn. You’re shameless! l’m feeling sad for lying
to a childhood friend, why are you laughing now? What’s wrong in it? Did you see the glow of happiness
on his face when l lied? He mustn’t know we
are struggling here. He’ll feel very sad
if he comes to know. True. We must play this drama
till he returns to village. Okay? Come… He said he doesn’t have money. We left him alone in the room. How about his lunch? How much you’ve? You…? l don’t have anything. How will you go to the college? l’ll walk to the college. How many times l told you to ask
me money if you don’t have it? Keep this. He’s always hesitant to ask. Okay, you carry on,
l’ll give money to Ganesh. You go to college, l’ve important work,
let’s meet in the evening. What’s that important work? lt’ll not materialize if l tell,
l’ll tell after it succeeds. Come. Sorry pal, you don’t have money,
keep this. No problem.
– Take it. There’s a small mess near by,
eat there today. Okay.
– Okay, bye. Lord, you gave me hope by
showing up friends in distress, you must bless me with success
to stand up to my uncle. Director said camera stops on the mole
at heroine’s navel in the BGM. So l too stopped the music on it. We both had the same thought. Can’t you bend down to
offer the tea, my King? They enter industry to rule over it. Let’s decide after the mole. Mimicry language? l know Manik Basha,
what’s this mimicry language? My name is Vijay,
l’m a good mimicry artiste. l’m Megastar in mimicry. That’s why l got this title.
– Who gave it? Myself! When? Just now! l make people go mad
with my acting. Do it. lf you cut just because it’s a twig,
l’ll cut your throat. This is Chiranjeevi. l’ve come to your house, your hall,
if you’re a man, face me. This is Balakrishna. One shot and top and
bottom will get blown. This is Nagarjuna. How is it sir? The originals are there to do this,
why do l need a fake? Show me your real talent. Tell me your choice sir,
action or comedy? l’m fed up with your comedy,
now some action please. Hey Chieftain!
Change your judgement! l’m here but why are you
facing the other side? l’m facing camera to
deliver the dialogue, only then l’ll get spontaneous
response from audience. l don’t see any. You give me one chance sir,
l’ll make entire Andhra come after me. What if l refuse? l’ll make entire Andhra come after you. Why? To ask why you denied me a chance? Are you threatening me? No sir, over confidence. Seeking film chance has
become a silly thing Okay, show me your talent. Hey Chieftain!
Change your judgement! You cheated public with
your wrong judgements, My name is fire, anyone touching
me will be reduced to ash. Got it? lf l book him as hero, l can make it in
multi languages without dubbing it. Hey Chieftain!
Change your judgement! lf you don’t listen to me, l’ll stab you with sword,
fire with gun, poison you, and hang you to death, you bloody idiot! l’m crying without using glycerin. l think sentiment will also
work out very well. lt has entered 7 centimetres,
how can l not cry? What are you saying? l stabbed the knife into my brief
in an emotional outburst. l need to got to hospital urgently, bye sir.
– Hey return my knife. l can’t take out the knife, l’ll have it couriered after
removing in an operation. Till then keep these glasses with you.
lt’s paining! You were like an ideal couple,
why are you alone here? You too go away. l think he can sing
in high pitch too. l thought of impressing producer
and become a star, but he’s sending me
to the operation theatre. How come you’re stabbed with knives? lt’s for good luck charm,
don’t you know about knife stand? Knife stand? l’ve become a laughing
stock to everyone. Hey Man! Walk cautiously… Neither front nor back…
– Sir.. – What? What should l do if a thing
is displaced from it’s place? You fool! Keep where it was. Keep smiling always… Smile your way to success… Smile is a music that
welcomes every one… Smile is the only costless
way to healthy life… Smile is the key to beauty… When branches smile… Won’t the bamboos spring
to life with music? When rain drops smile… Won’t the sky come
down as a rainbow? Smiles of chalk is the
foundation to education… Smiles of the coal is
shining diamonds… Green fields… Bunds of fields… lts smiles of the mother Earth… These eyes… When it smiles… Won’t it be a visual treat to watch? When smile unites with hands…
Won’t it become a benevolent hand? Smile of heart is the seed of love… Smile of legs will take you
to your destination… lf there’s smile in every cell… Won’t luck get enslaved to us? Hi buddy!
– Hi Oh She devil! Thank God! l escaped. You…?
– You…? How did you come?
– How did you come? l asked you.
– l asked you. She started is early morning.
– She started it early morning. l will…
– l will… O God!
– O God! lt’s strange to find
you both together. Can’t you please tell her Anjali?
l can’t tolerate her. That’s what l was surprised to see
both lndia & Pakistan friendly. So the war is on. Why are you torturing him? The entire college is mad after you. And you chase him with love. He’s my choice. O God! You may not know if l explain you now, you’ll know it when you love someone. Do you think he doesn’t like me? He likes me. But he hides it. Someday he’ll come and
express his love to me. Till then, l’ll not spare him. l’ll keep on torturing him. Thank God, escaped! l escaped this time,
better luck next time. Escaped? l’ll take you to task
in class room. – ln class room? l don’t know what she’s up to.
– Go…go… Get up, you lazy!
– What’s it brother-in-law? Now, few advertisements. This is Anand’s artificial laugh. This is Kunal’s hearty laugh. Laugh….hearty laugh. Laugh….hearty laugh. Now news…read by…
– Hey Mimicry King, come out please. lt’s me, they call me as Mimicry Cuckoo,
Mimicry cyclone, Mimicry Tsunami. lsn’t it? l think my fans,
l’ll meet them and come. l don’t know who it is? Knife stab is till hurting,
don’t know where he’ll stab now. Greetings sir.
What brings you here sir? lf the daily 6 am siren blares at 8 am today,
how am l to wake up? Siren? ls it wake up hymn? Why can’t you blare the siren correctly?
You need ads for it also. You made my brother-in-law swoon
with your toothpaste ad. When will he get up?
Will he get up or not? When you do something, do it correctly.
Are you a man? My foot! Please don’t praise me so much,
l feel shy. Enough of feeling shy, mind your work. Your wife wants my autograph?
Tell her l’ll give it by evening. Okay…okay…just autograph,
it’s routine for me. Fans are growing everywhere. They want my autographs
and photographs. l think the news of my entering
record books has been leaked. Why are you lying to us?
We heard him. Do you need this? l can keep our colony people happy
and it’ll be practice to me also. He didn’t understand that and
went hammer & tongs at me. Okay, leave it,
it’s routine for you. So you take it tomorrow. You never give that chance to me. Leave it. Stop it. l’ll visit a temple and come. Temple? What’s the occasion? Today is my birthday. Birthday? Why didn’t you tell us before? l’ll go. Ganesh’s mother used to invite everyone
for a feast and celebrated grandly Today he’s with us. lf not as big as she did, we must do at least something simple. Let’s take loan for it. Who will loan us money here? lf not in this area, let’s go and
ask in the next area. When people we know
don’t lend us money, how can strangers lend us? We don’t know them
yet we are asking, aren’t we? l don’t know how we do it, but we must
celebrate his birthday grandly. Come. – l’ll get keys.
– Okay, come. Come fast.
– lt’s a duty to wear socks everyday. That’s why l keep in pockets
instead of wearing them. That’s not socks, it’s a brief. These are socks. You mean… You’re right. Saving money on soaps
and detergents. Show me your face once.
– Why? – Just once. Lord, people make many
wishes with you, but l’m asking you
for my Ammu only, Ammu is my life, but when l think she doesn’t
even know my existence, l feel very sad. Anyway Lord, you know when to give
and what’s to be given, all l wish is only one thing, Lord, my Ammu must be happy always, that is enough for me. That’s your responsibility. How are you? Anjali, it’s for you.
– Who is it? Rajesh, l’m very happy
for your wishes. When are you coming to lndia? l want to come immediately,
but my training isn’t over yet, l bought you a birthday gift.
– Gift? What is it? l’ll not tell you, l’ll give it personally
when l come to lndia. Suspense? l’ll wait. Okay! Excuse me…your anklets. Whose birthday is today? They must touch this and give it.
– One minute priest. Please call Anjali. lf l missed it on my birthday,
l would’ve been sad all the year. l got it back as my birthday gift. ls it your birthday today? Happy birthday! Who are you talking to? Come fast. l’m coming father. My father. Bye. Okay! Cut the cake. First to my mother,
shall l offer to God? – Okay. You remember, right?
lt’s birthday cake for him only. For us, it’s breakfast,
lunch and dinner. He shouldn’t know
we haven’t eaten anything, just act to make him believe.
Got me? You don’t worry, let him come,
l’ll shock him. ln the name of shock if you
play the spoilsport, l’ll shock you. What are you murmuring? Nothing, you said suddenly
it was your birthday, we went to the shop
to buy a big cake, they wanted to place order
in advance for big cake, so we got this ready made small cake.
Please don’t mind it. Silly guys! Do you know
how happy l’m today? You’re the guys who celebrated
my birthday after my mother. Come, let’s eat. You say let’s eat but
l see only one packet. Yes, you’re the only one to eat now. What about you guys? We had biryani in a
Vegetarian hotel on the way. l mean we had vegetable biryani
and got you a chicken biryani. lsn’t it? Why a chicken biryani for me
and vegetable biryani for you? Why? Today is no moon day,
we don’t eat non-vegetarian food. lf it’s no moon day for you,
will it be full moon day for me? Why are you lying to me? He threatened to beat me
if l don’t lie. l know everything. You claim me as friend but
treating me like a guest. Nothing like that. What’s it then? You may be happy to sleep hungry
feeding me, how can l be happy? No, we didn’t want to hurt you
with our sad tales. We didn’t want to spoil your birthday. Real mad man!
You’re feeling sad for my feelings, happiness is in it. Happiness doesn’t come from
stomach but from heart. You know how happy l’m now. This happiness can keep me
without food for a month also. Let’s eat together on my birthday. Come…come on pals. Cake… Bring it also. You spread the mat. Take it. Eat. ls it no moon day for
today only or…? For others no moon day comes
once in a month, but it loves us, so it stays with us always. Eat. What’s this strange bond between us? Neither you know nor l know… Look at the situation, fake teeth have tooth paste, powder here for our original teeth. What?
– Look, what’s this? You mean? lt means a singing competition
for budding singers like me. ls it? Aren’t you trying for it? lt’s for rich not for us. We have to pay Rs.10000 as deposit. Rs.10000? Can’t you ask your music director?
Won’t he be happy if you win? How can l ask so much money?
– Why not? You’ve been working for him. Did he ever pay salary to you? Never. You’re asking for a good cause,
he’ll give, go and ask. lf you’re hesitating to ask,
we’ll ask for you. lf you want l’ll also join you. Are you planning to commit
mass suicide or individually? Glad to hear it, turn this side. Turn. Don’t you ever get the idea
of paying the rent. Why are you playing with my life? Actor par excellence!
Stop your histrionics. l need money this month,
l must pay house tax, arrange to pay the rent,
no use to regret later. What’s this? You’ve settled here
like extra baggage. No sir, l’ll leave in few more days. You must go,
l’m unable to bear them. lt stopped. You got me, right? lt stopped again. l must kill the man
who invented telephone. Bloody missed calls.
l’ll switch it off. Hey house owner! Why are you scolding such good boys? They didn’t pay rent for a year,
they’ll pay next year with arrears. My foot! Excuse me house owner. Why? You haven’t paid 3 months rent,
are you supporting them? Did l support them?
l talked just now, my foot! Who talked earlier then?
– That mimicry guy! Till now only my wife beat me,
now house owner too. Shut up! Bloody, get out! ls it your talent? l’ll come in the evening,
if you don’t pay my rent, l’ll show you my mimicry talent. You better leave the place.
– Okay sir. He doesn’t know about you. Forget about me, meet your director and
try to enter the singing competition. Go. – You don’t worry,
we’ll take care of the rent. You go…
– Go fast. Why are you still here?
You’re getting late to college. Come. Don’t fold the leave.
– Why? lf you fold, it’ll tear. lf you keep it as it is,
we’ll clean it and re-use it. What? Will you re-use the same leaf?
How can the poor man eat? Didn’t you eat now? Clean the leaf. What’s this?
– What happened? There’s a fly in the chicken.
Look! Are you a man? You don’t see
a big chicken dead there, but you can see a small fly? Eat! Don’t worry, we’ll not
charge for the fly. Eat. How long will you take to cut leaves?
Do it fast, you fool. Finished sir. Greetings sir. What’s this you’ve come early for lunch? Aren’t your friends coming? No sir, l didn’t come here to dine. Then? Can l get any job in your hotel?
l’m a good cook. l can’t offer job to a guy like you. lf l offer you a job, your friends will follow you, they will eat to their heart’s content, you’ll adjust the bill for a pittance, l’ll lose money and close this shop. l’m not such a guy. l too said the same to my boss, l’m a boss today and
he’s a waiter today. Look there! l don’t want to become
a waiter again, you may go. Please sir…
– Don’t disturb business. Get out! Are you watching a film?
Mind your work. ls it any free kitchen? When is the film shoot? Financier has given Rs.10 lakhs cheque. lf l get another Rs.10 lakhs,
l’ll start the film shoot tomorrow. A man came here for hero’s chance,
may l send him to you? Send him. l don’t mind anyone. l can make him a hero easily. But don’t forget Rs.10 lakhs. Can’t you come in slowly
opening the door? l heard you want a hero urgently, l got late to get this coat on rent, l feared someone else may take
my chance, so l barged in, that’s why l pushed open the door. What’s your name? l was ‘Mimicry’ Basha till yesterday, from today l’m ‘Punch’ Basha.
– Punch Basha? Yes sir. l sought chances using my
mimicry talent, nobody cared. l decided to seek roles
using punch dialogues. That’s why l’ve incarnated
as Punch Basha. ls it? Come on deliver a punch. l’ll tell what today also
what l told yesterday, l’ll tell the same thing every day
what l said today. What did you tell me the other day? Who knows? Another punch now, what happened had
happened for good, what’s happening is
happening for good, what’s going to happen
will also happen for good. Who said this? Lord Krishna said this in Holy Gita. Shall l deliver a super punch? We can’t bend hands backward
or bend legs frontward. Did Lord say this too in Gita? No, my father said in drunken state. Dialogue is okay, what about action? Hey you…what are you doing? How was my acting?
Shall we go for shooting? All that l had is gone?
But we can’t go to shooting. Why? Seeing your acting,
l wetted my pants in fear. But when you poured water on your
head & jumped here & there, all the zeros are gone.
What’s left is the digit 1. You mean this 1. You… lnstead of finding a job,
why are you crazy about films? Concentrate on something.
– What can l do? l earn some money only
by doing such things. lf l’m succeed in getting into films, l can try to get into Guinness book of
record with my money. – For that’s Raja is here. Did you meet your music director? What did he say? He agreed.
– Really? Yes. – Thank God.
One big problem is solved. We were tensed. What are you going to sing? Are you well prepared? C’mon sing. Shall l sing songs
which are my life…? Shall l sing songs
which are my life…? Shall l sing songs
which are my life…? Shall l sing songs
which are my life…? Music the mystic fragrance in air… On hearing a song from your heart,
the heaven will become yours… The cuckoo is never sad
till it can sing… Dragon fly never gets
tired buzzing its wings… The river knows the
tunes of music… The cool breeze knows
all the musical notes… Everyone experiences the
joyousness in music… Even Lord Shiva will dance
to good music… Heart which loves songs
is a garden of flowers… Song makes man happy…
Song is beauty… Song is an ode to love…
Song is a relation… lt rains when the clouds
hear songs… Meera’s melodious songs
stole Lord Krishna’s heart… My song is my strength which
makes my anger go up in flames… My music will make
this world my slave… Hope is the only weapon
in the war of life… Hey.. What happened? What happened?
– What happened? Sorry. l tried to hide it from you.
But l failed. We shouldn’t lie to our friends. What? You want to sing? Just because you’re with me
doesn’t mean you can also sing. What do you know about music? My dog barks better than you.
No chance. When you have such a desire, you can no longer work for me.
Get out. Get out l say. l’m not sad for losing my job
or that l’ve no money. He insulted me by asking
what do l know about music. After coming to Hyderabad, l went to many companies
saying that l can sing well. But nobody gave me
a chance to sing. You heard me now. l sang well, didn’t l?
Don’t l look like a singer? Can’t l ever become a singer? May be, as my father said,
l’m not even fit to clean tables. Don’t care about what others
think about you. What you think about youself is important. You can do it. No. We came here to
achieve something big. But only today l understood… What did you understand?
We can do it. lf not today, we will make it
big one day. – No. l’ve had many such chances,
but l lost them all. Only money decides our life. No matter how talented we are, we need a helping hand to take us on top.
We need someone’s help. Since God can’t help everyday,
God created parents. When they ditched us all together,
who else will help us. What are you blabbering?
Aren’t we there with you? You want to participate in
the music contest, right? l’ll give you money
by selling all my books. Even l hid something from you all. Till now, no student’s name
has come on this board. You’ve spoiled our
college’s reputation. When you can’t pay the fees,
why come to study? Get lost. Didn’t you pay the college fees?
Why didn’t you tell me? What will you do if l had told you? l’ve would’ve given you
money somehow. You’re going to college tomorrow.
– No. First you come up in life. lf you become a great singer,
won’t you help me to study? Don’t be mad. l can become a singer
after 50 years too. But if you don’t become
a Collector before 30 years, you can’t become one for life.
So, you must study. l’ll take up some job. Can’t l work? l will work. l’ll work hard & get you money. But you achieve your goals.
– Very good. After all these days,
you’ve taken the right decision. Before you change your minds,
take up some job. Prasad, take up an accountant’s
job in any shop. You will be paid a salary
of Rs.1000 to Rs.2000. Raja, you’re very talented.
Sing on the streets. You can earn a few hundreds every day. Do you feel people might
think you’re begging? So what? We’ve to fill our stomachs. Do you want them to beg?
Do you know how talented they are? lf you say a word more… Why did you leave my shirt?
Hit me. Hit me l say. You’re unfit to pay the house rent.
l need this insult for letting you my house. l deserve this insult. Since you were struggling,
l felt pity & gave this advice. But you’re trying to hit me. l like your self-pride. But you must pay my rent dues
till date within 24 hours. Only then you can stay in this house.
Or else l’ll chuck you guys out. Why are you crying? lt’s all over. When will l study… Poor men shouldn’t have any desires. Let’s go. Before the owner chucks us out,
let’s leave on our own. Where is Ganesh? He wouldn’t want to trouble us.
So, he must have left. No. l’ve had many such chances,
but l lost them all. Only money decides our life. No matter how talented we are, we need a helping hand to take us on top.
We need someone’s help. But you must pay my rent dues
till date within 24 hours. Only then you can stay in this house.
Or else l’ll chuck you guys out. Ganesh, take this.
This isn’t any ordinary chain. lt’s the auspicious thread which
you must tie to Ammu. Whatever hardship you may face,
never lose this. Okay? – Okay Why are you inviting trouble that
you should drop like hot potato? We must nip it in bud. Forgive me mother.
l couldn’t fulfill your wish. lnstead of being a symbol
of my unfulfilled love, let this help my friends
to achieve their goals. Yes mother. My friends are more important to me
than my unseen sweetheart. My friends are important to me. Take this. Okay. What is this? Where are you going? Where did you go? House owner shouted at you last night. l couldn’t sleep properly.
l didn’t know what to do. l suddenly remembered
my uncle’s address. So, l went to him without
informing you. He’s leaving to Singapore today. l met him before he could
leave to Singapore. What? Did you meet your uncle? Yes. He was very happy to see me. Once l told him about us
and our problems, he gave me money to throw
at the owner’s face. Are you telling the truth?
– lt’s true. Here is the money. So, can l pay my college fees? Not only your college fees,
Raja can also participate in the music contest. Prasad, take the money. Take money & pay your college fees. Raja, you go & pay for the music contest No more worries hereafter.
My uncle is there to help us. Go. Go with him. l’ll pay the rent dues to the owner.
– Okay. Your house rent dues. A guest paying the rent dues…? l’m no more their guest. l’m going to stay here along with them. They have spoilt you too.
l don’t know how you got this money. But now you’ve money.
Take the money & go home. lf possible, take them also with you. Please don’t say that.
They will come up in life very soon. Till then, l want to be with them.
– Achieve what? What can they achieve which
they couldn’t all these days? Those idiots aren’t that talented.
– You’re wrong. Though a match stick can
burn down an entire forest, you need a hand to burn it. God can be in stones. But you need a sculptor
to chisel it out. Similarly, one may be very talented,
but needs one chance to stage it. Until they get such chance,
there is no one to support them. They at least need someone
to raise their confidence. What do you know about them? You only know about these
3 living in this place. But l know how many live in
such places in Hyderabad. Many come here to achieve big things. They don’t listen to their parents’ advice.
Unable to succeed, they even struggle for a square meal. When they find an innocent like you, they praise you and
swindle his money too. They drink, enjoy & finally he’ll
become one of them. Do you need that? Not only you, many like you think that young
boys drink & ogle at girls. But young boys of this
generation aren’t like that. They can make history. Everyone of you are ready
to give advises to others. But have you ever thought what their dreams
are & what are they struggling so hard for? Life is like an ocean. We stay on the shore & watch.
But they swim against the tide. You people think they will drown. But we young boys believe that
they will come back with pearls. lnstead of giving advises to
a person climbing the ladder, if we could hold the ladder firmly, it’ll give him the confidence
to climb fast. What l am going to do is
one such small help. Please go ahead.
Anyway they are spoilt. l wanted you to come up in life.
So my advice. But you if you want to become
one like them, l can’t stop you, can l?
lt’s your wish. All l want is my rent.
l don’t care who gives it. Will you at least pay the
rent properly hereafter? Do you know why l am
asking you this question? Till now there were only 3.
Now, you’ve joined them. God help you. We will not get ruined.
We will make it big. – Let me see. You will see. Thanks. What? ls Poori your breakfast at home?
– No. lt’s ldly. Our breakfast is poori.
– You fool! Know where l am going
before asking me something. To hell with your poori. Without body spray, l really stink.
lt smells so good. Forget about the spray,
did you wear that? Want to see my socks? Not that. Did you wear the guard?
– Want to see? No. l believe you.
Don’t remove your pant. l won’t do that.
l was trying to show my pockets. Thank God.
– Take this. Take it. What’s it?
– Pocket money. Why that box? Though we had money then, you couldn’t participate
in that contest on time. We shouldn’t face such situation again.
So, this box. l’m getting late.
l must go to my uncle’s house. l’m leaving. Take the keys. A heart as pure as the breeze… Gold shines only when it gets burnt… A heart with a fist full of desires… Eyes are relishing with new dream… Your smile is your friend…
Reach heaven with your friendship… Surge ahead…no more worries…
the world is all yours… Why so late? Don’t ask me. Since my uncle is not in station,
l have to look after everything. My aunt insisted me to eat.
So, l got late. Why don’t you introduce us
to your uncle? He has helped us a lot.
We must thank him. Once he returns from Singapore,
l’ll introduce him to you. Does your uncle have a daughter? Since they are looking after you so well, they might have an intention of
making you their son-in-law. Sure, they must have such intention.
lf not, why would they help us? Am l right? Nothing like that. l’ve to go there early morning.
l will sleep. Even l have an important work
tomorrow morning. Wake me up by 10 am. Does your uncle have a daughter? Since they are looking after you so well, they might have an intention of
making you their son-in-law. l saw…l saw… l saw you in the moonlight… l saw…l saw…and
became your devotee… l saw…l saw…l saw happiness in
the mischievous age… l saw…l saw…
l hid it in my heart… Amidst billions of stars,
you’re my moon… Among millions of women,
Ammu, you’re my only love… What are you doing here at this hour? Nothing. l couldn’t sleep.
So l sat here. Why are you sitting out in cold? Come. Let’s go home. Yes. Once the winter is gone,
come here & sleep every day. Let’s go.
– Come. Take it. You…how dare you spill
that on my sweetheart? How dare you! l will beat you to pulp.
– Listen to me. l beg you… How dare you hit him?
l will kill you. What nonsense are you talking?
– Listen to me. Leave it. Someone is beating our friend.
Come. Stop.
– How dare you hit my friend? Listen to me. No. Police…Police.
– Come, let’s go. Who are they?
What’s happening here? He is a very good boy. He was doing business here
for quite some days. They fought with him unnecessarily. He earns a few hundreds every day. Poor guy! He had nothing today. So many lies. You said your uncle will give money
and told us not to worry about anything. But actually you were cleaning plates. Even our parents were more
concerned about their luxury. They never cared for us. lf you want to get burnt & give us light,
we don’t need such light. We’ll better live in the dark.
– ls it over? What big sacrifice have l done? Only a mother will stay hungry
to feed her child. You were like a mother and
offered me food. l haven’t done anything
bigger than that. Why did you suffer to celebrate my birthday? What question is that?
You are my friend. Then, aren’t you my friends? That doesn’t mean you need
to do such cheap job. No job is cheap.
Being idle is cheap. You want me to be happy.
Shouldn’t l think the same way? For my friends l can do cleaning
and washing too happily lf you are my true friends,
think about you not me. lf you really want to make it big,
don’t look at the path you tread. lnstead see your destiny. Please don’t make me feel
like a stranger. l don’t even want to remain
like this either. l’ve save some money.
l’ve planned to set up a hotel. Till then, bear with me. And your uncle is also a lie, right? You acted very well. lf you are my true friends,
think about you not me. lf you really want to make it big, don’t look at the path you tread. lnstead see your destiny. What did he say? Don’t your pranks have limits? What if he complains to the principal? What will happen to my studies? So, accept that you love me. l’m not in good mood.
Don’t play with me. l will get angry.
– Trying to threaten me? lf you do so, l will hug you tightly.
And l will shout loud. Keep quiet.
– You keep quiet. Want to see? Want to see? l told you l’m not interested in you. Why come after me like a prostitute? Get lost. Prasad, since Priya took advantage of you, you misunderstood her. Poor girl! After her mother’s death, her father pampered a lot. That’s why she is behaving like that. Whether you know it or not, she is so wealthy that men are waiting
in queue to marry her. But she likes you only. But you… Don’t you like Priya? Tell me. We need a solution, don’t we? Who pays for your studies? Who pays for your studies?
– My father. And for Priya?
– Her father. And your friend Kavitha?
– Her uncle. Not only here but everywhere, a mother or a father or a brother or
an uncle pays for a ward’s studies, But do you know who pays
for my studies? My friend. He washes plates to
make me a Collector. Even God gives boons
only after being sought. But he gives us everything
we need without asking. How can l betray him? l like Priya. l don’t deny that. But my objective is more
important than my love. Above all that, l want to be true
to my friend Ganesh. How can l make her understand all this? Prasad, what are you saying? l’ve heard about friends who go
to a movie or even exchange clothes. But if he’s struggling hard
for your studies… l want to see him once. What about your parents? l’ve no one. Even my relatives
have left me to my fate. What’s it? l will ask you something.
Please don’t mistake me. There is a girl Priya in my college.
She loves me. l told her that l’m not in
such a situation. But she doesn’t understand. l slapped her yesterday.
l even abused her. l shouldn’t have been so rude.
Poor girl! She felt very bad. l’m scared that she might harm herself. Shall l tell her that l too love her? Shall l also love her? Heard what he said? He wants my permission
to fall in love. What question is that! Everyone on earth do fall in love. But you’re the first man to
seek permission to fall in love. Love can’t be erased like
the letters on the slate. Love is responsible for
humans to be humane. How will l be against love? ln fact, you fear that you’ll get
distracted if you fall in love. lt’s not like that. To succeed in life, fall in love. Because all those who have
made it big did fall in love. A friend must have united
all lovers on earth. l’m your friend. With so much love for her,
you hurt her heart very badly. lf you feel hurt for hurting her, how bad she must have felt. Go & express your love to her. Go. He needn’t have to say anything. Now l know he loves me. That’s enough. All that l want his love & nothing else. Sorry Priya. l didn’t…
– Don’t talk to me. Try to understand.
– Don’t come to me. Ganesh tell him that l came to see you
and not him. l don’t need you. Get lost. How dare you say that infront of them.
You… Have water. Someone must be thinking about you. l’ve met you before… We met in the temple.
Do you remember? Right. l remember. She is Anjali, my college mate. My name is Ganesh. Excuse me. Ganesh, someone must be
thinking about you. Have water. Thanks. When are you inaugurating the hotel? Next Friday.
– Hotel’s name? Friends Mess. He had hiccups when l thought of him. But when l got hiccups…? You won’t understand if l tell you now. You’ll know when you fall in love. Prasad, invite them for inauguration
of the hotel. Hello.. Please take sweets. Prasad has passed his exams. He’s going to Delhi for lAS training. Ganesh, when you challenged
me the other day, l thought you said that in
the rush of blood. But you’ve proved that with self-confidence,
one can achieve anything. This is for Raja. This is for Prasad. This is for you. This is for Ganesh. What are you looking at? You look handsome in that T-shirt. Look, he is feeling shy. Please… Friendship is the sweetest flower… Friendship is our breath… Friendship is happiness… Festivals come once in a blue moon… But in friendship,
it is fun time always… Like the colours of holi,
our hearts met… and we turned into
a colourful rainbow… ln the river called friendship… we immersed ourselves deep into it… We saw the love of parents in it… Relations come for our wealth… But our friendship gave us love… When in deep trouble,
it wipes our tears… A friend in need is a friend indeed… Lord Krishna has a temple… But Karna has none… What’s wrong if we build
a temple for friendship? lt’s an eyesore to everyone,
but love is an eyesore to parents… Friendship is the Taj Mahal
shining bright in moonlight… Travel carefully. Call me if you need money.
– Okay. l heard toilets are very clean here,
may l check it once? What are you saying? Carry on. Me too! My flight is at 6 am tomorrow,
l’ll get my ticket. Prasad has left to Delhi
to get lAS training, if these guys too make it big in life. You always think about
your friends lives, don’t you’ve any personal ambition?
– Why not? l too have. You never told me till now. Will l keep you dark about it?
You’ll hear it first from me. But not now, l’ll tell after
l achieve my ambition. May be Ganesh is hesitating
to express his love like me. Why would he then promise
to tell his aim to me first? Let him achieve his ambition,
l’ll wait till then. Dumb heart is talking…. lt says love is very fine… My mischievous youth desires you… Because you’re my love…
l want to be with you… l want your companionship… To become part of your love and life… l’m dreaming about you… Would l say no to you? May l build castles with clouds… May l present it to you… l don’t want you to take so much risk… A little place in your heart is enough… O my love, may l bring down the
stars from sky for you… O my love, your warm smile of happiness
is worth more than stars… To see your image in my eyes… May l pluck flowers
from the branches… May l squeeze out honey from it
and serve it to you… Your sweet kisses are more
sweeter than honey… Tell me what else you want… O my love, arrest me for the life
in your warm hug… To be your companion
for all the life… Brother-in-law, we get clothes
very cheap in Hyderabad. We can save at least Rs.50 a sari. We everything here other
than good food, look at this dirty table. Where is the cleaner?
– Coming sir. Come quickly, flies are hovering. What great Hyderabad! My foot! Great name but worst place. Our Ramapuram is far better.
– Father! Excellent! You know him, don’t you? The same man who came here to
become legendary Ghantasala. l warned that you’ll clean
leftovers for a living, look, you’re doing it now. l feared you may become a great
singer and defeat me, but no… You made me win by making
my prediction come true. Let me tell this good news
to people back at home, only then l’ll feel better. So these great men are also here only. Good, so you all are living together. Then, you’ll clean leftovers all your life. They show many things on TV, why don’t they show them to tell going
against parents will end like this? At least few lazy people will reform. We needn’t shop anything, let’s go. Wherever l go my ill fate follows me. Forget it…who scolded you?
Your father, leave it. l’m not sad for scolding me, though l’m angry on him, when l suddenly saw him
my heart went for him, l thought he would also feel the same, but he said he was happy
for winning against me, it really hurt me more. Why are you delaying it still mason? Time is already 6 pm. l must handover the stage by 7 pm. lt’ll be over in 5 minutes.
– Do it fast. – Okay sir. Greetings sir. Who are you?
What do you want? Need a chance to sing
in your auditorium. – Who? You? Not me, for my friend. Friend? Did he give any programs earlier? Who is his Guru? He doesn’t have any Guru. He learnt it on his own, if you give him a chance,
he’ll become a great singer. He has great talent. You’re talking very silly,
do you know the value of this stage? lf great singers like Mangalampalli,
Yesudas, SPB sing here, people will throng the auditorium
and we’ll make the moolah. lf street singers sing here,
only we both will be the audience. First try to get a chance
with light music group, go. l’ll go home and come back, you finish it fast.
– Okay sir. Faster… Please sir, don’t deny me
the chance sir… – Get up…get up. Why are you falling at my feet? lf you give us one chance,
it’s like giving him a life. Please, grant my friend a new life sir. What’s this? l’m not the boss here. l’m just an ordinary manager. lt’s not so easy to perform
here as you think. You know the rent? Rs.60000! lt’ll reach Rs.90000 with current
and maintenance charges. Who will pay for it? You mean if l pay it,
can he sing here? – Can you bear it? l can sir. Okay, you fell at my feet for your friend, l must help you for your friendship. l’ll talk to Secretary and
get his permission, you arrange for the money, but please don’t delay it. No sir, l’ll pay immediately. Go. One more request.
– What’s it? Please don’t tell my friends
that l’ve sold the hotel. l’ll continue working here
as l was doing earlier. lt’ll be very helpful
if you pay me salary. Thanks sir, bye. What have you done? What’s your intention? There’s a limit for sacrifice too. You worked hard to start this hotel
and is your source of livelihood, if you sell it for their sake,
what will you be left with? l’ve my friends with me,
what else can l wish for? l’m telling you from my heart,
never trust anyone. No sir, what we sincerely believe
in our heart will come true. lf we believe good will happen,
good will happen. ls it enough if we believe it? Where can we find good men now? We can’t sir because everyone
wants to see good men, but nobody wants to be a good man. l suggested for your good,
do as you wish. On the way, l’ll be in the
theatre in 10 minutes. Why it turns red when we come? Saraswathi Gana Sabha, singer Raja… Who’s playing the music for Raja’s song?
– Me! How dare you play music for his song? lsn’t Raja your assistant?
– Who said he’s my assistant? lf you play music for his song,
you can never enter my studio again, l’ll be there in 5 minutes, you must leave the auditorium
with your instruments. l’m leaving immediately sir. Pack your equipment and
leave the place. Raja is just an office boy
not an assistant. He doesn’t know anything about music.
– What happened sir? We are not doing your program.
What are you watching? Leave the place.
Come…come… l expected this to happen. Why are you leaving sir? Will you cheat us claiming
yourself as Lahari’s assistant? We’ll not play for you.
– Sir, it’s my life. lf l show pity l may lose my life. Please come sir, all are here.
– Can’t you understand me? How many times do l’ve to tell you? lf l play for office boys,
l’ll end up as a office boy. l don’t want to sing! What happened? Didn’t l tell you l’m ill fated? l’ll go away, leave me alone. Where will you go? What great fate? You must make your own destiny. You came here to sing,
not to sing for their music. Can’t you sing without them?
Can’t you? You claimed great talent in mimicry,
show your talent now. You brought us to a free program
trying to save money on film. See the result. Orchestra left, where is the
music coming from? He’s playing music with mouth. Our first song is welcoming
you with a tune… Our song is our celestial garden… Our song is our new dawn… Our song will enchant you
like the fragrance of jasmine… Our song will tickle your youth
and tease you… lt waited for years to
get your approval… Your applause will give it life… Songs are our day and night… Even our breath is in rhythm… The day is burden
when we don’t sing… Even sorrows melt in
the warmth of songs… Songs lull you like a mother… Though the path is dark… We carry on with hope… Today we are travelling in the
brightness of success… When we have a good friend with us… Affection is ours always… Hats off to your friendship… Don’t falter… Climb the Himalayas… Forget hunger and thirst… Focus on your aim only… Don’t rest till you achieve
your dream… Wherever the birds may come from… Don’t they reach their
destination perfectly… Though tired, don’t they cross
oceans to reach the nest… There’s determination in birds,
if you learn from it, you can win too… And the world will be in your hands… First rank holder in lAS. Did you see Bujji?
Your brother has become Collector. l knew it he’ll become a Collector. Come, let’s go and
meet your brother. Lord, you fulfilled my wish of
my friends hitting big time. Lord, please help me to
come closer to my Ammu. l’ll never make any wish after that. Your friends have achieved
success as you wished. l was waiting for this moment. l’ll open my heart to you now. You may be shocked to hear it. May be he too wants to
express his love for me. My chain! My chain! Catch him! My chain! Stop…stop… Please don’t beat me sir,
take your chain. This chain! My mother gave it to me. Beat him Ganesh,
only then crooks like him will reform. Why are you asking me to beat him? He has helped me a lot.
ln fact l must fall at his feet. Brother show me your legs. Please leave me sir. You bought this chain in
Kalamandir, right? – Yes. How do you know that? l sold it there. You sold it?
– Yes, l sold it. Do you know how many nights
l spent sleepless for losing it? Why? This was a gift from my mother
to her future daughter-in-law. ln fact l came to Hyderabad for
my uncle’s daughter Ammu. But uncle who should’ve accepted
my love and agree to marry her, turned against me, l didn’t see my love for
whom l came here. l was adamant in not meeting her but
never forgot her for a moment too. Though floods wash away everything,
the smell of soil remains, likewise her memories are
always close to my heart. l see my 4 year old Ammu
in everything. Just now l made a wish with Lord
to help me meet my Ammu. By luck l got back
my mother’s chain. Finding this chain gives me hope
that l’ll meet my Ammu. l’ll surely meet Ammu. Will l meet her?
– Sure. Can l have this chain?
– With pleasure. Let this be my marriage gift to Ammu. lt’s going to rain. l’ll leave. lt’s good. You like rain, don’t you? l don’t know. Now l don’t like it.
– Okay. Anjali dear…come fast. l’m coming, mom. Uncle, she really got scared. l should’ve been in America.
Are you shocked to see me here? l’ve brought a gift for you. lf you see that,
you will be twice shocked. Want to see what it is? See. Yes. He wanted to express
his desire personally. So, he didn’t want me to tell you this. That’s why l didn’t inform you
about his arrival. l know you love me.
But l want to hear it from you. You like me, don’t you? What question is that? When you called on her birthday,
she felt very happy. Now that you’ve come with the
auspicious thread, she’s dumbstruck. Why are you silent, Anjali? You are interested in this
marriage, aren’t you? No Rajesh. l’m not interested
in this marriage. Anjali, please don’t say that.
l can’t bear that. You are my life. Uncle, you tell her that l love her dearly. Do you think only you can
give me shocks? How’s mine? l’m interested in this marriage. Uncle, Anjali has agreed. How dare you give me a shock?
– No Rajesh. No Rajesh.
– Stop Anjali. Anjali, better come out. Anyway you have to come out.
l’ll catch you then. Uncle, conduct the marriage this month.
But don’t make it an ordinary one. lt should be very grand. Anjali, we will be in US
next month by this time. Prepare from now on. l’ll apply for your visa. Aunty, my friends are coming.
– ls it? What is it? They phoned me that they’re coming.
– Go. When is Raja coming from America?
– l spoke to them now. All three are coming now. A function has been organized for them. l’ve lot of work to do.
l will meet you in the evening. Bye. How are you? Do you know Prasad is
a Collector now? That’s why l’ve come here.
You’re Parvathi’s son, right? Yes.
– Why are you here? We live together.
– Together? What are you doing? For the time being, l’m idle.
– ldle..? How could one survive in
Hyderabad staying idle? So, everything runs on my son’s earning? l’ve change everything…
one by one. What house is this? How can a Collector stay
in such a house? l’m decorating it.
– Keep this inside. Come inside. l’ve no change.
– Keep it. What’s happening here? What happened to your love? Did you express your love
to Ganesh or not? – No. Why? But how could you agree for this marriage? He hasn’t seen her till now. Even if he sees her,
she might not like him. What if she’s married by now? You could’ve waited for
some more time. – No. Every minute l wait, l’ll pray to God
to make Ganesh mine. My prayers shouldn’t be
an obstacle for his love. l built a fort for Ganesh in my heart.
But he has built a temple for that girl. A fort can get destroyed.
Nothing wrong. But a temple shouldn’t.
So, l agreed for this marriage. Now l’m able to pray for his
love whole heartedly. Ganesh should never know about all this. Long live Raja!
Long live Raja…. How are you, Prasad? l feel very happy to see you like this. How was your journey? lt’s been very long since l saw you. Go that side.
l have to cast away evil spells. Get me the garlands. Now you’re my son. He is just like me when l was young. Brother… Hey Bujji…good to see you here. How are you?
– Fine. Prasad, get her down.
She isn’t a little girl anymore. She’s grown up. How can we make them
stand here & talk? Let’s go upstairs.
– Come, let’s go. Look at my friends.
They look very good in those clothes. Yes, l’m looking at them.
But l don’t see what you told me. l only see your hardship for them. lt’s enough they remember that. Okay. lt’s been very long since you all met.
Go & attend them. l’ve some work.
l will meet you later. Look. Keep his luggage inside.
Come. – Okay. Where were you?
Boys are very tired. Why don’t you get them
something to drink? l forgot. l’ll get it now. l’ll keep the luggage inside.
You go & get them soft drinks. l’ll be back soon. l always talk about you in our village. We can’t live in this Hyderabad. l’ll consult him & tell you. Sir, they want to know when you will
go to the company guest house. When shall we go to the guest house? Why would my son go there?
Now he is a Collector. Government has given us a big house.
We will go there. What are you talking?
Do you know who my son is? A famous singer in lndia.
How will his bungalow be? A royal palace.
How could you reject that? You son might be a Collector. But will a government house
look better than ours? Stop praising your son. Without my son, your son doesn’t exist. The entire country is praising
my son’s talent. lt’s because of my son
you’ve got this name & fame. Ask your company and
get a separate bungalow. No one should disturb us there. lf someone comes there… Where are you going, Priya? l’m going back home. Why? Ganesh, l’ve family friends.
But l don’t know what a family is. l grew up in a hostel like an orphan. Here l saw 4 friends living
like a family. l felt very happy to become
a part of that family. Now l think it will not happen. What do you mean? l fear that you all might get separated. That will never happen. No Ganesh.
You don’t know what’s happening. lf Prasad agrees for separation,
l will not marry him. Listen… Don’t try to convince me.
My decision is final. Hi Anjali! Welcome. l heard that Raja, Vijay and
Prasad are back. Where are they? l don’t see them. Their parents have come.
They have gone for shopping. Who is he? Shall l tell him who l am? l’m going to marry Anjali and
take her away to America. Marriage? You never told me. You’re very lucky.
You’re very lucky to marry Anjali. When is your marriage? 15th…? Can you postpone
your marriage for a day? Why? Our friends function is on coming 14th.
You both must come. How is it possible?
Our engagement is on that day. Since it’s a live program,
we will watch it on TV. Forget about our marriage, when will you
introduce your uncle’s daughter? Before you fly to America. After the function gets over,
we will go to our uncle’s house. As you said, you must seek
her hand for me. Will you come? Can l also come?
– With pleasure. Sorry for making you stand.
Come & sit. – No Ganesh. We’re going to Bangalore
to invite his friends. Once we’re back, we will meet you
with the invitation card. – Okay. This is our Raja’s function.
We must attend this function. Okay. Sure. You need a garland now. Hello bride, aren’t you ready? Wait Rajesh.
Let’s watch the program & go. Even l came to see this program. Now you look like a bride. Now you’re going to watch the
”Young Achievers Awards Function” live. As you said, the audience, the stage
…the function is very grand. l welcome you all for
attending this function. We humbly request those
achievers to come to the stage. Your friends will invite you to the
stage to say a few words. Don’t feel shy to talk. l don’t need all that. Stop talking like a fool. The audience are happily
sitting on the chair. How could you say that? You’re the only one who has the
right to talk on the stage. You must get on to the stage & talk. And l want to watch that. Long live Raja! Long live Prasad! Long live Vijay! Raja will speak first. He is my son. Our thanks for your love & support. We’re very happy to see
you honouring us. But we aren’t the actual people
who should get this honour. Behind every successful man
lies a great power. There is a great power
behind our success. That power saw the talent in us and motivated us every moment
to reach greater heights. lt has brought us to this stage. lt’s none other than… ..our parents. Yes. Without them we couldn’t
have achieved this. So, we like to receive this
award from their hands. Please come, Step mother. Father please. Father please. Come. What’s happening Anjali? We now request Mr. Prasad,
the Collector to say a few words. How did they change
all of a sudden? This is unjust. l told you several time that
they will bring you to streets. They have done it.
lt’s over. We can’t stay here anymore. Let’s go. Why are you angry? What happened? What more do you want to happen? You might be a great soul
to tolerate such things. But l am not. Let’s go. Trying to create problems
in this function? See if you want to.
Else get out. Go. Go ahead. Chase us out. See how well we are honoured here. lf l stay here anymore,
l’ll turn into a killer. Let’s go. Don’t tell me anything.
– Listen to me. Yesterday’s dream is today’s reality and tomorrow’s achievement. This is very much true in our lives. This stage, this very moment and receiving the award from our parents
was our 15 year old dream. We didn’t want our dream
to remain a dream. So, we said our parents are
responsible for our success. But truth is they are not
the real motivators. Truth is we were a burden to them. We were once called wastrels. Yes. My father was never a father to me. His step mother was never
a mother to him. But someone who came
from no where was like a mother, a father,
a friend & was God to us. ln fact, he should’ve been
on the stage. But he is standing in a corner
with a noble heart. Friends come and
go in everyone’s life. But for us, a friend gave us life. We fed him only a square meal. But he cleaned plates and
brought us to this level. You all must know who that friend is. He is our friend Ganesh. Everyone is appreciating us
for making it big. lf you get a friend like him,
you can also do it. We don’t want to hurt or insult you. lt’s for the parents to understand
the feelings of the youth like us. lf you don’t believe in
your children’s talent, how will others believe in them? Every parent wants their child to achieve
something which they couldn’t. But no one wants to know
the child’s interest. You might think that we are
proud of ourselves & our victory. But we’re very sad to say this
with a heavy heart. Truth is we are not happy. After coming back,
l took my sister into my arms. But you said she’s no more a little girl
and told me leave her down. We can fondle with a sister
only for a few years. Will those days come back? Can we get back our lost happiness? Without the support of parents, wasting the talent, losing such happiness, do you know how many are
wandering like dead souls? Why is this happening? Because parents don’t understand
their children properly. Since we got a good friend,
we could come up in life. Can everyone get a friend like him? You tried to push him aside. We would’ve said this
when you all insulted him. But only you people would’ve
known his greatness. We want this world to know
about a friend like him. That’s why we’re saying this on stage. Without any expectation, a relation which will even
sacrifice life is friendship. Nowadays people forget
the good deeds for love. But he gave up love
for thanksgiving. No money can equal his sacrifice. Our small help we can do for him… to unite his uncle’s
daughter Ammu with him. Anjali told me everything. Neither him nor we know
how she looks like. Her childhood photo is
all that we have. Ammu, he has all the love in this
world for you in his heart and is waiting for the past 15 years. See how you are in his heart. Anajli, everyone is waiting
for the engagement. But you both are busy watching TV. Since he was poor, his uncle snatched
his relationship with him. We’re telling you now. Listen. All our wealth, fame & name
belongs to him. Please unite him with his Ammu. Our friend is God to us
because he gave us a new life. Since you’re going to give him
a new life, you’re also God to us. Please come here
wherever you might be. You might be here or might be
watching this program on TV. Wherever you are,
please come here. Make my friend Ganesh’s love win. Only you can bring your Ammu here,
no matter where she is. Call her.
Call her l say. Call her. No uncle. Let her go. Call her. Your Ammu is here. lf parents are their children’s first friend,
every youth is an achiever. – K. Shajahan


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