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I am sorry,
you must have been waiting for me. Happy actor, Naveen Nischol. May I coming? He was born on 11the April, 1946. This was the time of British rule. And he was born in Lahore. Mother, what is this? You address me as son
and then you hide your face. I swear I feel so bad
that I can hardly eat. Please watch the life story
of Navin Nischol carefully. I want to have a long
discussion with you. So you should order for some cold stuff. Navin Nischol was one such artist.. ..who was advised by a producer that.. ..attend the Film Institute in Pune,
get trained.. ..and then start acting. Navin Nischol passed
out of FTII with a gold medal. And he had been fabulous. Navin Nischol started
with film ‘Sawan Bhado’. And this was also Rekha first movie. So you were fooling me? And you were fooling me.
Don’t follow me. Though Rekha was also
working with Biswajeet.. a film but ‘Sawan
Bhado’ was released first. You will be fine only if
you stay her quietly till I return. Navin Nischol had started
doing ads since his college days. It was during his stay in Kolkata. And a lot of people had suggested him.. act in Bengali films. Yes. Yes. Yes. After that a friend gave
him a pamphlet of a talent contest. And said that apply and go to Mumbai. This is what Navin Nischol did. In Mumbai he met Mohan Sehgal. Incidentally Mohan was
Navin Nischol’s father’s friend. At that time he was
given the option of being.. assistant director
to Mohan Sehgal.. ..or join Pune Film Institute. I stayed there for three years. And after doing a
course of three years.. ..he got a break in film ‘Sawan Bhadon’. ‘Sawan Bhadon proved to be a jubilee. And after that producers
started queuing.. front of Navin Nischol’s house. ‘Buddha Mil Gaya’.. ..’Parwana’ where Amitabh
Bachchan was the villain. ‘Who Main Nahin’. ‘Victoria No. 203’. ‘Dharma’ And ‘Hanste Zakhm’. These are some of the
films from the long list.. ..of movies he has performed in. The avatar of great Lord Krishna. Hail great Ghanshyam. “While asleep,
awake, sitting or standing.” “By leaving all worldly errands.” “Always take God’s name.” During the shooting
of film ‘Hanste Zakham’.. ..a lot of his college
friends came to Mumbai. They partied the entire
night and when the film’s.. ..director Chetan
Anand saw Navin Nischol.. ..he understood that he
had partied the entire night. Hi. – Hi. What’s your name? I am Pamela darling, you know. Oh really? – Come on, sweetheart. Chetan asked him if he
was awake the entire night. Navin Nischol replied in affirmative. And Chetan explained
that they are going to.. ..use a special lens on him that day. But his face was not
in a position to be captured.. ..with those lens. That’s why they canceled
the shoot for the day. And after that Navin Nischol decided.. ..that if the shoot is in the morning.. ..then he should go to sleep at 10 pm. You have hurt me the most today. I had never thought that
you could stoop so low.. ..despite being such
a responsible person. Navin Nischol got married
before entering the film industry. He had married Neelima. Neelima was actually Dev Anand’s niece. They got divorced in 1976. I had not ruined your life Sunanda Devi. You are ruining my life. Two daughters were
born off this marriage. They were named Natasha and Nometa. In FTII,
Shatrughnan Sinha was his senior. “It has become noisy because.. ..the butter thief has arrived.” Danny Dengzngpa, Anil Dhawan and.. ..Jaya Bachchan were his juniors. Yes. Navin Nischol came
down the way he rose up. Once he reached Mumbai’s
metro theater in his car. It was the premier show of a movie. As soon as he got down of the car.. ..photographers rushed
to take his pictures. But when the press realized
that it is Navin Nischol.. ..then all cameras stopped clicking. Anyone home? When Gulzar directed
for the first time.. ..even his first choice
was Navin Nischol. The role Vinod Khanna
played in film ‘Mere Apne’.. ..was actually meant
for him in the beginning. Hurry and get me my
food and a soft pillow. I want to rest. The role Shashi Kapoor
played in film ‘Deewar’.. ..was also meant for Navin Nischol. My backstabbing friend,
how will you escape me? He could have also
got Shashi Kapoor’s role.. film ‘Roti Kapda Aur Makaan’. But he lost all these good movies. And at one time he
moved towards serials. And who can forget comedy
serial ‘Dekh Bhai Dekh’. After that Navin Nischol
played character roles.. movies and television. Correct! You are both
highly educated and wise. And he had left with
his friends to celebrate Holi. He was planning to
celebrate Holi peacefully. But fate had something
else stored for him. He was in the car. He asked his friend
to lower the AC temperature. The AC temperature was lowered.. ..and Navin Nischol
passed away in the car. He had a heart attack. Navin Nischol breathed
his last on 19tth March, 2011. Navin Nischol is one such Indian actor.. ..whom you cannot forget. To know about the unique
stories of great personalities.. ..subscribe to people and history.


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