Need | Rahul Biswas | Ranita Sarkar | Brijesh Jha | Large Short Film on water |

Yes. hello Good Morning Sir Good Morning Rahul [Phone] Are you prepared for the meeting today ?[Phone] Ya sir… I was just about to get ready.. Ya I know how much ready you are..[phone] Sir.. I’m a bachelor guy you know, I have to cook, wash clothes, and .. …do so many other works you know.. Now sir. How to maintain to time? Ok get ready ASAP. [phone] There’s lot of preparation needs to … …be done before meeting [phone] Ok sir. Ok sir. I’ll see you in the office. Ok see you [phone] ok ok Bey bye bye.. What the hell… early morning… Ya Shukla say? What are you saying man? I just gave you the papers yesterday.. 1 hour left for the meeting .. …and you are informing this NOW? What “SORRY” man? what “SORRY”?? …No …ok.. ok ok ok Ok let me see what I can do.. ya ok. hang up the call now. Let me see what I can do . ok ok Ya Hello, Security? Yes Sir. Can you just switch on the motor.?? There’s no water coming in my tap. Sir, there’s no water coming sir. Ya.. I know that there’s no water.. ….this is why I’m asking to switch on the pump. It’s urgent. Sir. There’s NO WATER !! Ya I know that.. This is why I called to switch on the pump. It’s Urgent Sir. There is no point switching on the pump. Why man? As if there’s no water left in this world? Yes Sir. What rubbish? Sir.. You may watch the news. What news? What nonsense is this? There is NO WATER. I repeat There is NO WATER we are getting reports from every corner of the world… …its not a dream either. we are trying to connect with our reporters in the affected areas People are starving to death. Hospitals are rejecting admissions And most of them are shut. there is few more news coming up people are killing each other for the sake of drinking blood if not water. I just pray that’s a rumor. Its the biggest natural calamity ever happened .. …in the history of the earth. ya hello brother.. ya man.. my drinking water is finished. can you send it quickly? I’m very thirsty. Laughs {phone} why the hell are you laughing man? did i say any joke or what? so what? it’s seems to be joke only.. haha Water is gone means gone.


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