NEW AMSTERDAM Official Trailer (HD) NBC Medical Drama Series

Everyone in the cardiac surgical department, you’re all fired. Oh, I am serious New Amsterdam hospital This hospital is a city unto itself we perform the world’s first c-section in the world’s first maternity ward I know the history the Dean makes me tell it to every new medical director and how many of those have you worked with five in five years Well everyone in the cardiac surgical department, please raise your hands great Great. Thank you. You’re all fired Any department who places billing above care you will be terminated so, how can I help You know, we all feel like the system is too big to change We’ll call you when we have a doctor available. Okay? Hon But we are the system and we need to change. Let’s be doctors again Going somewhere I have to tape segments with the morning show. I actually expect you to practice medicine because that’s your job. You’re funny We have a patient presenting all the signs of malaria TB or Ebola I need you to so a throat biopsy just take a second. Sure. ahh for what patient ahh me This girl has been abused three times in the foster care system If you can’t help Gemma as a doctor, then just help her as a human being am I allowed to do that? You are now Why did you perform half as many procedures as your colleagues because there’s other ways to help people then by cutting them open Run the cardiac surgical department. There is no cardiac surgical department then build one Helmet now! Forget it Im going in Dr Bloom wait! Gemma, what do you want to happen? Nobody’s ever asked me that before Working for being able to save someone else’s sister or someone’s daughter Its a dream come true They’re not gonna let you come in here and just help people. So let’s help as many as we can before they figure us out You need to slow down you have cancer But you knew that didn’t you How can I help? You


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