New Bike DRAMA

>>Put your foot on the pedals, and start pedaling. I’ve got you, but you got to Pedal dude. You don’t have your foot on the pedals.
>>I can’t. Its too big for me to put my feet on the pedals.
>>No, it’s– No it’s not.
>>It will go like, and I will fall.>>It’s not too big.>>Yeah, it is! Okay, look at me.>>[inaudible]>>Hey, no no no! Don’t go there. Russell, look at me. I’m going to hold it for you. Okay.
>>No, but then you’ll let go. No, I won’t. Come on. You got to learn
how to do this though.>>No.>>Okay, camera’s going down. Next time this camera’s on, you’re going to see Russell riding around. I promise. [playing the piano]>>4 times 3.>>12.>>5 times 2.>>10.>>6 times 2.>>12.>>What age did you lo– What age did you lose
your multiplications? At what age did you
learn your multiplications? And then when did you lose them? I lost mine in my 20s. [playing piano] Did you find what you needed?>>No!>>What are you looking for?>>[inaudible]>>I’m coming up. Oh my gosh. It’s really hot up here. Somebody suggested when
we put this up here in the attic that this could be a bedroom.>>Funny.>>Um, I think you’ll die up here. There’s less oxygen up here.>>Mom, I can’t find—>>Okay. So, we are looking for old journals. Shari wants to do a
journal reading on her channel, where she sits and reads through
some of her old journals. We gotta find them.>>What’s in this box?>>Oh, it might be in that box. Well that’s not.
>>[inaudible] sketchy. Oh sketchy! It’s like rising up.>>Attics are creepy.>>Did you throw them away?>>I did not throw your journals away.>>I would never ever ever ever
throw journals away. These are just dolls. Are you sure it’s not in there?
>>[inaudible] my baby book. Oh gracious!>>Let me see that.>>This is sixth grade. [inaudible] my school on it. Look how long your hair was.>>I know wasn’t it pretty?>>You’re so, you are so pretty. Shari, your journals must be
in your room, somewhere.>>I sorted out under
my bed, like a week ago. [Music]>>She’s eating it,>>When no one’s looking.>>Good job Eve! Yeah! Yeah! Go give one to you, and one to Eve because
you guys ate your lunch. My goal by the end of this summer is to get Shari to eat
something she doesn’t want. Like a tuna fish sandwich.
>>I ate those as a child.>>Like three times?>>No, I, there were more.>>I did not make it that often. No, I didn’t. I didn’t I didn’t.>>I ate my whole sandwich.>>I know and I’m proud of you. Good girl. This is her sandwich from yesterday. It’s a soggy mess. You need to throw that away. We have Abbie, Julie, and Russell with us. Do you guys know what we’re doing?>>Yes.
>>No.>>That’s right. Okay. So we have a little surprise up our
sleeves that’s been a year and coming. So let me tell you what I hate. What I hate is broken things, stolen things, things that don’t work, things that are lost, and today, We’ve had broken cameras, broken computers, Abby, Julie, and Russell, all had their bikes stolen last year.>>No, mine was just was broken. They’ve gone all spring without a bike. So we’re going to make sure that they
have a bike for the rest of the summer, so that they can get around, and um, play. This morning, I found
myself getting very frustrated at everything that was broken, and everything that was lost, and things that we couldn’t find, and then I had a phone call. Someone who you have
not met in our vlogs, but is a family member. I found out that they are breaking up, they’re getting a divorce, and they have a family, they have children, and it just breaks my heart, and then I thought, you know what, it doesn’t matter
how many cameras break. It doesn’t matter how expensive
it is to get the computer fixed. It doesn’t matter that we have
to like replace bikes every spring because people keep stealing ours. They’re frustrating, and they’re time-consuming, and they’re super expensive but… who cares? Like it just, it doesn’t matter. because the one thing that does matter is me and Kevin, holding our relationship together, and keeping our marriage
strong and healthy. It just reminded me of what really matters, and it’s just…>>It’s marriage. Marriage… and nachos.>>There you have it. The things that really matter
in life is marriage and nachos.>>Nacho!>>My gosh. [Music] Abby, Julie, Look at these bikes. They’re twinners.>>[indiscernible chatter] [Music]>>So if its you guys, I think this is, this is gonna be his size. Its something that he,
is on the lower end right now.>>Russell, that’s a cool looking bike. I love it. Put your feet on the pedals. Oh man, he forgot how to ride a bike.>>Pedal, pedal, as fast as you can.>>Keep going. Keep going. Okay good. Good. Good. He’s going. Then turn around and come back to us.>>I…>>Russel, here.>>This is way too big.
>>Russell, no.>>On this pedal.>>Why not?
>>Russell…>>You don’t want a bike?>>I do want a bike,
but I want a different bike.>>Russell.>>Why, why? What’s wrong with this one?>>It’s too big for me.>>Well, it’s not too big for you, Russell. Yeah, it is. I can barely put my
feet on the ground.>>You’re gonna grow into it–>>No, I’m not.>>You got to keep pedaling, Russell.>>We’ll find a smaller one for you, all right. It’s okay if you fell down and crashed. I crash all the time, man.>>Oh man, you are all scraped up.>>I have scars everywhere
from crashing.>>Even big boys fall on their bikes, Russell. Come on in. Let’s try to find one that
fits you a little better, okay? Come on in. Look at me. It’s okay. It’s all right. My gosh! He’s gonna go look and see
if we can find a smaller bike, okay? But if they don’t have one, then would you be okay
considering getting that one, and just having me and Daddy help you over at the church parking lot
until you get really confident?>>Oh God, that’s worser. Would you be okay, Russell? I want you to go sit down, and I want you to think
about maybe getting that one, and reconsidering it. [Music]>>This bike.>>Okay. It just looks too small on her. This is so frustrating. I’m so tired. We’ve been here way too long, and we’re still figuring out the bikes. Tell me if you have a bike. What kind of bike Is it?
What color did you get? You look like you’re hunched over. That bike is way too small for you. Yeah, it is. It’s way too tiny. In my mind, I had the ideal day
of going and getting bikes, and then there’s reality,
which is you don’t have the bikes, then the colors they want,>>Or the right size, or the right shape. It is hard to keep a family
of eight and bikes. Someday, It’ll just be you and me, and we’ll only have to care for two bikes. What do you think Russell?>>Does that sound a little better?>>Yes.>>Say yes to the bike.>>Yes.>>Yeah?>>Yes. It’s a yes.
>>Awesome.>>Sweet. That’s what we like.>>You are gonna love that bike. I know it. All right. Let’s have a little pow-wow. I know it’s not the bike you picked, Julie, and it’s not the $1600 bike
that Abby picked out, She didn’t know it was that much. I I think that that is the perfect bike, and you can pick the color, and since I’m paying and Dad’s paying, and you’re not, I think you should say thank you.>>Thank you.>>You’re welcome.>>Julie, if there’s an orange, I call it.>>If you guys want…>>I get a tree, I got, I get…>>All right get out of my car.>>You can’t beat Cherry trees. Should we go to bed? That was painful.>>Can I?>>That was very painful.
>>I’m tired.>>If you have bike, and I don’t care if it has flat tires. I don’t care if it’s scratched up. Go tell your parents,
thank you for the bike you have, even if it has a flat tire, and you don’t love the color. Do that for me. You’ll feel much better, and your parents… Well, they can’t love you
anymore than they already do, but they’ll very much appreciate it. Dad, can you get my bike, my bike out? Dad, can you get my bike out? Can you get my bike out? Dad, can you get my bike out? Okay. I got him going. He’s pedaling, and now he won’t stop pedaling. Getting old sucks. Okay. Do you know how to stop? Put your foot down, Whoa, you know how to stop fast. Okay, now, start pedaling again. [Music] You got it. Okay, you’re a pro. That was easy. Another success for Dad. Yeah. I’m the greatest bike
teacher in the history of the planet,>>I DID IT!>>You did it? You did it. We’re excited but we
don’t know what you did. So, I was so afraid,
and then Dad holded on to my seat, and I kept on pedalling, and I kept on pedalling, and then I did it.>>You rode your bike? The big bike that you thought
was gonna be too big for you? Give me five. I’m proud of you. Oh, there we go. There we go. Keep it going. [Music]

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