New Broadway Star, Jane Lynch Delivers Breakfast and Laughs to the Streets of New York City

Hello Central Park and the greater Columbus
Circle Area. Glee star and new Broadway star Jane Lynch, she’s staring in the Annie revival
hit the streets of New York today delivering commuters and passersby some morning motivation,
a few laughs, and steady energy from belVita Breakfast Biscuits. It’s my favorite it’s
blueberry you have great calves by the way. Well I’m here in New York City totting the
values of the belVita Breakfast Biscuit which I’m a huge fan of. You know breakfast is the
most important meal of the day and yet they say half of us that say that don’t eat breakfast.
So when I discovered the belVita Breakfast Biscuit I really got on board because it does
work, it does give you that nice sustained energy. And does she really like these things?
I do love them and I love the blueberry. They’re all delicious. They’re baked and they’re crunchy
and we don’t have anything like it. Did you eat breakfast? Ok because I wanted to introduce
you to belVita Breakfast Biscuits. They are whole grain, they’re baked and they will give
you sustained energy all morning long. It’s easy you just throw in some yogurt, or a pear,
or a low-fat latte and you have a complete breakfast. The biscuits come in five different
flavors,. You can find them at grocery stores for $3.69. Go to to see
some funny videos with Jane too. Now what else is Jane up to? Well I’m doing Annie right
now at the Palace Theatre and I’ll be here for two months and I’m playing Ms. Hannigan
and I just opened and it’s been exhilarating and so fun. What’s next for her role as Sue
Slyvester in Glee? I’ve been hearing about a surprise twist too and I’m not really sure
what that is. I didn’t find out who my baby daddy was, Michael Bolton until I read the
script three weeks ago. And that was fun, that was fun to find out. In New York, I’m
Megan Meany.

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