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Thanks and enjoy. Welcome to subscribe our channels. The Book and The Sword ♪ My sky ♪ My land ♪ I have the whole country, but not you ♪ Don’t say love without taboos ♪ Don’t say love without end ♪ Love and hate, why bother to remember? ♪ Prosperity is transient ♪ like a flash in the pan ♪ The past floats into wind, like smoke ♪ How many enmities unsolved ♪ Half black hair became white snow ♪ Only missing you forever ♪ The sword in the sky ♪ cut off ties ♪ Looking back to find the old dream, but hard to continue ♪ Stand by the fence ♪ Tears shed sky ♪ The moon in hand, lighting up the world with me ♪ The sword in the sky ♪ cut off ties ♪ Looking back to find the old dream, but hard to continue ♪ Stand by the fence ♪ Tears shed sky ♪ The moon in hand, lighting up the world with me The Book and The Sword Episode 01 You? It’s you. You, a cold-blooded dirty rat I’ll enforce justice on behalf of Heaven today. even for myself. You are late. This enmity. I am afraid that you can’t revenge anymore. The Fourth. The Fourth. Wake up, the Fourth. Wake up. The Fourth. You haven’t returned my innocence. Go My Queen, Ertai comes. Minister Ertai kowtows to My Queen. I come here immediately when I got the imperial edict. The Emperor’s Order. Permission for. Security Minister Ertai and the Chief Eunuch, Youfu Li. Open the testamentary edict about succeeding to the throne. By the emperor himself. Prince Ninth, how about the thing? Our emperor has passed away? Yong Zheng died. Yes. I haven’t got the thing I want. He died. The throne have to be inherited. He has three sons. One is imprisoned. One does impertinent things every day. The only one who can inherit is Hongli, Prince Bao. Prince Ninth, what do you mean? The last chance now is that thing of Family Chen. [Haining City, Zhejiang] Master. Do your own thing. So beautiful. This. This. This. What’s going on? Master…Master. The Young Master sent a message just now. He said he couldn’t come back to congratulate your birthday. So, he got this idea. He wishes you bounty happiness and longevity of Methuselah. This kid is really naughty. These are gifts that young master gives you and madam. Young master has said This western compact is to wish you can get the eternal youth. This boy. He is… Bad news Bad news… Master. What? Message from the capital. The emperor passed away. What? Your Majesty That day finally comes. Quickly. Quickly. Quickly. Take all down. Tell the guests the banquet is cancelled. Quickly. Hurry up. Quickly. I have practiced martial arts for many years. I even willingly act as a servant in the Chen. Just for a chance to revenge. But when the chance finally comes Yongzheng died suddenly. The Queen arrived. My Queen. Ertai Yes. Announce it. Yes. Now announce the former emperor’s edict. All princes, Shangshu ministers kneel down to listen. May our emperor live forever. Said the blessed emperor. The fourth prince, Hongli, is obedient and respectful with noble character. Meanwhile, he gets the education from the holy father emperor. I have great expectations for him for a long time. Hongli inherits the throne right now. Continue the brilliant achievements of Qing Dynasty. By the emperor himself. Majesty said. Hongli obeys the emperor’s will. Ministers obey the emperor’s will. Your Majesty. Rise please. Thanks, Your Majesty. I have discussed with several old ministers. I respectfully call the former emperor, Xianzong. I change the reign title to Qianlong. May Your Majesty live forever. When your grandfather was alive, he had many sons. So, when he let your father inherit his throne, it caused a big conflict. But it was slowly solved later. Your father only have 3 sons. In this way, there is no problem. How long have your elder brother Hongshi been corralled? What I mean is whether you can send someone to look after him. And you can give a good ending. Hongzhou doesn’t like working, but he is your father’s biological son. Now that he is your father’s son, he should have one part of the territory. When your father was alive, You three are all princes. Now, you are the monarch and they’re your subjects. Actually, it is just an imperial edict. Just one word. In other words. In Palace of Heavenly Purity, vice versa, if you are the minister and they are the emperor, it is also a sentence. Do you know my words, Your Majesty? You wait here. Your Majesty. He is my biological brother. Nothing. Yes. Third elder brother. I visit you now. I am late, Your Majesty. Forgive me, please. Forgive me, Your Majesty. My third brother, why should you do that? Father didn’t make black white. He stuck me in the sealed room. Father. He stuck his several brothers to death before. Now. It is for his biological son. Your Majesty. You can know the taste. You stand up firstly. Your thing. I also sympathize with you. I come here for telling you that. Later. You needn’t stay here anymore. Your Majesty. It is said that I have the ambition about the throne. But I have not. Your Majesty. I was wronged. How can I suspect you? You stand up firstly. You have always been my dear brother. Just wait for my will. I leave now. Bodhisattva bless. Protect my big black head general. You have to win. Bodhisattva bless. Bodhisattva bless. Cricket fighting. Will Bodhisattva protect it? Your Majesty. Your Majesty. When did you come? Damn!  I’m a crap. You see this again. It is my order to prevent them telling you. We haven’t seen each other so long time. I really miss you very much. Father just had three sons. We lived together in the past. Since something bad happened to the third prince, why do we get unfamiliar with each other now? Hongshi. You. You are wronged. Aren’t you already dead? Impossibly.  Impossibly. With the blessing of the holy father. Your father hadn’t killed me. I’m alive. Why do you come here? I want to see. My poor dear nephew. So I think let you go to Shangshu Room. Go to do something genuine things. Share my worries. Your Majesty. You should know that. I have no ambition. I have no ability to work for court. In that year, father usually scolded me I’m a loser. Only know to worship the Buddha. But.  Permitted me. You let me go to Shangshu Room. I’m afraid I can’t help you but trouble you. I. I can’t really do it successfully. Just forgive me. Stand up quickly. It is strange to be seen that. Stand up. Your Majesty. Don’t worry about me. If you follow my words, I’ll tell you a secret. This is your chance. I don’t need. I don’t need. If I haven’t been trapped by you in that year. How can I lose myself like this way? You didn’t listen my words. You don’t afraid I can kill you now. I am alive now. It has no difference without my life. You are the akina. You are the akina. Dog.  Dog. You. What?  Hongshi. He suicides by poison. Answer my queen mother. Prince Third really suicides by poison. Nothing. You can go away. Your Majesty. What’s going on? Hongshi has been trapped so long time. He always be okay. He suicides by poison as soon as you visit him. What did you talk with him? My queen mother. I really don’t know. When I visited Prince Third, he has no sign with different performances. How can it be? You know that. My queen mother. You wrong me. When I visited Prince Third, I just go to tell him. I prepare to free him from Imperial Clan Court. You really intend to do that. My Queen Mother. You know. I got along well with Prince Third when I was young. But Prince Third had ever fought with you. It is Uncle Eighth’s incitement. Prince Third was confused at that moment. I need you to swear in front of the portrait of the holy father emperor. As a descendent of Aisin Giori. Be loyal to Qing Dynasty forever. Without any other thoughts. My queen mother. Why do you do in this way? How can I have another thoughts? Is it necessary for me to do that? Are you my son? I do this just for you. Swear. Quickly. Ancestors live on high. Your descendant, Hongshi, swears to God. As a descendent of Aisin Giori. I’ll be loyal to Qing Dynasty forever. If I have another thought, I will lose my throne. Meanwhile I will suffer the pain from a thousand arrows piercing my heart. If I have another thought,
I will lose my throne. Meanwhile I will suffer the pain from a thousand arrows piercing my heart. Your Majesty. Stand up. Thanks. Your Majesty. Why don’t you leave? Answer Your Majesty. Queen mother has another decree. Flunkey can’t follow you back the palace. Now that my queen mother has the decree to you, you must do with it well. No permitting something ignored happen. Yes. Your Majesty. Answer queen mother. I have brought Minister Li here. The security minister with the sword, Guangping Li. My Queen Mother. The last died emperor left the message.  Do it right now. Without any mistakes. Remember. Don’t lose the message. Yes. Quickly. Quickly. Prince Ninth. Prince Ninth. Leave it to me. Don’t chase. Protect madam. Ok. Madam. Madam. Madam. Don’t be grieved. Milord. Madam. I bring you to have a rest firstly. Swordsman. You have lived in my house several years. But I don’t know. Thanks for your help. I still don’t know your name. Madam stands on ceremony seriously. I am Wanting Yu. Please don’t be sad. We have dealt with those robbers. It’s the same as that. We have revenged for Milord Chen. Two swordsman. You are really righteous. But. The robbers are not usual. They are Xiaolan. You go out now. Yes. Two swordsman. I have a request to you. I know it isn’t reasonable to ask. But. Okay, Madame. You have words. Just tell me. My family has suffered this disaster. It must have some reason. I can’t explain it to you specifically. Nowadays. My only kid is in Hangzhou. I hope you can attempt to help me to protect him. Keep my pitiful Luo safe and bring him back. It must try to do it. Prince Ninth. I’m late. It’s the right time to see you. But not. Shiguan Chen died suddenly. His madam won’t trust us easily. Here.  Look at this. I have found it for several years. It’s not easy for me to find it out. You’ll know it after reading it. My good nephew’s story. So Mrs. Chen is really These years. I hide myself here It’s worthy of having a rough time. I kept myself around Yongzheng’s favorite trusted follower. Searching the chance hard The main task is to find the evidence. Now. It’s so easy for me to take it. Without pains-taking labors, we have taken efforts. Yes. Chunhua. I have two purposes to escort Mrs Chen. The one is to protect her. Because this man, It will be useful for us later. Otherwise You need to monitor her well. Yes.  I remember that. In the past, In my home, the two captains of the guard. Brother Chang. I have sent them to the Northwest for two years. How about their building for our stronghold? Everything is ok. But these three days. I can’t contact them. You can’t contact them. Yes. These two people.  They’re elusive. However, they are really ghosts. Old Wei. Speak bad words after people’s back. It is wicked. You can’t marry with an old age. Just like us. We are all ghosts. You two are really changeable. Prince Ninth. Prince Ninth. You two.  Don’t pretend to be ghosts. Following me to Hangzhou. Go to find Jialuo Chen back. Yes. How’s it going? Please forgive me. Shiguan Chen died. But his wife is saved by someone. She was saved. Who did it? They are two persons with excellent Kung fu. I can’t recognize them. Where is Jialuo Chen? He was not in the house then. Cut the weeds and dig up the roots. How to deal with Mrs. Chen and her son? You know how to do it. Yes. I know. Go. Yes. Your Majesty looks well today. They all say you have gone out. I haven’t thought it. You are finding me in a hurry. What’s going on? Nothing. Just want to see you. Really? The prince mother calls you here. To see what I am doing. This is the goal. What does she say? Tell me. Prince mother say You are the emperor now. It is different from being a prince. Your Majesty. Ertai comes here for a visit. Let him in. Yes. Your Majesty. This morning. Here’s the news from the Chen. Shiguan Chen died of illness last night. Shiguan Chen. The one lived in Haining Province. Yes. He is the welcomed minister by my father and privileged by the Court from generation to generation. He is diligent and loyal. I heard that he is an excellent person. Pitiful. So pitiful. It’s time for me to use people. Order the Minister of Rites. Let’s do with it following rules. Write a posthumous title and let me see. Yes. Although he died unfortunately, he can get your admiration. It is enough for him to return under the ground. You three. Against the new deal. Hatch a sinister plot. You harm the ancestors. Harm me. You are treason and heresy. You are not worthy to be Aisin Gioro’s descendants. You are not worthy to be sons of the holy father. You are not worthy to be my brothers. From this day You’re called akina and seshe. You are all beasts. Beasts. Beasts. Beasts. You are beasts. No. Beasts. Beasts. You are the real damn beast. I’m not the beast. Prince Ninth. Are you okay? I’m okay. Go out. Anything else? Prince Ninth. There’s the news from brothers. It is said they find several Xuedizis. They are willing to follow you. I want them to join our organization. It will be very useful for us. Good. That’s fine. Xuedizi. It is Yongzheng who use it to deal with people against him. Now it’s time to turn his battery against himself. Bring them to see me quickly. How many they are? 7. Ok. Let’s organize them to be the seven horsemen of the wind. You two dispatch them. Take them to the NW. Collect money. To build Yongle Castle. We’re going to chase for Central Plains. We must have a strong firstly. Yes. Okay. Have you heard the information of Jialuo Chen? He is in Hangzhou. Living in his grandfather’s house. This Jialuo Chen. He didn’t like a playboy. He is smart and vivacious. No matter who he is. I need to subdue him. Just regard him as Nezha. I must be Tota King. Are you okay? Sanlang. Thank you. Thank you. Go away. Circle it. What happened? Little boy. They’re governor’s bugger. Where can we reason with them? Bugger. The bugger are so rampant. I have heard that several days ago. he was killed by two robbers. The governor is searching for them. To catch them. They are arresting them. Mr. Zhao is rich and cruel. The couple of grand thief. They officially rob the rich and help the poor. Their action is very great. It is said they can fly fast. Go. Arrow. Brother. Two heroes! Go to mount the horse. Go. Prevent them. Stop. Stop. Stop. Stop. Come on. Sit down. Thanks for your help. You’re welcome. I’m Jialuo Chen. Now all buggers in Hangzhou are arresting you. The brother is hurt so heavily. Just stay here and have a rest. These bad man dared to poison the arrow. Brother, it’s my fault. Without me, you won’t get hurt by these evil people. Ice sister, it’s not the moment to talk that. So stupid words. Sister. The brother is hurt so heavily. He needs a treatment in time. When I was in home, I have learned some medical skills from my father. Let me treat him firstly. He is strong. The archery wound is not serious. But the poison has entered the deep body. Without timely treatment, he will get dangerous. How can we do now? How about this? You have a rest firstly. I go to find a doctor. I’m afraid he can’t follow with you. Let me do it. Don’t worry. I have this. Wait me to take this for him. He will come with me. Stop. Who are you? Why did you appear here in time? So young and rich. Is it your purpose to find a doctor or tell the governor? I Ice sister. I see this guy is with pure eyes. He won’t stand with the governor. Brother. Have you seen one man and one woman? Two robbers here. The man is hurt. He is dying. No. So queer; A fake message? I have waited here for a long time. I haven’t seen anything. If you tell us. The governor said they had 5,000 ounces of silver. We two can give you more than the half amount. Two governors. I really haven’t seen anything. You told me there are too much silver. Anyone who knows it will want to have it. Right? Look your performance. You don’t like a begger. Why do you come here? Speak it. I. I’m waiting for my friends. waiting for my friends? Search it. Yes. Officer. Really nothing here. You listen to me. Officer. Officer. Officer. It really has nothing. Brother. Brother. Catch them. Brother. Brother. Are you the gardener in my house? How amazing is your kung fu? Little master Chen. It’s me. Your kungfu is cool. Why do you stay in my house? Being a little gardener. Little master Chen. My story. We can talk about it later. It’s ok. The main purpose I come here. Your mom hopes I can take you back home in a hurry. Mom. Mom. Luo. What a bad disease did my father get? How can it be so sudden? Luo. Our family suffered this disaster. Entrust everything will be dealt with by me. You don’t need to know the inner reasons. Why? Daddy is so kind to people. How can he die so early? Your father has been more than 60 years old.  It is not short. Luo. You’re the only kid of Chen. I have think it over many times. Now. We need the swordsman’s help. Mr Yu. I’m not clear. What can I do for you, madam? Mr Yu. You save my son’s life and my life. Your kindness is so heavy to our family. I want you to be my son’s master. Madam. I’m afraid. Mr Yu. Accept him. Think about his died father. Mr Chen had a grace of keeping me in home. I should keep his son instead of him. Luo.  Kowtow for your adoptive father. My father. Prince Ninth. Prince Ninth. You find the kid back. Is it enough for your kindness? Why do you still bring him back the Northwest? He will make troubles for us. Chunhua. You also see the imperial edict. The guy has a special status. He must be useful in the future. I know. Look at the situation. I have to see him now. Hello. My ninth nephew. No. You are the nephew emperor now. It’s you. Uncle Ninth. How can it be you? You can’t imagine that Uncle Ninth, Aisin Gioro, he is still alive. Uncle ninth.  Long time no see. How have you been these years? You still remember me. I really should appreciate you. What do you mean? I still remember Uncle Ninth in the past You played grig with me. And taught me how to hunt. later. Afterwards, your father became the emperor. I had to pretend to have been died in other places. ♪ After meeting you ♪ at that day ♪ I couldn’t stop missing you ♪ You made me feel the sweet of love in this world ♪ I want to give you all my love ♪ Never to be separated in whole life ♪ Love changed ♪ It can’t go back ♪ No one to decide ♪ I choose to leave, as I’m not selfish enough ♪ You made me so lonely ♪ You made me hurt without strength ♪ Even I was hurt ♪ I let you go ♪ Please don’t come back when you left ♪ Loose your hands ♪ This feeling of love is most painful ♪ Who will be responsible for our problems ♪ Who will balance it ♪ I feel helpless and heartbroken ♪ I let you go ♪ Please don’t come back when you left ♪ Loose your hands ♪ This feeling of love is most painful ♪ Who will be responsible for our problems ♪ Who will balance it ♪ I feel helpless and heartbroken ♪ I let you go ♪ It’s hard to speak out the word of Break-up ♪ Loose your hands ♪ It’s me who give you the final warmth ♪ There is no excuses ♪ Something can’t be retained


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