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Please find “setting” icon to open Closed Captions. Thanks and enjoy. Welcome to subscribe our channels. The Book and The Sword ♪ My sky ♪ My land ♪ I have the whole country, but not you ♪ Don’t say love without taboos ♪ Don’t say love without end ♪ Love and hate, why bother to remember? ♪ Prosperity is transient ♪ like a flash in the pan ♪ The past floats into wind, like smoke ♪ How many enmities unsolved ♪ Half black hair became white snow ♪ Only missing you forever ♪ The sword in the sky ♪ cut off ties ♪ Looking back to find the old dream, but hard to continue ♪ Stand by the fence ♪ Tears shed sky ♪ The moon in hand, lighting up the world with me ♪ The sword in the sky ♪ cut off ties ♪ Looking back to find the old dream, but hard to continue ♪ Stand by the fence ♪ Tears shed sky ♪ The moon in hand, lighting up the world with me The Book and The Sword Episode 03 What are you doing? I’m out for a walk I didn’t mean that you were going to escape Do you have a crush on Huo Qingtong? When I was young I once waited for Mei around her home at midnight hanging around like you And then I Master Why are you still up? It’s cold at night. Go back inside with me Kid, you don’t need to say it I used to do this like you when I was young Come on Come on Don’t make any sound Stay here and don’t move Who’s that? Why are you here? What do you want to do? I…I don’t know, either I’m sorry It must be a misunderstanding A misunderstanding A misunderstanding I’ll leave here at once I’m sorry Don’t you feel ashamed? Why do you walk walk back and forth? Yuan hasn’t come here yet. Why? Why would I know? You don’t know? You want to quarrel with me again, right? Why are you being so anxious? I’m not anxious anyway Why don’t you talk to me? Are you worried about him? Are you worried that he’ll lose to me in the fight? You intend to kill your husband! You intend to your husband! Master, what are you doing here? Don’t quarrel What were you shouting? I suppose that old bastard must have died It would be great if he’s dead He is such an ugly and impoverished guy with indecent conduct that his death is not to be regretted He’s not dead and he lives a better life than any of us do Did you meet him? I met his apprentice Chen Jialuo? What did he do this time? I got it It must be that old bastard He must have come up with some bad ideas You shut up You see? It’s your weakness that I was talking about, right? -You shut up -Just tell us, Tong’er Tong’er, what’s going on? Tong’er, just tell us How did they bully you? I…I’ll fight against them for you Nothing special actually I saw him. That’s all That old bastard must be too timid to fight with me so he turned to bully me apprentice What a despicable guy! When I see him next time I’ll teach him a lesson Why did you go away? Silly boy, I was talking to you Why did you stand up and run away? I want to leave here You don’t want your luggage, do you? No, I don’t want it. I don’t want it I don’t want anything What are you doing? You look fierce today That’s good Good Now comes the more powerful Kung Fu Little jerk, is there something bothering you? I’m asking you Stop fighting with me. I’ll go after you if you go on with it That’s good When you get anxious in the fight your performance is better than usual You can’t become a talent if I don’t teach you this way Just learn it well Why did you sigh? You are still young now If you always sigh, you’ll get grey hair Master Master Uncle Yuan has come again Go and stop my husband. Don’t let them meet But they’ve met each other Go! Let’s go now! Alright. Alright Don’t fight. Don’t fight. Don’t fight So are you scared now? You can’t do it Take a look at this. I don’t understand it Why didn’t you ask me just now if you didn’t understand it? I didn’t want to talk to you What a strange guy You’re illiterate, right? Is there any word on it? There’s only meaningless scribble on it Haven’t you heard of hieroglyphs? All the Chinese characters originate from it Don’t talk nonsense with me about the so-called hieroglyphs You’re just quibbling Do you mean that you want Tong’er and Jialuo to have a contest on martial arts? Yes. Yes. Yes You see? Mei is very smart Jialuo and Tong’er have a contest on martial arts Why? He said If the two kids could have a contest on marital arts You two could compare your ways of teaching according to the Kung Fu they use in the contest Nice. That’s nice Let’s see whose approach is more brilliant Mei has a good understanding of it Mei is the person who understnads me better It’s impossible to trick me into this Just forget it I can’t explain clearly to you Dear, what does this drawing mean? Well Didn’t you figure out the meaning of it? Why do you seem to fail to understand it at this moment? I…I really can’t understand it Don’t lie to me, old biddy This old bastard said you understood him well, right? Why are speaking so harshly to her? I tell you When she’s free I’ll ask her out for dinner, taking a walk and drinking tea None of your business None of your business at all Step aside. I need to Today I am here to send the letter, not to fight with you Today I don’t want to fight with you I’m not scared of you whenever it is I’m old now, and not able to fight anymore Let’s give the chance to the young people Do you fear that your apprentice will lose to mine? It’s impossible That’s settled then If Jialuo loses it he’ll be at your disposal If your girl loses it she needs to marry Chen Jialuo and you have to return Mei to me How’s that? My rules are quite fair, right? You’re only daydreaming Anyway, I won’t have the contest with her Who is she? She’s Huo Qingtong Don’t you have a crush on her? Haven’t you admitted it already? Who’s admitted it? Alright. Alright. Alright Listen to me If you win I will allow you to leave here. How’s that? Who says I need to leave here? I’m having a good time here You’re such a good fellow as to sacrifice so much for someone else Little boy I’m not trying to set you up Since you like her you should strive for her love It’s better earlier than later That little girl is really beautiful In the future there must be many people who want to marry her If you miss this good opportunity the more familiar you get with each other the less chance you’ll have I’ve come to apologize to you I’m sorry for that incident on that day What is it? I can’t remember it. I know that you’re still angry now Actually I Do you think that if you say sorry you will feel better, right? No Anyway You’ve made an apology It’s my own decision whether to accept it or not You can leave now One more thing Go back and tell your master Don’t come to disturb us any more Every time he came both of my masters would quarrel with each other and become unhappy Actually he didn’t have any bad intention He only wanted to come to visit Master Guan I know something about their past But don’t you think that he is quite selfish to do that? This is not the right way to express his love for someone Then what’s the right thing to do? If you know it, can you tell me? You’re as selfish as your master He’s not selfish. He has no other way in fact If a person has a crush on someone else and he’s not able to be with her all the time it would be nice to see her frequently and listen to her talking Even if she only talks about the ordinary stuff If I were him If I were him, I would also do that I know you must think that I’m as bad as him That’s not what I think If I were him I wouldn’t do that Then what would you do? Why should I tell you? You should leave now By the way, go back and tell your master I won’t join the contest In fact, I don’t want to compete with you, either Why not? I don’t know, either You should go If If I don’t have the martial arts contest with you may I still come to visit you regularly? Why do you want to visit me? I I want to Qingtong What are you doing? -Master -Master Chen Master Guan Jialuo, why do you come here? I’ve come to visit Miss Huo Why do you visit her? Have you known each other before? Yes, we have Now I don’t care whether you’ve known each other before But you should go back and tell Yuan I don’t agree on your contest with Qingtong anyway Because it’s not necessary Both of you should work hard on practicing Kong Fu It’s better that you have less chance to see each other Master Chen Old man Lord Chen has been our friend for many years Jialuo is his son Actually we didn’t take good care of him ten years ago and were unable to make him stay with us Otherwise, he would have been our apprentice Have you forgot it? Yuan should be blamed for this If the master is a bad guy, the apprentice would be the same But we shouldn’t get angry with the kids anyway Then what do you think we should do? Jialuo Go back and tell your master tell him Master Chen has agreed if you can beat Qingtong by getting the emerald feather on her hair then in the future you can come to visit us frequently and compare skills of Kung Fu with Qingtong regularly Really? Of course Qingtong, what do you think? Thanks, Master Chen and Master Guan I’ll go to practice Kung Fu now I knew Mei would say something nice for you in the end Chen Zhengde that old monster He just hates to see the lovers have a happy ending You have no right to describe him like that You’re the same as him Both of you are the same sort of persons Who’s the same as him? Do you have any misunderstanding? It’s the fact Little boy Anyway it’s good that they agree on it Don’t worry. Just leave it to me Don’t do that It’s my own stuff I’ll settle it Thanks anyway Little jerk You’re such an ungrateful boy Miss Huo I want to get the emerald feather on your hair Please forgive me if there’s any offense Don’t talk nonsense any more. Just do it Quicksand flows hundreds of miles. Icy rivers flow reversely Green and emerald embrace. The moon rets Qingtong, the extraordinary lotus in the snow Idiot. Idiot. Idiot Even if you think her moves look nice you should also cherish your own life You’re being unreasonable. The master helped him It’s all because of your failure to teach him properly And now you want to blame someone else You should feel ashamed of it Old guy, it’s you who should feel ashamed The kids were having the martial arts contest and you gave instructions in the corner. It’s disgraceful She’s my apprentice. Of course I needed to teach her We’ve agreed the loser will be at the disposal of the winner You can’t deny it Who should be at the disposal of the other one? You don’t even know who’s the winner Jialuo, let’s leave here Go. Go. Go Why do you break your promise again? We’ve made an agreement Jialuo is quite talented For these two years he must have learned a lot of Kung Fu from Yuan Shixiao When the time comes he will be good helper for us But you should remember that we must not let her know what our real purpose is What’s more I need to forge a bond with him properly Foster Dad Foster Dad Luo’er Foster Dad I thought you wouldn’t come this year I’ve been very busy these few years and had no time to visit you How’s everyhing? How are you? How’s your master? That strnage old guy? He’s fine, but his temper is very odd He always come up with various tricks to tease me You have to put up with his odd temper It’s more important to learn his Kung Fu By the way, Foster Dad How’s my Mum? She’s fine. I often go to visit her If I really have no time to visit her I would send someone else to do so Don’t worry about that Foster Dad, thanks for looking after my mum for me for so many years My mum doesn’t allow me to visit her Luo’er For you the mose important thing is to practise Kung Fu well here You don’t need to worry about other stuff On my way here I took with me some clothes for you I don’t know whether they fit you or not. Just give them a try Foster Dad, this is for you What’s this? It’s saussurea involucrate. It’s difficult to get it I’ve heard from the old man that this is treasure for those who practise Kung Fu Taking it can help you improve your internal strength If you get internal injury it’s the medicine that can save your life Just take it Luo’er, promise me Don’t do such dangerous things in the future Your safety is the most important thing for me now Alright. I need to go now Can you see me off? How was it, foster dad? That’s great, Luo’er I never imagined it So does it mean that I can leave this unpleasant place? No, it’s not the time now That strange old man still has many unique skills that you haven’t learned Just go on learning them I’ll come to see you next year Take care, foster dad Take care Just go back Make way. Make way Make way Chunhua Go away Shuangying, don’t bother yourself because of them Make way Yang, I will take your life Who? If there’s anyone that can kill him I’ll give him big rewards Isn’t that Yu Jiuhong, the son of Lord Yu? Why does he still persist with it? Just tell me what’s going on Lord Yu Jiuhong was an honest official I’ve heard that the Emperor Yongzheng thought highly of him but unexpectedly, he came across misfortune after he resigned and went back to his hometown Someone from the Yangs took a fancy to Lord Yu’s sister-in-law and wanted to marry her Lord Yu said his sister-in-law already had her own love and had been engaged with someone else In this case he refused to accept the proposal of marriage from the Yangs Really? But on one would have imagined that pretty soon on one night the Yus were robbed it is said, by a gang of brigands Mr. Yu was learning Buddhist doctrines at that time and lived in the temple on that day. Or he’d have been killed What about Lord Yu and his wife? Both of them died Shuangying Here Go and save Mr. Yu We’ll meet each other later Yes Sir, do you know this guy? He’s the son of one of my old friends Leave here with me now Thank you so much for saving my life You’re one of us. Don’t mention it Please be up You don’t need to thank us We should get to know each other and be friends No problem You are? My name’s Shi Shuangying Bro Shi My name’s Wei Chunhua Bro Wei This is our Lord Jiu, Yu Wanting He’s also your father’s old friend It’s he who asked Shuangying to save you Lord Jiu, you are my father’s old friend? My father has already I know I never thought that such a good man like him would have been killed in this way Mr. Yu Don’t be sad We’ll help you take the revenge Although you regard me as your friend I mustn’t get you into this trouble Since I’m your father’s friend it’s my responsibility to take revenge for him We’ll do it tonight You should stay here for recuperation and shouldn’t go anywhere else Who? Who are you? Yang Shouye You oppressed the people and killed Yu family No, I didn’t You know it well on your own mind Even if I did it what can you do with me? Do you know who I am? Prince Zheng in the court is my distant relative Lord Viceroy is my brother-in-law If you weren’t Prince Zheng’s relative I wouldn’t kill you Father. Mother Lord Jiu has taken revenge for you Today I’ll introduce a friend to you you and he will certainly get along well with each other That’s what I feel OK. I’ll try to learn more about him -Please. -Please Please You…You are? You are? So do you know each other? It seems that we’ve never met each other before Please sit down. Please sit down You must have mistaken me as someone else -Please. -Please Mr. Yu This time, I’ve escoted you to Mt. Wudang You have to take a good rest for recuperation Don’t worry. The head of the mountain is my good friend If you learn swordsmanship from him you will make much progress in your Kung Fu Our family has been deeply indebted to you. I really Since we’re good buddies of the Red Flower Union you don’t need to thank me After you finish the learning and leave here we can get together again and practise justice making great achievements together No problem. Take care Take care, buddies -Take care. -Take care Who are you? Lord Jiu? Lord Yu, long time no see You didn’t die Lord Yu You’re so unlucky as to meet me Those who know I’m still alive must die Sir Sir, you can do the flying needles? Then why don’t you teach me that? You must be very proficient in Kung Fu Then why do you teach me knowledge on books? Don’t teach me knowledge on books Teach me Kung Fu instead I know nothing about Kung Fu I learned the flying needles and practised it when I was getting bored with the study Practice makes perfect. That’s it You’re lying Generally, those who uses hidden weapons have great internal strength I can also do a little bit of Kung Fu Sir I promise I won’t tell others about your teaching me the flying needles I’ll practise it secretly myself Sir, please teach me Sir, please teach me Alright. Alright I’ll teach you How about this? You come here tomorrow morning But you should remember what you’ve promised Don’t reveal it to anyone else Do you understand? I promise -No need for that. -Your Majesty Greetings, Your Highness Please be up Your Majesty, please sit down It’s the right time for you to come Prince Zheng told me just now that he had found several helpful assistants What’re their names? They have a nickname that’s not quite decent It’s “the Six Devils of Guandong” That sounds quite evil. It’s a bad name They will be the guards of His Majesty. That’s not appropriate They’re going to be my guards? Yes Mother I’ve got lots of guards like them You don’t need to bother with such trifles I think my own guards are more reliable If that’s what you think the guards chosen by me are not reliable Then I agree with it I’ll assign them to Bai Zhen He’ll arrange the work for them Please be assured, mother The Six Devils of Guandong I’ve never heard of them before I’ve heard of them Really? They became famous in recent few years They’re proficient in Kung Fu but come and go without a trace This time, Prince Zheng has successfully recruited them That’s a rare case I’ll assign them to you first They’ll be your spies at your disposal Since they’re recommended by the empress dowager we can’t send them back. Right? Old guy you’ve hidden here all your life as a teacher Then you think no one can find you. Right? Mr. Lu, do you remember me? You’re Jiao Wenqi Exactly I heard you are now one of the Six Devils, ranking the third That’s right Your fame is widespread The court has summoned you to put an end to a few official cases It’s not convenient for the three of us to visit you at your home We’ve come to invite you particularly Are you going to fight with me together at the same time or one by one? No more bullshit Stop. Don’t run Sir, are you OK? Thanks for saving my life Not at all I should help when seeing injustice I think others would do this if they see it How are you? I’ve got some Floral Powder with me It’s the best medicine to heal wounds You can take it Young hero I’ll try to repay you for saving my life in the future Young hero, please accept my bow No need for that. No need Could you please tell me your name? My name is Chen Jialuo Chen Jialuo My name is Lu Feiqing Young hero, I think it’s not safe to stay here for so long We should leave here as soon as possible OK But sir you’re injured now. Where do you want to go? You don’t need to worry about that I’ve got somewhere to go Alright Then be careful on your way. See you Young hero we shall meet again some day See you again Master Master Master, who hurt you? Yuanzhi, go and close the door now Master, I’ll go and ask for a doctor Yuanzhi, it’s not necessary I can cure myself You should go back and tell your father that I’m sick Ask him not to allow anybody to disturb me these few days Master, please be assured Take a good rest for recuperation What on earth happened? I’ll tell you in the future Master No one will come to interfere this time We can have a contest properly this time Let’s see if you’re capable of getting my emerald feather You mustn’t make a concession to me Or I’ll take you as a stranger in the future Do we really have to do this? Let’s do it OK You’re such a fool You could have got it Did you lose to her on purpose? I’ve lost Miss Huo’s skills are better. I candidly admit the defeat You lost. That’s great. That’s wonderful That’s splendid Yuan, listen up This time, your apprentice admitted the defeat personally Anyway, you should keep your promise Who says I want to break my promise? You win. My apprentice is not better than yours Good. You keep your words Although you’ve admitted the defeat this time you’re still an old bastard Do you think that I would believe in your words? Alright. Let’s go Tong’er, let’s go back I never thought that I would lose the contest You’re wrong. The winner is actually the loser Look Anyway you’ve got the emerald feather That’s quite delighting I finally got the chance to vent my anger Now I suppose Yuan is too ashamed to boast that his skills of Kung Fu is the best in the world Where’s your emerald feather? My lady, the chief has commanded you to go back at once What happened? People from other clans have come They will discuss about the incident that the merchants from the Western Regions got robbed by the gang of horse thieves named Zhuifeng Be quick. Be quick. Run ♪ After meeting you ♪ at that day ♪ I couldn’t stop missing you ♪ You made me feel the sweet of love in this world ♪ I want to give you all my love ♪ Never to be separated in whole life ♪ Love changed ♪ It can’t go back ♪ No one to decide ♪ I choose to leave, as I’m not selfish enough ♪ You made me so lonely ♪ You made me hurt without strength ♪ Even I was hurt ♪ I let you go ♪ Please don’t come back when you left ♪ Loose your hands ♪ This feeling of love is most painful ♪ Who will be responsible for our problems ♪ Who will balance it ♪ I feel helpless and heartbroken ♪ I let you go ♪ Please don’t come back when you left ♪ Loose your hands ♪ This feeling of love is most painful ♪ Who will be responsible for our problems ♪ Who will balance it ♪ I feel helpless and heartbroken ♪ I let you go ♪ It’s hard to speak out the word of Break-up ♪ Loose your hands ♪ It’s me who give you the final warmth ♪ There is no excuses ♪ Something can’t be retained


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