New Discovery//A sensor spray//by Drama Station.

Hello guys it’s me Shakti kumar. And today i am going to talk about a very special type of spray. Yes a new kind of spray has been invented which is loaded with Microscopic Electronic Sensors. So keep watching this video till the end. I will tell you the Environmental and Medical benefits of this spray. Dr Volodymyr koman. A Chemical Engineer at MIT has created this spray in lab experiment with his colleagues. And this spray is specially targeted to pollution. Using tiny 2-D materials,researchers have built a microscopic chemical sensor , that can be sprayed in an aerosol mist or in a polluted areas. Spritzes of this spray will help to monitor the environmental pollution and diagnose diseases. Each sensor comprises a polymer chip about one micrometer thick and it is across 100 micrometer about as human hair and overlaid with a circuit made with automatically thin semiconductor materials Now the question is that from where this tiny device will get power(electricity) to be activated. so for fulfillment of this great need a photodiode is included. Now Photodiode is a device which converts ambient light into electric current By which current starts flowing in it and the device gets started A chemical detector is also included in this circuit which is made with 2-D material it has a property to flow the electric current more easily It means i will help the photodiode Now let’s talk about the medical benefits of this spray. These devices are so tiny that it could also be injected into a person’s bloodstream through injection. To monitor it’s chemical composition, for medical purposes. the main benefit, that we wouldn’t require drawing any blood, in any blood test. And this chemical sensor could be taken as nosal spray and swallowed to track digestive health. Now This would be used in industries. This sensor spray will detect toxic ammonia inside a sealed big section of piping. that, is there any leakage. The team is also investigating ways to power the circuit without ambient light means it could be activated in absence of light. and investigation is continue to integrate multiple detectors onto a single chip. so that current would flow more and more easily. So let’s see when this spray will be launched in practical use. Thank you so much that’s all for today. Guys please share this video, LIKE COMMENT and please please please SUBSCRIBE Please subscribe Must subscribe. Thank you so much.


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