New Drama News Show: DRAMA SCOOPS! (Pewdiepie, pewdiepie, pewdiepie)

Zankoku na tenshi no you ni… Shonen yo, shinwa ni nare…. WHAT IS UUUUUUUUUUUP (the sky) substitles by Shuik and Nexus Rising 😛 bRo-aRmy naTion? I am your new-uh. I… I ran out of ideas. So, today. I’m So…. N- from now on I’m going to… So from now on I’m going to report the
news… oh god (pewdiepie regrets doing this) Reporting…. I’m doing the news now I hate drama, but I need to do this. This is my purpose This is my real purpose, and I think this might be My core message I made that video I do do I still stand by, I do hate drama but I need to do this drama show now
cause Keem is quitting and Scarce is…. Scarce Let’s g- I need I need my I need to be
original here otherwise this is not gonna work… Let’s get slamming on the PewDiePubes
will get into the news. Let’s go inside… uh… let’s go inside the
stories! I like that one. Actually, let’s do that one let’s go
inside the stories the scoop. Oh no, that’s- scoop is better Let’s get into the latest scoops. Our first story you will not believe!
Scarce has come out as homosexual. YAH HES GAY NOW!?!?!? HERE BECAUSE YOUR BLIND! Also, his parents confirms that they
think he’s gay now. We reached out to Scarce for a comment
about the situation “And I’m Gay” I told my parents I’m gay right and my
mom is super homophobic on both like my mom and my dad actually like grab my
balls and they both sincerely think i’m gay now Oh my god I just, I can’t fucking believe
it and I’ll see you later peace I’m gay. Syndicate has confirmed that he
is the vice president of CS:GO Lotto As you can see here on the title and
thumbnail Oh my god I need to create a website as well Another breaking story, this is the big
one guys iDubbbz has also come out as gay in his coming out video I’m gay! Now, I don’t personally give my opinion on the show No matter what, but I personally think
this is terrific. Everyone support iDubbbz in this
decision, uhh he made. The next news might shock you. It involves a dear friend of mine and… you know it pains me to do this but Jacksepticeye says… “I got to see all my friends” Jacksepticeye doesn’t have any friends… Why is he lying about this? We don’t know. Why did Jack lie about the situation? We don’t know. Coming up next, noop… noob… (pewds meant scoops) the next scoop is…. might shock you uhh A scientific breakthrough has been done
in the YouTube community today as Roman Atwood discovers water colder than
zero degrees Now we didn’t know that it was possible for water to be colder than zero degrees but it seems that Roman Atwood
has done it. He also attempted to swim in this coldest water ever and it
seems that he survived somehow. Could Roman Atwood be a superhuman? We
reached out to Roman Attwood for a response. Roman Atwood is that- we’re having a
Roman Atwood live here on Skype. “Yeah dude.” “I just… went…” “I found the coldest water and I just went straight in” “I needed to prove you dude that it was sick dog” Thank you for your continuing support in the YouTube community. Roman Atwood has murdered his own children!! We reached out to Roman Atwood for a response. “Yeah dude, it’s just… it’s just a click bait title.” So you’re saying that you didn’t murder your children? “Yeah man, I wouldn’t…. I wouldn’t…. I wouldn’t do that dude.” Then why did you put it in the title?!? -silence- Roman? Ro- Roman? Roman has yet to leave a response. THE NEXT SCOOP EVERYONE Leafy decides to leaf… YouTube. He is officially done with YouTube and…. I for one support Leafy.. pftttt There has been a lot of scoops today but there are many more scoops to cover. Wait what’s this, what’s this? News team? What’s this, ComedyShortsGamer has found the best game ever… Twice! CANCER Could ComedyShortsGamer potentially suffer from amnesia? We reached out to ComedyShortsGamer
for a response. *screaming* (Ear drums explode) This just in right now live on the scoops PewDiePie’s dad is gay. We reached out to PewDiePie’s dad for a response. Oh, my God. Absolutely news breaking. “SCARCE”: Hey guys, uh, next up it looked like Faze Rain murdered his
roommate; it’s pretty big news here Uh, I don’t know if it’s true or not but
it seems here there’s a knife and going into his roommates back. Um, I’m not going to dig any deeper than
this because… IT DON’T FUCKING MATTER FOR SHIT But it seems, yes, Faze Rain did
murder his roommate. That was it for this week’s of scoops. I hope you are all a fan of this new show format that I will do for a year and then quit. Keem, just come
back I can’t do this fucking job all right, I don’t I can’t I can’t do it I can’t do it T^T
favorite and like this video for more uh, scoops. (Help meh) PewDiePie now over a lot of subscribers. *Lies* *cue neon genesis evangelion opening.. again* #DicksOutForHarambae

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