NEW YORK CITY. MAKE IT HERE., featuring Theatre of the Oppressed NYC

My name is Katy Rubin, and I am the founding artistic director
of Theatre of the Oppressed NYC. I started Theatre of the Oppressed NYC because I
found that there was not a lot of what we call popular theatre
going on in the city. (So we can stop and think of something right.
We’re just playing around.) If I wanted to create theatre with communities facing discrimination
especially homeless work, things like that that we’re already starting, I had no idea how to go about it. Spring of 2010 and I saw the
call for applications for the Artist as Entrepreneur Bootcamp, and I thought this is fantastic because
I can see the work that I want to do, I have a vision, and I have no idea how to put it
in place. My name is Peter Cobb and I work as a special projects officer at New Yorks Fundation for the Arts.
The Artist as Entrepreneur Bootcamp deals with strategic planning, legal issues, financial issues,
marketing and networking, and finally fundraising. The main theme of boot camp, was that my life goals and my art
goals are inseparable, and then the boot camp helped me think about what are the
steps I need to take practically to get from one to the other. What distinguishes Theatre of the Oppressed is that, the people with the problem, the people
facing discrimination in a community get to make their own play and use their
own voice, identify their own problems in a play. NYCEDC has proved an incredible
commitment to the arts and to artists by funding NYFA for a program that trains artist to, be the best that they can be as artist
entrepreneurs. Every day somebody is calling up and saying
can we start troupe with this organization, can we start a troupe with this community, and we’re hoping that we can be
sustainable, so that we can offer, this process of creating theatre and
having this dialogue with twenty, thirty communities at a time in
New York City. My name is Katy Rubin, and I’m the founding artistic director of Theatre
of the Oppressed NYC, and I made here in New York City.

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