NewsOK Visits the Set of Oklahoma Rebate Film Blueberry Hall

Thank you ladies. All quiet, roll sound. Scene 6, take 8. Mark. “Blueberry Hall” is produced, directed and
filmed by Oklahomans. The production utilized the Oklahoma Film
Enhancement Rebate Program administered by the Oklahoma Film and Music Office and was
also produced by Okiewood Films. The Oklahoma Film Enhancement Rebate Program
offers a cash rebate of 35-37 percent on qualified Oklahoma expenditures to film and television
productions filming in the state. In addition to an all-Oklahoma crew, several
recent University of Oklahoma graduates appear in the film, which is being shot in Guthrie. We were able to hang out on the set with the
cast and crew while they were at the Scottish Right Temple, which claims to be the largest
Masonic Temple in the world. We interviewed Director Keshav Tyagi and actors
Kasey Weir, Matt Holmes and Josh Bonzie, who play Michelle, Ian and Dustin, and got to
know their characters and got an idea of what life was like on set. I’ve gotten to work with a lot of the crew
members before and I’ve got to say this is uh probably my favorite crew of people to
work with, thus far out of anything I’ve ever worked with because everyone is so open and
so um generous and patient and kind and hard-working and we’ve got a really, I’d say we’ve got
a good relationship with the crew so far and everyone is so supportive and everyone’s here
to work which is what you can really ask for. I didn’t know anybody on the set, so it was
really, it was really, I was a little intimidated because I met the, met Keshav the director
like two days before we started shooting so we had to immediately make a bond and then
meet everybody. We have like 50 plus people involved behind
the scenes so it’s, it was really crazy but they all know each other and like they’re
really open and it’s been such a family experience that everything, everyone’s on the same, same
boat. We’re all ready and going toward the same
goal and everyone, everyone gets along. It’s been an awesome process. I’m born and raised, I’m from Oklahoma and
I gotta say like it’s just, there’s just something about being here, I feel so uh homey and at
home and it’s warm and everyone here’s just radiates that from the cast down to the crew. Even those who aren’t from Oklahoma, um, they’re
still along for like this ride that we’re on. I just think it’s fantastic. Yeah, I know for me it’s very comforting knowing
that, I mean we’re all, we’re all working on the same project, we all want it to turn
out the best and so we’re all rooting for each other and I know my first day driving
to set, I was really nervous but then the second I came on set, everything melted away
and it’s, we’re all just rooting for each other and so it’s a really good atmosphere
to work in and be vulnerable. Film and music in the state of Oklahoma is,
I think, thriving. I think that, as you mentioned earlier, the
momentum. We’ve got that momentum, um, reestablishing
our rebate program in August of 2014, uh, for ten years really set us in a good place
where having that longevity of the program, people are taking Oklahoma seriously. Um, and once we can lure them into the state
and they can meet the people and see our locations. I think that people fall in love with Oklahoma
for the people and all the diversity of locations that we have. We also have something going for us, I think,
that maybe some other states don’t have in that Oklahoma hasn’t been seen a whole lot
out there and so we have some new, um, visitors and new people looking at Oklahoma to bring
films here. The evolution of the entire, like, scene here
has evolved a lot in the past like five, four, three, two years. Um, to be honest, like, I’m not sure if I
could’ve done this as well, like, two years ago, ya know? And the person that I have to thank are just
every film that came here and all the other homegrown films. It doesn’t matter who it’s by, when it was
made or the budget but the fact that they really kept this kind of going and growing
and saying no, it can be done and so that’s why it can be done at this high, uh, kind
of aspect and way because there were people saying “Let’s do it! Let’s do it! Let’s do it!” and that’s the growth. It comes from like everyone who was doing it before me. Ya know? It’s just this constant pace of saying ” Come on. Let’s
do it! Let’s do it!” So…

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