Newt and Tina in the Hall fo Records Fantastic Beasts Crimes of Grindlewald

Yes, this is Leta Lestrange. and eh I’m, I’m her Fiance! Tina, about that fiance business… Sorry yeh, I should have congratulated you! No that’s not- Lumos Lestrange Tina, about Leta… Yes, I just said I am happy for you! No I don’t, please don’t be happy! Oh no, no, sorry I don’t… Obviously I- Obviously I want you to be.. and I hear that you are now. H- Which is wonderful! Sorry what I’m trying to say is… I want you to be happy But I don’t want you to be happy that I’m happy because I’m not Happy! or engaged! What?- It was a mistake in a stupid magazine! my brother’s marrying Leta, June the sixth I’m supposed to be best man Which is… sort of mildly hilarious! Does he think you’re here to win her back? Are you here to win her back? No, I’m here… You know your eyes really are.. Are what? I’m not supposed to say… *at the same time* Newt I read your book-I’ve got a picture of you- wait did you read *very quiet* did you? I cut this em.. It’s just a picture of you from the paper It’s interesting because your eyes… in newsprint In reality They have this effect in them Tina.. It’s like… It’s like fire in water. in dark water! and I’ve only ever seen that… I’ve only ever seen that in… Salamanders!


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