hi everyone um welcome back to my
channel I know I didn’t post yesterday and I apologize I had a lot going on and
I just kind of took a break since I posted two videos last week right now
though I was looking on Twitter and I noticed
that Nicki Minaj is apparently doing a challenge where you rap to her Megatron
song which I just recently listened to for the first time I really loved it um
sorry there’s water in my mouth um alright my lip but yes it’s really good
I love and I wish I could do that rap but I obviously I’m not even gonna try
that cuz yeah that would just be a total failure and there’s some really good
ones I’m I’m there so far I’ve seen um that are amazing people are so talented
that can rap I can’t do it I wish I could but anyway apparently on Instagram
I think it was she went off again about the whole thing about her history
with cardi B and little Kim and was just going off about the beef all over again
and I just think it’s silly she needs to let it go like let her music speak to
her for itself and her talent because she is amazing
I think she’s way better than I don’t know about way better than cardi B but
she’s way more talented than cardi B I will say um cardi B is amazing and she’s
really beautiful but she just doesn’t have the same she can’t rap like Nicki
can and I don’t know it just seems more produced and fake than Nicki’s more
authentic so but I actually I listened to both Nicki Minaj and cardi B I loved
them both so it’s not really a dig at cardi um because seriously I love them
both they both have good songs that I like I like that female
our thing and I’ve always really looked up to that so that’s the type of music I
listen to even now and I’ve been listening to it
for so long so I’m also a big huge Britney Spears fan so I like other music
it’s not just rap but anyway I just want Nicki to believe in herself stay
confident and to just let the drama go that Fashion Week party that they got
into a fight at well it wasn’t really a fight but cardi B totally whipped a shoe
at her and was talking crap to her and Nicki Minaj really didn’t do anything
she didn’t want to get in trouble or like start a big feud over some dumb
stuff so she just kind of like backed off and I think that was the right thing
to do I think this drama is just ridiculous it’s two females battling
with each other to be on the top and quite frankly it shouldn’t really matter
there should be room for two but I get it I get that there’s not I was just
watching the Herman Wiggins show and he’s like there’s not room for two and
while I think that’s true I think it’s there should be plenty of room there’s
plenty of room for all kinds of talent I mean there’s many pop stars I mean but
then again he is saying that there’s not two of the best pop stars you know what
I’m saying like one’s the best always so anyhow in
other news I was watching yesterday how Arielle tweeted about there being white
or needing to be a white Ariel for the new movie and they casted a black girl
in it and she was just going off that drama is ridiculous race should not be
an issue at this point in time but it just shows how bad like an racist
America is that you know people still think like that and that’s not going to
change so anyways I’m sorry about this this is
all I have for today um I will be back in a few days probably with another
video please like comment and subscribe down below and I will have another video
coming up for you guys in the next couple days
thank you for watching I’ll see you next time bye

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