Nicole Sherzy STORMS OFF Stage After Simon Cowell Night of DRAMA! | The X Factor UK 2017

Okay guys, it’s my turn okay So the judges are any sign into the hot seats terms of the groups and their success challenge I would absolutely give you a seat Well it’s not your decision it’s mine Guys Guys what going to have to take a seat Thank you, I don’t know if you’re ready to move forward in the competition yet, though You know our you’re lucky, I’m sitting in this chair cuz you gotta change So gonna need you to take seat number I’m looking at your ages here even though. You’re just the same age are even younger than boat Road I feel you’re actually more prepared to go further in this competition Thank you very much, thanks to go. Thanks. You’re welcome anytime cool. Thanks. Don’t you have to agree Go and take a chat Okay Bradley Sara, I thought the song Was genius take a seat This is all wrong I think this is what I call a great Arena Performance in terms of I could tell why the crowd liked him I have a feeling however when we listen to this back on the TV. This is not gonna sound as good as we thought I want to hear something else okay bang bang into the wrong Sorry I love weird take the last check I’m glad Simon stopped the song so I was like wow they managed to take a cool song and make it uncool It was just the wrong song choice, I’m sorry now just the harmonies and everything we’re a little off today girls It’s the end of the light girls. Thank you Guys what you’re doing musically represents who you are Bro And I see a cap in the market for a group like Which is why you were gonna be taking one of those show seed number two Perot. It is the end of the road Jvk I’m so proud of you boys my Filipino brothers up there I’m proud that you flew all the way from the Philippines because you are not flying back home They’re the best note 2 through here today Okay, I’ve made up my mind. I’ve made up my mind you are Not gonna be disappointed you’re gonna. Have a seat Go and take seat number one sorry guys in the way Guys I’m gonna be honest with you after that I’m not sure I’m gonna give you a chair So I need to hear another song Was to pack up in an original song called time we hit up Y’all make mistake Senor nor we exception Think it’s very difficult for people your age to be on a stage this big because you’re showing your nerves So I have to make a decision whether I think this is Right for you or too much for you You are gonna take a seat you’re gonna have to swap With seat number five Next up or a new girl band who all received nose at earlier stages in the competition Kelsey, I’m so sorry Skye Imogen Charlie and Lydia Well this is interesting right These five girls were in Sharon’s category and all got rejected All right, how’s it gone? Surprisingly, we got this song last night As you can tell I have no chance What are you gonna sing we’re gonna sing hey mama by Nicki Minaj, okay, let’s do it Woman be a baby yes, I’ll be whatever when you tell me that you just Think what we did with 24 hours with your help with Martin Look I’ll tell you what I’m gonna. Do there is somebody who I let go Well, I think actually should be in this group The girl put ash Just like to bring ash up on the stage proving it – do you know this song We just teach her the opening lines you star, and then the others will join in No our ash first I didn’t even ask you whether you and I should like to do this oh My god. This is your chance give it a chance every day obviously This is my dream, and I do want this I think your voice would be perfect with these girls do it be selfish You are gonna take a seat, and we’re gonna have a sing-off between Number one and number four Okay the group I’m gonna take through to the judges homes our lemonade

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