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I’m watching snails enclosed in glass cages. They are carnivores. They take up human shapes and eat each other. Mommy has to go now, but she will be back. You will stay here and when she is back, you’ll get a cake. Ok? Come here. Keep your eye on Borys and behave the both of you. Mommy will be back soon. Wow! What takes you so long pretty boy? Sorry. I overslept. Disaster. Same here, in sphincters department. I’ll piss myself any minute now. I’m done now. Oh, what a relief. What are you embarrassed about? INVISIBLE What? Do I look bad? My body is still in shape. Good hair. Pretty eyes. And lips. Shapley legs. Everything in order. No? Why they do this to me? They hate me. For what? I love. I love them all! Even those assholes above. Same again? Again? Call police. And what am I supposed to tell Police? That they hang around the staircase
and flash their willies at me? You can’t allow it. They laugh and so will the police. She’s right. You can’t leave it like that. I can go and have a word with them. Word? What word? You have to punch them in the face. They don’t understand any other language. You have to report it. One day, I’ll take a knife from the cutter and
will trim those bastards as they piss on me. Will trim them and feed the dogs. Can I fix you a drink ladies? You know very well, you could fix me good. There’s nothing in there. Jesus, what is it meant to be? End of the world? In that rain? Has God forsaken you? Why are you shaking like a leaf? I am not. I can see. I’m not. Did you take a walk in this rain? Was I supposed to spend 3.40 on a ticket? It can get me a bread and two rolls. Will not waste money on driving my ass. She didn’t want to and now
she froze her ass off. It’s only rain. It’ll dry out. Easy to say, but when you get ill, the
Scrooge will sack you first. He can’t. She’s protected by the law. There is nothing to laugh about. He doesn’t really have to sack her. He just won’t prolong her contract. She’ll yell at his door
begging him to take her back. And that lady has to like
that right from the morning? Why? Did something happen? What happened? Jesus, it’s cold! Are the radiators turned off? The Scrooge is saving on the heating. I’d chop his dick off, too. For he was only paying. I’m telling you, he’s got some
other, illegal seamstresses. It hasn’t been proven. Only now he looks at us, like if it
was one of us that snitched on him. Of course, it was one of us. The only question is which. It stinks of mustiness, like
if we were already dead. It’s mould. Have a look around. It’s everywhere. We need to neutralise it. Right from the morning? But of course! We need to kill that fungi inside. Drink girls, it’ll warm you up. You won’t kill any fungi with that. I’d tranquillise the old one too. For he was only paying. I will withstand everything
for he was only paying. You have to pray it through. To whom? To God. There’s no God in here. Is there something for me? For later? I don’t want to pile too much on you. Oh please, pile on me boy! You’re in need of love. Love is what you need,
woman, you need love, love, love. Hello? Has someone written to me? I am here, so someone must have written. I always show up where they need me. Who are you? I am Maria Miracle. Nice to meet you. G’day. Everybody knows me. I know her! She’s from tee… You’re getting warmer. …from TV! I saw her on my neighbour’s TV. Is that the one that sells
pots on pilgrimages? That’s right. Put your finger here. Where? Here. Can you see this? Can you? Here? Yes. What exactly? Never mind. Time to start our Fortune Survey. If you are trying to sell something,
you are wasting your time, as we haven’t got any money. The old man doesn’t pay well and
on the top of that irregularly. Indeed, he owes us large amounts of money and when it’s time to pay, he fucks off. And exactly due to people like him the capitalism is booming in our country. Booming. Exactly! That’s exactly what I am here for. You must answer all questions. Okay, you can start. Do you struggle to make the ends meet? Do you want more money? Oh boy, what a question? Stop gabbing and write. Did you ever win some
small amounts of money? If I had won anything, I wouldn’t
be fucking stuck here, doh? Stop swearing, or you will chase her away. Do you experience problems
in your marriage? Do you wish to meet somebody,
who will truly love you? With a dong like that. Stop it, or you are going to offend
her and she’ll leave. If you don’t want to write,
don’t, but give us a chance. Would the sum of one hundred
and fifty thousand be enough? Oh shit, how much? She’s saying that it would be enough. Would you like to send
Maria Miracle a message when you already won large amount of money, or when your problems got solved? If you drop some cabbage for the stamp. She saying that when you give
her money for the stamp. Okay. Do you feel that your life is troublesome and Maria Miracle could help you? I do. So do I. Yes? – You?
– Not quite sure, but that would kick ass. She’s saying that she feels so too. Okay. Would you say that your current problems stop you from living your
life to the fullest? Fullest? What do you mean? I am fucking alive, ain’t I? Or am I?
I don’t know myself. What do you think? She said, she’s alive. Okay. Along with six secrets you
will receive a golden number and an information
about your nearest future through which you will receive
a large amount of money. And now you can make me a coffee. We’ve only got instant. I can forget about cappuccino then? Unfortunately. Here is your coffee. Thank you. I’m sorry. That’s okay. Here you go. And sugar. White? That will do. Oh. My God! How late! My gut. I get to go. I will be back though. To collect Fortune Forms. You’ve got to fill them up thoroughly. Fortune is near by. All you have to do is to reach out. You deserve it. Bye bye! Delivery. Again? The old man will kill us. I will have to deal with you separately. After my dead body! The cutter is our man. I’ve seen her before. The one, that was here? Bullshiter. Why bullshiter already? She is selling something, that’s all. I know, I went with the young
one to watch exhibitions… Oh, Filip is into art? I went to buy him a cream cookie
and to watch beautiful people. That could be her, for so elegant. Actress. A star of some tv series. What was the name of it? “The ass of fortune”. No, that one was younger. Or maybe it was her. She was going from shop to shop and buying. She was probably depressed, cause when an
actress is depressed, she must buy and buy. She had to buy stuff to get
out of that depression. Fucking star. Then she went to the parking
with those bags, to her car. She couldn’t fit all of them even though it was a huge car, on those
big wheels, with shiny lights… From the TV. They drive ones like that there. She was paying with some cards. With plastic. Her wallet was full of that plastic plastic and cashiers smiled when she
was handing those cards over to them. Of course, they were smiling. That’s what they are paid for. But then they would return those cards
and she was going to another shop and there was a fountain and a glass lift, shops next to each other and she would go to other shops and pay with those cards and another and buy and buy and it turned out, she spent twenty
thousand with those cards. Bitch! You must have dreamed that. Such a fortune. I’ve never paid with plastic. Which one of us has? We don’t deserve plastic. And she must have been some sort of a saint. What the heck are you on about? Why “saint”? Cause she smelled like Father Pio. I kneeled and crossed
myself when I saw her. You out of your mind? You have been dreaming. You lier. She smiled at me and gave me two zloty. Bitch! Two zloty? For taking care of her trolley. So you took her frecking trolley back instead stilling one of her bags? That’s the dream I had. Dreams can be beautiful sometimes. They’re fucking awesome. This is what it is going to be
like in heaven. You’ll see. If we ever get there. We won’t. And why? Where exactly we would get? Does any of you know where it is, cause I don’t? For all your swearing they
won’t even take you to hell. They won’t take me anywhere as I am staying here with Mr. cutter. What a dump. When autumn comes I loose all my will to live. Like if in summer time you had any. I do have some for most of the time. I don’t have any even in summer. Since when? You’ve always wanted everything. Meh, I can’t be bothered, fucking period. When it gets me the most, is Christmas. I’m walking around and stare
into people’s windows. So many, colourful lights. For what all those lights
when it’s so dark around? You’ll have them yourself too. I guess, so people have will to live. How? I’m telling you, this
Christmas will be colourful. If the asshole pays. If he doesn’t… Yeah, if he doesn’t,
what are we going to do? He’ll pay, he will. If he does, I could have
a proper Christmas Eve. Proper?
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Without a bloke? Without. I don’t have any and
always prepare a dinner. Maybe I should move here. Here, with Filipek? We managed in worse conditions. We should get the Scrooge, tie him up and throw under the floor. If you don’t pay everything you owe us, we will chop your balls off. Fuck. Cover yourself. One hen was pissing beside the fence. And a guy got horny. Jesus. Stop pissing in plain sight. And where the heck am I supposed to piss?! Flash at least. It stinks
all day otherwise. It stinks because she’s got bad ovaries. You look at your own ovaries. Your breath stinks. Your locks don’t shut. It reeks of acid. And your armpits reek of acid. It’s a miracle, that boy is still with us. Whatever. Everyone is full of that shit inside. How do you know about that shit? Have you had a look inside? Human life is rotting. It’s enough to have a look at what gets out of us. And the saint smells of roses. He’s full of shit too. Not a saint. The saint smells nice inside too. How do you know? All saints smelled the same: of roses. Cutter smells nice. He must be saint too. And where are your kids? Bit quiet today. They stay at home, doing homework. All of them? Even boys? They’ve got a lot to catch up. They have become studious all the sudden? Strange. What’s that? What? That. Can you hear? What? Nah, can’t hear a thing. Stop machines. Somebody’s crying. Voices. Hallucinations you have, delusions. What a nonsense. Maybe from that hard candy? Not too early? What is too early? To the voices. So there is someone, who will
beat them out of your heads. Disappeared. I could swear, I heard them. If a girl hasn’t had her chimney swept then she starts hearing them… voices. Did you see his calfs? Are you into him? He’s still a kid. Depends on what you look at. Bottom, or top. Your one is not enough for you? Not enough. You want to scoop them all for yourself. You envy me, for my attractiveness. What exactly I should be envious about? If I only wanted… You saying, you don’t? I don’t care. I do see how you stare at him, how you flex, when he’s behind you. And what for you flash your cunt to him and piss right under his nose? I want him to watch. Maybe he is going to dream about it like I dream about his dick every night. You’ve got some imagination. Why? I saw it, I saw it all from behind the curtain. Did you watch him? I would know very well, what to do with it. Your bloke’s dick is not enough for you?! I don’t know myself. It’s like a daydream. I can’t help it. Like that picking apples from your neighbour’s tree, who keeps bullterriers in the orchard, but you are going anyway, despite the fact that they
can tear you to pieces. Have your kids been out today? It’s pouring down with rain. They’ve always been hanging
around like crazy. I am a slice of meat hanged by a famous painter. What is this? Is that, what you see? That’s just a stain. Well, everybody sees something. That is a stain. Well, yeah, it is just a stain. Sure. And this? And what possibly could that be? Damp patch? Stain. Stain. I am a slice of meat hanged by a famous painter
in a butcher shop. Carcass of Jesus Christ. He’s saving even on gas, fucking capitalist. A Christian wouldn’t do that. What kind of a Christian is he? On the surface only. If he turned the gas on, I could
make some scrambled eggs. I’ve been dreaming about it for a while. Maybe you are pregnant, huh? With whom? With the wind. You better go and check on Filipek. And what if the Scrooge comes! He won’t. Don’t encourage her. The Scrooge
will come and he will kick her out. You could go upstairs
to check on yours too. It’s been too quiet. You have always been pissed off
by the noise they make outside and now you are disturbed by silence. I am. I’ve always been. What are you staring at? I’m not staring at all. Shame. I was hoping. Sonny, I’m back. Look, mommy is back. Look what I got. A bar from Mr. cutter. Have you behaved? Have you been playing with Boris? You haven’t ate anything? What happened? Huh? Come. Come here. Don’t be afraid, it’s only me. Come, come here. Come on. Look: there is no one else here. Just me. Come. Come. Come here, please.
Mommy is asking. Come here Filip. Come. Come here. What happened to the cat? Huh? What happened? Tell me. Say something, why aren’t
you saying anything? Why you don’t say anything? Say something. How am I supposed to know? Okay. It’s okay. I will never leave you. Your fingers: they are so… Have you lost your mind? You’ve got such big hands. So what? What do you do with them? Have you been sniffing glue? I’ve been sniffing you. Can you stop please. You don’t like being touched? I am hypnotist. Did you know? No. I hypnotise snakes. Guys like to have their… I could hypnotise yours too. Oh stop it. You don’t touch yourself in the
morning, when you have a boner? No. Do you want to end up with nutters? If you don’t, it… will flood your brain. It will fuddle your head. You will go nuts. You are nuts. You’ve got a husband. Husband? That son of a bitch that spends
most of his time in a can? He likes it there. They screw him there around the clock. When he is on temporary release then he is screwing me around the clock. We don’t leave the bed the whole weekend. He won’t get off me. That
kind of a stallion he is. Stop telling me these things please. Why? Because I don’t want to listen to that. I thought, this could turn you on. It turned you on. So stiff in there. Excuse me. Or I will leave. You won’t. The old Scrooge would have you sacked. You are tied up to this table. Can you go now please? Where to? Am I supposed to go back to that attic? Through that shitty yard full of hoodies, who piss on me? They piss on me now, but in few years time
will want to screw me. I will walk you. Will you go with me all the way up? Please do. No. I knew it. I am only good to piss on. You’ve got a husband. It’s not my husband, it’s a bloke. I’ve never had a husband. I’ve always, only had a bloke. You can marry him though. In a can? What for? How am I going to pay for divorce? Please go. I’m going. There is nothing for me here. The old hen I am. Foolish old hen to piss on only. Please don’t say that. I am going to… give, give you a poem for the road. A poem? And what am I supposed to do with it? It’s a souvenir. Take it and read at home please. A poem? For me? Yep. For you. My God. I haven’t been given a poem ever. You are the first one. Okay. Now, can you go please? Otherwise I won’t do anything
and boss is going suck me. He won’t. Should he even try. We won’t let this happen. Really? You smell like a saint. We will not let to suck you. You stand behind my back Trying to kill everyone Whom you don’t like You can’t kill everyone just because you don’t like them Are you a killing machine? Maria Miracle. I’ve come to discuss all of that incidents. What incidents? All of those happening around. Nothing is happening around here. There is a lot happening. Terrorist attacks, worldwide crisis, stock market speculations. Can you imagine what
consequences it can have? I’ve got my own problems here. Babylon is near. You live your carefree life here? What do you do here? I cut myself. I mean: I cut out patterns. It will heal in time. And I draw things like that. Write some sort of poems. You manufacture art here? And what do you do with it? Nobody wants it. Exactly. I’ve been saying for years
that world turns material, thickens, crushes into ever smaller ball. One day all of it is going to explode, unless… Unless what? Unless you complete my Fortune Form. How am I supposed to send
you a talisman of luck? Is that some kind of a joke? You don’t know me, do you? Take a carful look at me. No, I don’t know you. I am famous. I’ve been helping people for years. I could buy this. Do you have a lot of that? No, not a lot. I could organise an exhibition for you in MoMA, in New York. You are making fun of me? No, I am not. Do you remember that girl? I think from Belgrade. Nobody believed that it could be art. Marina… Marina. And yet she made it to MoMA. Was that you? Yep, it was. Wow. No, no no… …it’s impossible. Now, you must go now, please. I have a lot of work. As you wish. Shame. I could help you. I will come back for the Fortune Form. You must fill it in thoroughly. Fortune is very, very near. You just have to reach out. When I am looking at you… You are looking at an old hen? You have younger ones in there. Sometimes I have a notion that instead
of you it is her, who sits here. Her, who? Mother. You could be her. No, I couldn’t. Well, I’m looking at you… Then don’t. Told you. Mother, just like… Why can’t you drop it? It is anniversary of her death today. You even speak the same way. Listen to me, Mr. cutter, don’t talk to me like that. But why? Because I don’t want you to. But… I don’t want you to start usurping me. Only that I… I don’t want this. It’s sick. Mother struggled for half a year. It was unbearable to watch how she suffers. I don’t want to be listening to this. The worst bit was that nobody could do anything about it. Do you think that when
I’m moved, you own me? Not at all. Give a stray dog a piece of bread
and it won’t leave you alone ever. I don’t want anything from you. So everyone says. And stop comparing me to your mother. Why? I don’t want you to. Pity. Not pity. I wouldn’t be a good mother for you. How can you know? You want me to replace your mother, right? Is that how you figured it out? Stop. I am not saying anything about
you, only about my mother. Jesus, no. Why did you bring Filipek in here? I promised that I will never
leave him alone again. Be careful to not get into any trouble. Maybe when the old man sees
him, will throw few pennies. Right. If only he doesn’t kick them out. Come on. The boy doesn’t bother anyone
and might even help his mother. Explain that to the old man. He’s got children himself, right? Yeah, one parasite. The kind that crashed his car and ran off. And you? You won’t say anything? You
do have children yourself. She is right, it’s not a place for kids. There are adults here. Kids shouldn’t be here. It’s not safe. Woman sits on the bridge Pulls down her panties There came a guy, pulled panties Screwed the woman and took the panties Quieter crazy woman.
There is a child here So what? He could hear you. I can make poems too. Make? Yep, I’ve got them all in my head. No need to write them down. You probably even can’t write. Because you work on a university. On the door. Why you pick on me? They wouldn’t let you even near their door. She thinks that just
because she is younger, she can disdain us? You think that he will
fall for you instantly? You are out of his league. And you are in, you mangy sofa? What the fuck?!
You’re mangy yourself. And you, don’t you dare either. Have you forgotten already how you
begged the old man for a job in tears? You didn’t have such a big mouth back then. -Huh!
-Then why you pick on him? Meh, who is picking on him? He’s got a degree in philosophy. He’s somebody, doesn’t have to be listening to that. He’s free to not. Nobody is forcing him. What kind of philosophy he finished? Stoic as his inner peace is stoic. Don’t be a smart ass. Where did you read that? My boyfriend in jail studies stoic too. When he’s out on temporary release his boner can
withstand unmoved and unwithered the whole time. That must be your favourite philosophy then. Sure it is. For what he has to study
that philosophy, huh? Minors. Robberies and stuff. And stuff? And rapes. Admit. I just said: robberies and rapes. How much longer he has to study? Half a dozen, but he gets some temporary
release to visit home. Don’t talk to her. It’s
better to have the radio on. You can’t talk to the radio. I’d rather talked to a person. Can you hear that? The young one cries. Sonny. Filip! Filip! It’s him. Stop the machines. Filip? Can you stop the machines please? Can you stop the machines please?
Can you hear that? She’s hearing things again. Quiet! Can’t hear anything. Can’t hear anything.
Can’t you hear it? Stop the machines. Quiet! Don’t move! Can you hear anything? No fucking way! No fucking way. Nothing. You’ve imagined it. Filip. Where are you? What happened? Oi, chick? You’ve got voices in your head. Go see a doctor. Nobody saw your child. Maybe you have imagined it too. What are you saying? Filip, Filip, say something! How is he supposed to say
something when he’s mute? Calm down.
Maybe he went out. Sonny! Filip. Filip. Where are you? Sonny. Where are you? Filip. Come, come here, it’s alright now. Leave the cat. Let it go. Found him. It’s alright now. Woman fell into a cellar. Hit a blackboard with her head. Ring ring ring bastard One poured petrol over himself The other was hit by a lemon in his head The woman left for work And they all were bustards You might win a noble prize. Noble for noggin. And you, old bag? Do you brush your brooch? That what do I brush?
Brooch? Yeah! I saw you scratching your cunt. I saw it! Don’t talk to her. She’s shit faced again. You, old bag, darling, you could wash your cunt every now
and then as it stinks here awfully. Not talking to you. You keep your pussy polished like Mr.
cutter his mast. Stop it! What’s wrong with you? Can’t you smell it? I’m telling you, it reeks her of…
dead fish. Well, Mr. cutter, what’s up? Shit faced since the morning
and talking fucking bullshit. Not at all! I am sober! As a wild boar.
Exactly: like a wild boar. True. Check my breath. Do you want to check my breath? Leave him alone. Drop it. I can exhale! He tells the truth. He tells the truth.
I trust him. Not like you, bullshiters. Leave, leave, leave, leave cutter alone. What’s wrong with you? You really can’t smell it? One of you did not wash herself. God, it reeks here. Confess. What if Mr. cutter sniffs it? He’s ready to get aroused. You are properly drunk. Oh! Mr. cutter is aroused. I think. Can you stop it please? I’m going to cut myself. Boo. A finger is a finger. At least not the eleventh one. Don’t you worry, it’s safe. Did you leave it at home? What, Mr. cutter wears those… double, guarding pants? Oh, Mrs… What? Maybe you would like to check? But of course. Check, check. Prove that you are not just a big mouth. You, such a saint woman? Why shouldn’t I? I know what I am talking about.
Haven’t got Alzheimer’s yet. Huh! Mr. cutter got scared that I am
going to put my hand in his pants. So maybe some other time. Why so? Wearing old pants? I’m leaving. You see, what you have done?
Cutter got abashed. Why so shy? Be serious. You think what are blokes
talking about when they gather? No idea, but it’s not proper for
women to talk about it all the time. My bloke, when he is out, loves if
we dirty talk every now and then. But of course. Everyone, when on temporary
release likes to go dirty a bit. He’s ravenous, that’s it. Unless, of course they satisfy him there. Of course, they do, but not as good as I can. What this boy is going to think about us? Whatever. He went her… flog his log and what a log it is. Gosh, you are fucked in the head. At least it is fun with us. Why it shouldn’t be? Why it shouldn’t be?
It’s all from dust to dust anyway. Stop it granny. Don’t worry. You are not going anywhere yet. You still could give cutter a relief. True. Can’t you leave him alone? He’s got better things on his mind. You would be surprised. It’s dark like in an ass in here. What do you mean? We’ve got bulbs, glow
tubes, we’ve got radiators. Air locked. No! This is age… of apes, slaves. We are like some niggers. My skin is darkening from this dump. It’s not darkening, it’s yellowing. Darkening. We are reversing. Where are we reversing? We are moving back in time. You’ll see. We’ll come here one day and
find no bulbs, no radiators. Just some kerosene lamps. Only mould only prevails. If The Holly Virgin Mary came here, pregnant,
trying to find a place to give birth… …she would surely miscarriage,
or give birth to a monstrosity. You gave birth to a monstrosity. We at least gave birth to someone and you didn’t even give birth to a cat. My son is not a monstrosity. So why Filipek doesn’t talk? Because it is better to remain
silent than talk nonsense. My son is not a monstrosity. Jesus, I was only kidding. Take have a drink. Calm down. Wow, cutter has spoken eventually. I’m just saying how I feel:
it’s going to be like that. You can’t say that. You will see, that’s what
it’s going to be like. We will come and it’s Middle Ages here. They will burn us on stakes, like witches. Women are… women aren’t witches. Women are god’s angels. Those with wings like chickens? And what your kids become
so studious all the sudden? Even those brats who don’t
know any letters yet. They are staying with grandma. It’s calmer there. With your mother? My bloke’s one. What, all of them? She has a big garden. And she’s ok with that? Yeah, she’s retired, she’s got a lot of time. Not all of the children are his. So what? The all five? Six. Or seven? Who’s able to count them all? You multiply like rabbits. Not any more. Why, did you get condom benefit? What do you want witches, bitches? And what’s the use of that
poetry, or something. Art. What is this art? How do I know? Some kind of comic books. How funny you are with that Let him create. His drawings and writing is beautiful. He’s got talent. He’s got some real talent here. About twenty centimetres of it. Leave him alone. Is he yours? If I only wanted, he could be. Though he gave me a poem, not you. You are so stupid. Not as stupid as you are. What’s the use of you having his
poem when you can’t comprehend it. Got pissed stupid chicks. You should bump your heads now. Stop egging them on please. Did you give her a poem? What are you on about? Nobody wants to publish it anyway. If I was a publisher… If you were, but you aren’t. You can try to sell yourself at most. Like if someone would
take her with that brat. There are those who would. They got pissed and freak out now. Leave the boy alone. Granny, you better have a drink yourself, then you will forget
about your rotten bones. Hey, hey, not so rotten yet. Some could still light them… me up. Not as young though. You would be surprised. Right Mr. cutter? But of course. I like you very much, because you are like my mother. Hey, you need a mother? You want to suck a tit? Here, take mine. Her tit is withered. That one has firm ones. Can you leave my tits. I didn’t take them. I’m talking to the cutter. What the cutter has got to do with it? He’s too young. Too young? How old are you Mr. cutter? What difference does it make? Just enough. The best for men. My one was already behind
bars for rape at his age. Was, is and will be. Good he gets temporary release sometimes, otherwise you would have
no use of him whatsoever. Meh. There is always someone out there. You’ve got only one thing on your mind. And you are saints? I feel sorry for our cutter. You wouldn’t have to if he was tipsy. Pour something in his tea to loosen him up. Pants. No no, thank you. If the
boss shows up, then… He won’t. He always fucks off before
long weekends to not have to pay us. What do you mean, he won’t pay us? He will, if he shows up. We might not get paid? They are saying that the old man
always does it before holidays. Didn’t you know? We seized the fucking stock once. That was fun. The client came and the shop was empty. Then he chickened out and paid us. True, once it worked. Then what? Nothing. So, you are going to saw
for free like that? What else can we do? You are like… like… Like what? Like some… Yes, like… spit it out. Like what? Robots. We are robots. Terminators. Slaves. Fuck it. We are some deep fucked “12
years slaves” here. Pour him a drink. It will calm the boy down. Leave him alone. Whatever. He can manage a lot. He is our saviour. He will save us. He is going to start… that, revolution here. Unions for us. I will. Pour him. Forty. Forty. Cmon! Leave him alone. Why not? I will found Solidarity for you. Give us Solidarity, do it. Why do you hang on to him so much? Why? Do you think he’s exclusive to you? He is ours, shared. He’s gifted. He is, he is. Look at his hands. These hands will heal us. Can you stop please… Stop it! Geez! Maybe Bruderschaft? Aren’t we too formal? Let’s drink Bruderschaft with the cutter. Enough of that caressing! My turn. Come on, let’s go. Your, your Johnny will save us. Come on, let’s go. You are our saviour. Your… johnny… will save us. You can fuck me. Fuck me. Leave him alone! You’ve got the biggest dick. Leave… Fuck me. But you are mine. You knew, you are mine. Stick it in me. Stick it in me. Fuck me. Leave… More, more. I’ve already decided, you are going to win several several hundred thousand polish zloty. Soon all your problems and misfortunes will be gone. Answer my call if you want to be one of that seven hundred chosen people here in Poland. Answer. Jesus, what the hell? I’ve got something here. Here, something big is growing. What is it? Big. Under belly. It awfully stings. And this? What for? This? Are you nuts? Have you completely lost your mind? Take it off. Glue. I like the smell of it. Jesus, take it off. I thought, if I inhale enough, I will forget about the pain. We inhale that shit all the time.
Isn’t that enough? Still aches. You shouldn’t have had so
many cheap foetus deletus. What was I supposed to do. Go
to a clinic to be laughed at? They are all saints now and refuse. Unless for a big cash. You should have had them. Enough. I’m not going to have more.
It’s pointless. Even cats, if too many are drowned. Cats are cats. I don’t want them to hang around yard, hungry, dirty, retarded. Human is human, you should have had them. You probably have tumours there. You shouldn’t have screwed so much. What if he was on temporary release, he had a boner as soon
as I opened the door? What was I supposed to do? When he climbed on me Saturday at noon then descended on Sunday evening. He climbed because you let him. You are jealous, for nobody would fuck you like that. Nobody loves you. Even your bloke has had enough. To penetrate you is like…
threshing a husk. Enough. Now enough? Do you think that just because you never had a coat
hanger, you are better? For what there is to scrape inside you? You are as barren as a… fallow. You can keep going to your chapel and pretend, you are… saint. You don’t even need to fuck, you don’t gain any pleasure from it. Enough. You mean, vicious bitch. I’m telling you stop, otherwise… Otherwise what? I wanted to die! Why did you come here? Let go, let go, let go. Hey. Pointless. Hey. What is going to happen to your children? I have no children. What? I don’t have any. You do. Five of them. Six, or maybe even more. Who would be able to count them. And what’s with them? Nothing. No longer. Absent. Nothing. What happened? Nothing. Am I bleeding hard? It’s a period. You’ll be fine. It’s blood, It’s blood, it’s draining out of me. Let it all drain. Let it escape. I have no right to live. Don’t say that. I know what I am talking about. Mind hasn’t escaped me yet, even though it should have. Long time ago, when I was watching it all. I should have been dead for a long time. I can’t believe, I’ve lived that long. That means there is no God. If there was, he should have instantly
terminated me after all that. Though if there is no God, hell doesn’t exist either. I won’t be able to redeem myself. I should suffer. I should suffer forever. For what? I watched it all and haven’t done anything. What did you see? My kids. What’s the point of having
children if you are me? How are they? Where are they? What for? Don’t… know. Watch… your one. Don’t let anyone hurt him. Don’t give him away. It’s your treasure. Don’t keep him in a cage. Don’t leave him alone. Keep him next to you all the time. Enjoy him. But how are yours? Where are they? They are no longer. What have you done? Nothing. Nothing. I’ve done nothing. I could have done something, but I haven’t. I was only watching. Watching? While he was taking them out. What do you mean? Taking them out. Where to? To the… What?
Bin. No, you are crazy. Are you… ? You are talking nonsense. I watched when he was strangling them and taking them out. Have you lost your mind? Can you actually hear yourself? I am crazy, because I watched when he was
taking them out and strangling. I was watching when he murdered them. When he puts their bodies into a bag. Then he was taking them to the bin yard. Camil just died. He couldn’t breath. Was whining. At the end he turned blue and he got furious and put his body in the bag while he was still breathing. Then he gave the younger ones pills. They didn’t want to take them. He growled at them that if they don’t take them
he’s going to strangle them. They got scared and swallowed them all. The oldest ones Karolina and Maciek watched it without saying anything. They knew, their time will come. Or maybe they didn’t want to live anymore. Maybe… They could just run away, run into the street. Why they stayed at home? Why? And you didn’t do anything about it? No. I was scared. I was scared, he will beat me. He often beat us. I asked him for a pill… He gave me few. I took them and fell asleep. When I woke up… I noticed that… Adam is on the floor. He was already dead, but he was still strangling him. Put a bag on his head and tightened it around his neck. I didn’t see Karolina I had a thought that maybe at least she… Maybe her at least… Maybe… Maybe she escaped, ran outside, into the street, let it be train station. She found some old man, some dirty old man who doesn’t beat her at least. For she is still alive at least. I thought to myself that maybe she just walks around out there, all by herself. There was nobody left. I thought… “When I am back for my temporary release… You must be out of here, bitch.” He said. And what am I supposed to do? Where to go? Where… … I am supposed to be? I should rot in a bin like a dog. I should be dead, I should die in a bin. Somewhere in the garbage dump. Like some kind of shit, shit. From shit you came. Into shit you’ll turn. Shitty life. In shit, shit, shit, in shit… I have just one regret. Why he didn’t kill me? Nobody saved my children from us. Nobody stood in their way. When they were watching their
brothers dying. Nobody called us to come to our senses. They were just watching it and couldn’t do anything. Watched it and didn’t say a word. Whom they were supposed to complain to? To whom they were supposed to go… to go and complain? Since God doesn’t exist. There is no God. Do you understand? No God. We live in a black, fucking void. Black, fucking hole. We live in a black void. Since all the portents in the
heavens and on the earth show how much you are dispensable. How strange freak of nature
is your existence here. When everyone gets you to understand, in a more or less sophisticated way how much they don’t need you. When you don’t have a single place
on earth that is your shelter. When there isn’t a single thing
that you can really call your own. When all friendly words turn
out to be meaningless cliches. And sermons and teachings turn out to be just an idle talk. When all the attempts to find
something substantial in life failed. And past years don’t give any hope
that future ones will be any better. Then what are you still doing here? Why are you still deluding yourself? Faith? Hope? Naivety?

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