Nija Okoro’s Most Memorable Advice | Juilliard Drama 50 Snapshot

♫ ♫ ♫
[gentle upbeat music] Well, there is something that in recent
years for me has been clicking like nobody’s business. And I’m so grateful–
it’s like a life lesson and an acting lesson. Richard Feldman,
again Richard! He used to always say, “You are enough. You are
enough.” And I remember in school, I would be, “Yeah, yeah, yeah, I’m enough. I’m enough” Like OK, you know what I mean?
“Let’s get to it, I’m enough!” And he would just be
like, “You’re enough.” And now when I’m on stage and in those quiet moments where
I’m, like, revealing the deepest parts of myself, I sometimes…I can just..I get it. I
get that I am enough where, what people want to see is your essence, who you
really are. And all the tools are meant to help you get out of the way of that
to the part of you that is the most true. And we have to all accept that we are
enough. Even navigating through this world, when you’re dealing with, you know,
going into castings and, you know, feeling like, “Oh gosh, you know. Do they like me? Do
they not like me?” I just go back to “I am enough.” And that has been my mantra and I
get it now, and I didn’t get it in school. I didn’t…I mean, I got it in moments but I
didn’t get it and I, I get it now. I am enough. Boom. ♫ ♫ ♫
[gentle upbeat music]


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