Nike Kadri – Theatre Arts Undergraduate

My name is Nike Kadri. I am a BFA acting
major and Communication Studies minor, and I’m a graduating senior. I have loved arts all my life, loved acting all my life, and
I used to write little skits for my little brother and I, and we would
perform on holidays and make costumes out of construction paper and
and put on plays. I went to a performing arts high school,
and then I had a friend, who was a year above me, who knew about this amazing BFA program and about Minnesota, so I auditioned in Chicago at the Unified Auditions, met
some of the faculty there, and they were just so interested in me, so I think that’s the first time I
found my love with this program because they really fell
interest in what I had to offer as a person, just as much as what I had to
offer as an actor. There’s the BFA, Bachelor of Fine Arts of Acting and that’s the program I’m
a part of. And then there’s a BA, a Theatre Arts degree, and that is
accepting any person who wants to take theater, you
don’t even have to be a major to take classes, so it is kinda
open to giving people a chance to get into their
bodies, to have fun and release. So I really wanted to go to a program
where I can also take all my liberal education requirements. I’m a Comm Studies minor, and I really got to
take classes in feminist studies as well, which helped me
write my first big play and perform my play
here, that I got the University Research
Opportunities Grant to do, and it was really important for me to
show new images of black life and, first and foremost, to
put two black females on stage together, and that
was the most gratifying, amazing experience of my life. There is
so much support available in the BFA acting program.
Usually we have faculty assigned to each year of the program. It specifically is a
four-year program, and we have specific things that you
work on freshman year, it’s like about getting out of your body and just like
letting go. Sophomore year it’s getting into the technique, especially about Shakespeare and scansion. It’s about making sure you know what you’re saying and then, junior year, you go to London. You come
back and you work on like, Comediea del Arte, and masks, and just making
strange voices in voice-over. And then senior year it’s
really getting you ready for, to get out, get out of the University and the program, and start working. So it’s all about the audition processes, actually going out on auditions, camerawork voice-over, so it’s just all lined up in
that way and all the faculty have their specifics, in each of those years. And then also, I
would say that the best support are the other 19 actors in that the BFA. We’re all there to
support each other, we all want the same dream, and so it’s just great to have support
with your brothers and sisters right next to you.

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