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Bro, while telling your friend’s
love story, you left in the middle. Can you complete it, right?
– Yes, I will. “Once upon a time in Vizag beach road” “She wished me as ‘Hello master'” Love letter, father!
– Who gave it? I sent it, grand father. In the future, you should take me
and our children only on that bike. When we said to get well in future.. ..who can do anything if you fall in love. “Break up.. Break up.. Break up..” “Kumar’s life is like a king, pack up” Now you are going to watch
‘Hum Aapke Hain Koun’ Uma.
– Arun. If I have another daughter, I will
definitely give her to you in marriage. Even if you have you would not give. There is no one else in between us
and there never will be. What did you say? Four members.. There will be no second chance in love. Pallavi, your happiness
is more important to me. But, I am not like that brother. I loved her, I wanted to marry her. I thought to be with her
lifelong and even in death. Joke, brother. “I am asking only you” “How many days should I be stressed” Ninnu Kori Do you understand, my victory
has already started.


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