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The epitome of maternal love in films. Whenever motherly love
is mentioned in films.. ..Nirupa Roy’s face is the
first that comes to mind. She was born on 4th January, 1931. Her name was Kokila Kishorechandra Balsara. She married Kamal Roy
at the age of fifteen. She had two children with him. Yogesh and Kiran. “You’ve bewitched me.” “You’ve obliged me.” “What did you give me?” In 1946, Nirupa Roy and her
husband Kamal, saw an ad. It said, that actors are needed. And that’s when Nirupa
Roy’s acting career began. With the Gujarati film, Ranak
Devi, she made her debut. And that year, she was seen
in the Hindi film, Amar Raj. But, the 1953 film, “Do Beegha Zameen”.. ..everyone appreciated her
mettle as an actress. “Come back, my beloved.” “My songs call out to you.” “My music is listless.” “My music is listless.” “My songs call out to you.” Although, in the 40s and 50s, Nirupa Roy.. ..performed a lot of
mythological characters. She was so powerful in
the role of a Goddess.. ..on the silver screen.. ..that, people came home, and
asked for her blessings. “The skies rain down, my tears rain down.” “Listen, my heart is longing
for you, come back, now.” “The cool breeze sets me on fire.” “My love, let me see you.” “You’ve been faithful..” The actors of that era, Bharat
Bhushan, Trilok Kapoor.. ..Balraj Sahni and Ashok Kumar.. ..worked with her, extensively. But, in the 70’s the film
industry was changing form. Indian cinema was moving from.. ..the angry young man towards romance. And in this situation, Amitabh
Bachhan’s screen image.. ..became very popular as Vijay. But, only Nirupa Roy was the one,
who was shown as Vijay’s mother. The 1975 film, “Deewar”,
featured Nirupa Roy.. Shashi Kapoor and..
Amitabh Bachhan’s mother. And her acting was so tremendous.. ..that in the next few films.. ..Nirupa Roy played a mother. “Who will call you mother?” “You are nobody’s mother.” “Your heart doesn’t have.. ..a single emotion of a mother.” Amitabh Bachhan and Nirupa
Roy’s relationship.. a mother and son was so
popular on the silver screen.. ..that in the 1999 film, “Lal Baadshah”.. ..she was seen playing his mother, too. Nirupa Roy was also given the.. ..lifetime achievement award by Filmfare. “Two birds sing in the garden.” “The koyal sings on the branch.” “Fall in love, be kind..” “..that’s what the buds say to the bees.” Whenever in the film “Deewar..” ..Shashi Kapoor says the dialogue.. ..I have a mother.. ..will be heard.. ..that’s when cinemagoers
will see the image of.. …Nirupa Roy in their mind’s eye. Nirupa Roy will always have.. ..a special place in the
Hindi film industry. “The flute of life calls out to Gopal.” “The beauty of melody speaks in my breath.” “The beat of my heart speaks of love.” “I wonder what it says.” “What it says.” “I wonder what it says.” “What does it say?” For the latest news and
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