NIU School of Theatre and Dance

[Music] Welcome to the School of Theatre and dance at Northern Illinois University. Here you’ll work with our theater and dance professionals who will help your talent grow and you will achieve mastery. You’ll learn by doing with many, many opportunities to practice your craft. We
can create a professional dancer in four years if that person is dedicated and
willing to do the work. Being in Dekalb is a wonderful place to focus on making your art and learning your art. Yet it’s close enough to Chicago that you then have access to world-class examples of your art. We’re proud of our faculty
who are working professionally in Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles. Whether it’s as a theatre director, an actor,
a designer, a technician, a dancer, or choreography. These people are at the top of their profession and you’ll learn and
perform and practice with them. Keeping in touch with the industry is something that we’re actually strongly encouraged to do by the University. In the School of
Theatre and dance we are major players in the entertainment industry. I get to work with people who have such a passion for what they do all around the world. To be able to welcome young people into this family of worldwide artisans is
really special to me. It’s a theater community that is also a school. Now that
we have an incredible state of the art facility letting everybody know that we have, it that they can afford it, and that they can get their degree here. [Music] I really believe in the power of Education to transform lives. That’s ultimately the
business we are in, transformation. I’m convinced that the work that we’re doing
here will pay off for years to come because it will help give voice to
generations of artists who might not otherwise be heard and I think that’s a
calling and that calling I’m honored to serve. [Music]

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