(Simon) When you woke up this morning and it was like ‘Oh God it’s my audition day,’ What was the first thing that was in your head? (Charlotte) Meeting you Simon, you’re my idol, literally, I love you so much. And doing my best for everybody- (Simon) But-but mainly me. *Chuckles softly* (Simon) I get it. (Charlotte) You’re the best, like, I- (Simon) And how old are you? (Charlotte) 13 years old. (Simon) You know that you win a million dollars if you win the show. (Charlotte) Yeah. (Simon) What would you do with the money? (Charlotte) I would buy a guinea pig. *Laughter* (Simon) No one’s ever said that. (Charlotte) I would call him Simon Cowell and then my sister she gets one, we will call him Howie. *Howie laughs* (Simon) Simon and Howie, the guinea pigs. (Simon) Okay, well, listen, we’re all rooting for you Charlotte. (Simon) Good luck. (Charlotte) Thank you. (Simon) There’s a Guinea pigs life at stake here. (Julianne) *laughs* Named Simon Cowell. *Singing* I put a spell on you. *Singing* Cause, you’re mine. *Singing* You better stop the things you do, *Singing* Cause I tell ya I ain’t lyin’ *Singing* I can’t stand it. *Singing* Cause you’re runnin’ around. *Singing* I can’t stand it, cause you’re putting me down. *Singing* I put a spell on you. *Singing* Because you’re mine, you’re mine. *Singing* Yeah baby, I love you, yeah. *Singing* Can you see that, I love you, I love you, I love you *Singing* And even if you don’t want me to. *Singing* Even if you don’t want me. *Singing* I put a spell on you, yeah. *Singing* Because you’re mine, you’re mine. *Singing* You’re mine. (Charlotte) Thank you so much. SHE DESERVES A GOLDEN BUZZER


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