Noise Now Announcement

(dramatic music) – Noise Now is a new initiative that A Noise Within is launching to increase our commitment to anyone who’s not already in the building. So we want to build relationship
with communities of color, with younger people,
with queer communities, and use theater, use performing arts as a way to activate and express the voices
of all of our neighbors. So essentially, we want
to be better neighbors, and even though we’ve been
doing great work for decades, we wanna now empower other communities and our neighbors to tell stories with us and to get their voices on our stage. The way we’re reaching
out to the community and the way that we’re
getting Noise Now on its feet is by going to the communities
we want a relationship with. Going to communities of color and saying with openness
and vulnerability, we wanna relationship with you. We’re really excited to
know more about who you are and what storytelling means to you and what you would want on stage, and one at a time, one
person, one organization, one community at a time, we are doing a lot of listening. I’m doing a listening tour. By now I’ve reached out to about 300 organizations in Los Angeles and at least 50 of them have
sat down with me already, and I ask them what would a
relationship look like for you? How can we be of service? And therefore, instead of looking for culturally-specific
projects to then present and put on our stage and
expect those cultures to come see that work at A Noise Within, instead of that, the ideas for
what will happen in Noise Now are being generated by our community. So the community has stayed, and they’re saying we
want this, we need this. If you do this with us,
Noise Now will be there. In this first year, especially, A Noise Within is
empowering me and Noise Now to be experimental, to be
exploratory, to risk courageously, and what that means is, while A Noise Within’s
mission isn’t changing, we are committed to telling classical stories through theater. Noise Now events may not be theater. They may not even be classical stories. A Noise Now event could be dance, contemporary theater, a new play, music, art installation, concert. We’re looking at all types
of performance and art and storytelling as a way
to engage new audiences and communities who are new to this building and to A Noise Within. In addition to exploring
different types of performance, we’re exploring performance
in different spaces. So Noise Now is an opportunity to activate our lobby
space, our front lawn, nontraditional spaces around our campus including our rehearsal hall, perhaps even our office
space and conference room. So Noise Now opens up the possibility for site-specific theater,
moving performance, immersive performance, and
really exploring storytelling and performance through
nontraditional ways. (uplifting music)

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