Norwich City Hall lions come to life

[clock tower bells tolling] [Elizabeth] Oh not again! Bother that bell [George, stretching] Awwwww, that feels good.
[Elizabeth] You’d think they’d have fixed it by now [George] Owww, I haven’t had a stretch this good
in years! Makes me feel like a young lion again. [Elizabeth] Sadly dear, your looks remain unchanged! [George] Mioaw! I’m in as good a shape as I was
the day the king named me, after him I might add. [Elizabeth] Yes, George! [George] He came here especially to name me [Elizabeth] That’s not how I remember it! [George] Hmm, you
don’t have a very good memory then! I can prove it. [Elizabeth] How? Where did you get a projector ? [George] I have projectors! … I have many projectors [Elizabeth] Your handwriting! [George] No thumbs! [Elizabeth] I manage! [George, mimicking] I manage! [Elizabeth] When did you make this? [George] I’m allowed to have hobbies. Are done interrupting me, hmm? Done? Okay? Going to let me continue? Thank you. The year was 1938. The world is emerging from the grip of
depression. Europe stands on the brink of war. Responding to the crisis King George the
six rushes to Norwich to consult his most trusted advisor… me! [Elizabeth] Wait wait wait, that’s not… [George] There’s me me again me in the King, el Kingarino I called him Georgie, close personal
friend. Hey Giorgio, George, hee hee.. It’s me! Oh there’s you. Ooh, this is a good one! [Elizabeth, laughing] You! You wish! [George] Well not me, hmm not me… Not me! [Elizabeth] Wait, wait! You can’t do that, you’re blitzing through the Blitz! [George] Not me, not me. [Elizabeth] Go back, go back! Here, give me that! [George] Ow, my mane! [Elizabeth] People will want to see this. Norwich’s involvement in the war has
often been overlooked but in fact it suffered heavily during
the Blitz when the German Luftwaffe sought to destroy the spirit of
Britons, through weeks of nightly bombing on the towns and cities. [noise of aircraft and air raid sirens] Norwich was targeted because of its beauty and unique historic
interest as well as its important factories. German bombers destroyed over 2,000 houses, damaged many more and changed the city forever. [George] They didn’t get us though! [Elizabeth] Well, clearly, George. [George] Unlike Curl’s department store, the Hippodrome Theatre, the library… [Elizabeth] No, no, no, the library wasn’t hit. [George] See! [Elizabeth] But that wasn’t during the war! It was an electrical fire. [George] Caused by the bombs! [Elizabeth] In 1994? [George] It was a long war…! erm, wasn’t the fire station next door though? [Elizabeth] Yes, but… [bell tolls] but [bell tolls again] [George] oh, for…! [bell tolls again] [Elizabeth, sighs] they’ve got to fix that clock I’ve completely forgot what we were talking
about [George] I imagine it was me I’m quite a hot topic these days. [Elizabeth] The Blitz, that’s right. We have to rebuild of course and over
the years we’ve seen plenty of construction work from our vantage
points here… the marketplace the Forum [George] Well its prime real estate
being around me [Elizabeth] Not only that George, because this is the
place you come to when you want to be around your fellow citizen: in mourning, in protest, and of course in celebration [noise of fireworks] [George] Ooh, ooh, ooh I remember that! I taught them everything they know,
of course. [Elizabeth] Of course! [George] Oh, is that it! [Elizabeth] Just because it’s the end of the slide show doesn’t mean it’s the end of Norwich’s story. It’s your responsibility to add to our
history now We’ll watch over it with interest just as
we have these past 70 years. [bell tolls again] Uh just be a dear and fix that bell
tower You’re always welcome to come and visit
us. [George] Ask for George! [George] What a handsome fellow! Urgh! [Elizabeth] George! [George] Not me not me Oh I know those guys Don’t think they’re very good Not me! Not me! Not me! Me! Oh, no, that’s you!


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