Nos bastidores de Harry Potter and the Cursed Child no Palace Theatre

well welcome everyone in Orlando from blustery London I’m Sonia Friedman producer harry potter and the cursed child and I’m Colin Callender producer harry potter and the cursed child and we’re here to show you around the Palace Theatre and to tell you a little bit about where we are in the process so welcome come on side with us this theatre has incredible mystery about it all the features its gothic it’s like walking into Hogwarts it was the only theater for us it was the obvious choice very early on in this process when we looked at the story outline that JK Rowling Jack Bulman John Tiffany had created we threw them the challenge and said do you want to do this in two parts we didn’t actually sort of think about it at the time where we said that it just came out and Jack and John and JK Rowling one yes can we we said it’s Harry Potter anything’s possible and so throughout the day a community will be built because you will be sitting in the same seat you’ll be sharing the experience there’s lots and lots of discovering lots of twists and lots of turns and lots of unexpected moments and the edge of the seat excitement as to what’s going to happen next which you only really can get in theatres and behind that curtain on that stage will be the cast and the story we would have loved to be in orlando with you but I’m or should we have a lot to do we’ve got a show to put on for you you

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