Not Out | Most Inspirational Hindi Short Film | ThirdMan Motion pictures

Sometimes back The amount of excitement I had when I came to this city Today I am going back with same amount of disappointment There is sometime in departure of train. Thought of saying hi to places which are close to my heart Where I might never come again I am Lalit Kumar And this is my small little story My story is not even worth listening, forget watching it. Hello Brother, where is Churchgate Station WOW, double decker bus 6A, 6A, 6A Hey, Sir where is 6A? Hey Lalit Come, Come How is everyone? Did you inform your family or just ran away? Both. What do you mean? First, I thought of running Then i informed everything to Dad I have promised Dad, if i do not get anything here I will go back and take care of his business Your dad, still calls you Zero, or something is added or subtracted from it? You are so funny. So, what is your plan? Did you decide something? I have diploma in Marketing, will do the same. I have decided to do a job for 2 years. Then i will start with my own business Big dreams huh. You should explore the city first. You know marketing people are always on road while working I will explore the city while working. Life is not easy here as it looks I am the example. It’s been 7 years since I went back home Every day I buy, cook and eat. Remember one thing If this city accepts someone, then it will not let you go back Gagan I am going out friend Will be back in the evening. Close the door. Yeah. Ok Sorry sir, no vacancy All the vacancies are full. Submit you CV. We will get back to you No openings. All posts are filled. Mail your resume. We will get back to you. No opening here. We are not hiring sir Vacancies are fulled. Drop your resume We will get back to you, if something is there. Submit your CV. Please come next month. All the vacancies are filled. Please drop your CV. We are not hiring sir. Gagan was right Life is not at all easy here Firstly, I am not getting any job, secondly money Money is almost finish. Dad also declined for any sort of help. Ok. Bye Gagan Yes This months contribution You might need money. Give me later, keep it with you. No, no, it’s okay. I have You keep it friend I have You sure. Yes. Okay Listen. I have to go out of town for few days for some work. You be co mfortable here OK.Ok Hello. Yes. Who? Gagan? Finally I got work through Gagan’s friend. I have to sell seeds Well, at least, I started working. Mam, I am from Growing Seeds company Mam, our company sells seeds Mam, you must be using plants and all. Try this. No, please leave it. No problem Mam. Thank You. Mam, I am from Growing Seeds company Hello baby, your mom is at home? Yes. Call her. No. Please call her No Please call her. Baby please call her. Who is there Ridhdhima? Hello Mam. Yes. Mam, I am from Growing Seeds company I have got these seeds for sale. There are a lot of plants in your house. Please try these seeds also. Our company specially import these seeds Can you wait for a minute? Hello. Security. How did you come inside the society? Who gave you permission? Did you take permission Sir Sir We were sitting there. Did you ask? How did you enter? It is not allowed here. Hey ! Gagan. You came back so early? Yes. Come. Come What did you do, man? You spoiled my reputation of 7 years. They were about to file a police case on you. Why did you enter the society without permission? You could have at least called me once. I was calling you. But your phone was not reachable. You just spoiled my reputation. I never got this much of disappointment. Hey, Gagan, Gagan Gagan, I am going back You were a great support. Thank You dear friend. But I cannot face you now Please do not stop me. May be this city, never accepted me. Hello Is it Lalit Kumar? Yes. Mr. Lalit you came for an interview last week at Sanidhi Traders Would you be able to join us? Would you be able to join us Mr. Lalit? Yes Gagan was absolutely right If this city accepts someone, then does not let him go. Some people go back And some changes their goals But, people who are determined They definitely succeed I learnt it from this city.


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