Notebook | Official Trailer | Pranutan Bahl | Zaheer Iqbal | Nitin Kakar | 29th Mar 2019

She is very beautiful .. But I haven’t seen her.. She talks a lot.. But I haven’t heard her speak. I have fallen in love
with a girl I have never met. There is no one here for miles around. Its like being exiled. This place is so far away… that one can only wait for hope to reach. Hello.. Hello.. You have to guess my name Quickly! Circle! Again! (Hindi for Again…) Fir… Firdaus! Correct. One finger! Three fingers! (Hindi for Date.. Tariq) Tariq.. Got it! I am Kabir. Let the class begin! Junaid, I can’t leave this school. School? you call this a school, Firdaus? Give me one reason to stay. Not one… I have seven reasons.. Good morning Good morning Loser! I have found a photograph
of Firdaus Teacher. Who taught here previously… Do you know where she is? She’s getting married. That’s why you are were hired. Sir, What’s up? Nothing! Coochie coo, Coochie coo… I love you Firdaus. I know you can’t be mine but that doesn’t stop me
from loving you.. we may never meet but we will always be together
in this notebook. Firdaus teacher, What’s up? Nothing! Coochie coo, Coochie coo… Tariq…


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