Now In Theaters: 12 Strong, Den of Thieves, Forever My Girl | Weekend Ticket

Here are this week’s top movies. 19 men attacked our country. The 12 of you, will be the first ones to fight back. In “12 Strong”, a special forces team takes on the taliban, after 9/11 The only way home is winning Get down on the ground! Police seek to capture bank robbers in “Den of Thieves” I ain’t cuffin’ up It’s OK, I’ll bring my cuffs anyway Hey mama! Hi sweetie! Hey, I know you! Returning home after a decade away, a country music star seeks to rekindle romance in “Forever my girl”. I got lost. But you found you’re way back now, right? See what’s hot in theaters with this week’s FANTICIPATION So, what’s your weekend ticket going to be? Let us know by commenting. See you next time on weekend ticket


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