‘N’TV Cribs – Visiting Mrs Wilberforce

[Crunching of footsteps on gravel] [doorbell] Oh hello NTV and welcome to my crib! Oh do come in! Oh yes. This is my husband, Arthur. Isn’t he wonderful. Yes, yes, these are, these are all my trinkets. Oh this is actually Arthur himself! In my home. And this is the chair where I sit. Oh, don’t mind Constable MacDonald. He’s just here. Oh, Oh this is my radio and this General Gordon. I would show you but he’s not very good with company. Ooo come up the stairs! These are all my lovely paintings. This is my Grandmother. I painted this myself. That’s me as a young girl. This is my spare room. The musicians that I know practice in here as well! This is a window and, ah, that’s my lovely chimney. Although it’s not very safe. I have heard someone tumbled from it earlier the other day But erm, I think they’re alright. Yes now, erm, if you’ll follow me back out. And now there’s one more lovely feature of my home. [To Constable] I may need your help dear. Come here dear. This is…I had this made by hand by craftsmen from France. And if you just open it… These are the musicians I was talking about.>>PROFESSOR MARCUS: Alright!>>MAJOR: Hello! [Incomprehensible noises] I think that’s enough for today.>>MAJOR: Goodbye ma’me. Ta ta Yes, if you wouldn’t mind leaving, NTV. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you and, thank you and yes goodbye!

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