NYTOS Wonder Morton Restoration Announcement!

Hi, everybody! This is Nick Myers, I’m the recording secretary of the New York Theatre Organ Society, and this is Shawn.
Shawn: Hello! Nick: Shawn Lauriat. You’re going to get to know him as well. We are standing inside of the great last original Wonder Morton Theatre pipe organ here at the United Palace, the original Loew’s 175th Street Theatre, and we are here to say that the New York Theatre Organ Society has just signed on with the United Palace of Cultural Arts to fully restore the last original Wonder Morton. We’re so excited! We’re actually standing inside of the chamber right now. So, if you want to learn more about this exciting project just head over to our website at www.restoringthewonder.org. You can also adopt a pipe there and learn more about this amazing theatre and the wonderful things that they’re doing and soon we will send out a video of a tour of what the organ looks like right now and how we’re going to do this amazing project so stay tuned for those! Go to our website, again it’s www.restoringthewonder.org and stay tuned! Yay! [theatre organ crescendo to finale] [applause]

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