October 2018 Creator Letter | Article 13 and other updates

Hi everyone, this is Susan Wojcicki, CEO of YouTube. I’m back to give an update on what’s been happening the last few months. Thanks to all of your hard work, we continue to see strong momentum across the platform. In the last year, the number of channels with over 1 million subscribers has increased by about 75 percent, but I want to let you know about an important issue that could put the entire creator economy at risk. There is pending copyright legislation in the EU — called Article 13 — that could threaten your livelihood and drastically change the Internet as we see it today. It may force Internet platforms to either filter content dramatically, or stop accepting uploads from individuals altogether. Article 13 could shut down millions of channels on YouTube in the EU and have a similar impact on other platforms. and it threatens the traffic of all creators globally, since it would block users in the EU from viewing some uploaded creator content. This decision may be finalized by the end of the year, so now is the time to speak up. Click on the link below to learn more and to take action immediately. Whether you live in Europe or not, tell the world why the creator economy is so important to you. We are doing everything we can to protect the creator economy, but your voice will have an incredible impact on the outcome. And now, here’s the latest update on my 2018 priorities. Number one: Communication and transparency We’re making a conscious effort to communicate with creators more, and we’ve increased a number of product updates or heads-up messages on experiments. The dashboard in YouTube studio is the best place to get the latest updates from us. You can also follow @TeamYouTube on Twitter and subscribe to the Creator Insider channel, which is run by our product team. Number two: Helping you succeed We understand how important it is to get it right with monetization. Over the last few months, we released an update to our monetization systems, which improved the accuracy of monetization icons by 10 percent. Last quarter, I spoke about a pilot program for creators, where they provide specific information about their videos as it relates to our advertiser-friendly guidelines. This program is working well for creators, and we plan to expand this program more broadly in early 2019. Number three: Giving people more ways to engage We recently introduced YouTube Giving, a suite of features that allow creators and nonprofits to raise funds for causes they care about directly on YouTube. These features are currently in beta, but we’ve seen creators use them to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars. We hope to expand this to more of you soon. With over two hundred million people coming to YouTube every day to watch gaming content, We’re building a stronger gaming experience on YouTube with new features, such as our new gaming destination, Gaming Creator on the Rise and dedicated pages for over 80,000 games. All gaming will soon be in the main app, giving creators greater access to fans, while still providing a unique experience. Number four: Tightening and enforcing our policies One of our biggest priorities is investing in news and tackling misinformation. This year, we worked to make credible sources more readily available and rolled out breaking news and top news shelves in 22 countries. We also hosted the first YouTube News working group meeting at our headquarters. We will continue to invest in this important area. Number five: Learning and education We think about YouTube as a world’s biggest video library and we have made learning on YouTube one of our top priorities. In recent months, Booktubers came together for a BookTubeAThon to read books and inspire others to do the same. We also saw “study with me” videos gain popularity. Today, we launched several new programs as part of a 20-million dollar investment in YouTube Learning, including a Learning Fund to support learning creators. If you’re interested in this program, fill out the form linked below. Thank you Thank you to all of you for making YouTube a diverse community of creators and for building the next generation of media companies. As always, please keep the feedback coming. ‘Til next time.


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