October 2018 Favourites

[Acoustic guitar intro music] Hey everybody and welcome back to my channel. It’s now time for another favourites video,
looking back at the month of October this time, to show you what I’ve been
getting up to. The big event of the month was of course my
charity abseil for nystagmus research, which you’ll have seen me posting about
all over the place. I did a big blog post all about it and a video
all about it, so you can see the photos from the day, and the footage from the day. Especially
my headcam footage, where you can see the amazing views that we could see from 80 feet
up on the Orbit Tower of the Olympic Park. It was an amazing day, and again thank you
so much to everybody who’s helped me raise over £900 for nystagmus research at Moorfields
and University College London. That is greatly appreciated. Everyone who’s donated got a
shoutout at the end of the abseil video. So yeah, thank you very much for all your
support with that, and please do go and check out the blog post and the video
to find out all about it. But in this video I’m going to tell you about
some other bits and pieces I’ve been doing in October, because it was still
a busy month in other respects. So let’s crack on with it,
and I hope you enjoy. And the first I will mention is a theatre trip,
because I’m trying to go at least once a month to the theatre as per usual. And this
time I saw a Shakespeare play for the first time. It’s something that I’ve been curious about doing,
but wasn’t really sure how to get into it. And then my friend Claire found an audio described
production of Much Ado About Nothing, which is a comedy. So that sounded
like a nice easy way in. And yeah, it was really very, very good. We had
a wonderful touch tour on the stage beforehand. We got to meet a lot of the cast members who
were there, and who had a good chat to us. They were really friendly and lovely. Because
you don’t always get to meet the cast on these tours, or if you do it’s just a very brief
hello and then they have to go and get ready. But here the ladies actually stayed around
for quite a while and chatted to us, which was lovely, they were really, really friendly.
And it was great looking around the stage of course, as per usual. It was set during the war in the 1940s, but
it still used all the Shakespearean language and stuff like that. It was still the original
story at its core. So it took me a little while to get used to the language and the
wording that Shakespeare uses, because I’m not really used to that. I never really got
into it at school. But after a few moments it just sort of clicked into place, and I’d got the
hang of who was who and what was happening. We were gonna have audio description during
the show as well, but unfortunately there was too much static interference on the headsets
for it to be usable. Which was a shame, because it’s worked alright in that theatre before,
so hopefully they’re gonna work on that to improve that. But luckily the touch tour had been pretty
comprehensive, looking at all the uniforms, like the Home Guard uniform and the RAF uniform,
stuff like that, and various other props and set pieces that are used during the show. So I had a pretty good idea of what I was
looking at. I was still able to follow the story from the dialogue, and the action on
the stage that I could see with my monocular. So yeah, I was fine, I enjoyed it. It was a nice
introduction into the world of Shakespeare. I’ve done a whole detailed review of it in
a blog post called Ballet & The Bard, where I’ve also written about a ballet that I’ve
seen for the first time in November. So I’ll talk about that in my next favourites video.
But if you want to see want to see what I thought of a ballet as well, then do go and
check that post out. There’s some photos from that too, including a lovely pony we met. I also went to a museum during the month,
because again that’s something else I like to try and do once a month or so if I can.
And this time I went to the London Transport Museum in Covent Garden. I’ve been there before
in my childhood, but I don’t really remember it that clearly, and obviously it’s been updated
quite a bit since then. So yeah, I bought an annual pass a few months
ago actually, when they were doing a special offer discount on it, and I finally got around
to using it, and just spent a good afternoon looking around everything. They’ve got the entire history of London transport
there, as you could imagine from the name. So you’ve got old buses and taxis being pulled
by horses, and the development of the railways and the London Underground. And then you’ve
got the Routemaster buses and more modern buses and more modern taxis. And there’s all sorts of advertising posters
from London Transport and the Underground over the years, and old Tube maps, and stuff
like that. And there’s a section devoted to the war and how the Underground stations were
used as shelters, and how people were asked to sign up for the war. And there’s a section
on Poster Girls at the moment, that’s a special exhibition they’ve got. So yeah, there’s a lot of stuff there, it’s
a really, really interesting museum. And I highly recommend it if you like transportation
in general, or specifically London Transport. It’s really, really comprehensive, really,
really good. And there are lots of photos on my Instagram, which I’ve linked to in my
blog post to go with this video. So yeah, go and check all that out. And talking of museums, I actually also took
part in an audio description study. This was a research project that a lady called Rachel
Hutchinson from the University of Westminster has been doing. And basically, as one of the participants,
I had to go in and listen to audio descriptions of 8 black and white photographs, that were
taken from the Museum of London archives, and then give my feedback on what I thought
of the audio description. Then more recently I’ve had to fill out a
follow-up questionnaire, thinking about what I can remember from the day and the descriptions
of the photos and things. They’re very interesting photos. I’m not gonna
say what was in them or go into detail, because the follow-up questionnaire is still going
round to various participants, and I don’t want to skew the results if anybody happens
to see this video or the blog post, which is possible. But it was very, very interesting,
and I really enjoyed it. I think if audio description can be like the type that I heard
that day, in museums in general, then I’ll be very happy with that.
I thought it was great. And then another exciting for me during the
month was the release of the Bohemian Rhapsody movie. I’m a massive Queen fan. I think Freddie
Mercury was an absolute genius, and all the other members of the band are great as well.
Because they all wrote hits for the band, all 4 members. So they’re a great quartet.
And yeah, I just love their music, I’ve got all their albums and DVDs
and Blu-rays and stuff. So when I saw this film was coming out,
I was really, really happy about that. I know they had a few issues with its production,
so I was a little bit wary about it. But it’s actually really, really good,
the movie is amazing. Rami Malek, who plays Freddie Mercury, is
just superb. He really has got him down to a T. He’s obviously really studied him closely,
to mirror his facial expressions and his body language and everything, and his voice.
And it’s just really, really good. Especially the Live Aid segment at the end, where
they do a recreation of the Live Aid concert. That is really, really impressive, it’s brilliant. And the movie basically tells the story of
Queen, from their initial formation right up to Live Aid, when they performed on stage
there. And yeah, it’s got some inaccuracies in it, because they’ve taken some dramatic
license with some of the story, but that’s fine. As long as you realise that the movie is for
entertainment, and isn’t a strict documentary, then it’s fine. Overall it still gives you a good overview
of how Queen developed over the years, but it’s not entirely accurate in some places.
If you want a proper documentary, then you wanna get Days Of Our Lives, because that’s
on Blu-ray and that’s brilliant. But yeah, for entertainment purposes it’s
a brilliant movie. It’s got lots of their hits in it of course. And I’ve got the soundtrack
album as well, which is great. It’s obviously got some of Queen’s biggest hits on there.
It’s also got some alternative live versions and remixes of some of their tracks as well,
which are quite interesting to listen to. So it’s a really good album. Even the 20th
Century Fox fanfare at the start, which begins the movie as well, being played by Brian May,
sends a shiver down my spine, because he just plays it wonderfully. So yeah, the movie is great. If you’re
a Queen fan, go and check it out. But the other thing that’s going on to promote
it is that Carnaby, the shopping district in London, have got lots of lights up now
down the street, with lyrics from Bohemian Rhapsody, in curly lettering that’s slightly hard
to read, but then I know the words well enough anyway, so I can figure out what they’re saying.
And it just looks great. You’ve got the Queen crest up there as well, there’s a crown right
in the middle. And yeah, it just looks really, really great. And that leads you down to a Queen pop-up
shop that they’ve got there for a few months. So I obviously had to go in there during October
and have a look around. And it’s really, really good. It’s like a
mini museum in itself, because there’s photos of the band in there, and there’s a bank of
video screens in front of a drum kit used by Roger Taylor. The video screens are showing
Queen performing in the studio and live on stage, so you’ve got their music blaring through
the shop, which is great. And there’s tour posters and things like that. And when I went there, it was the first week
or so that it had been open, and they had the Freddie Mercury statue there from Madame
Tussauds. And it’s just brilliant. It was great to get so close up to an idol of mine
in that way. It’s really detailed and it just catches Freddie’s power and energy and performing
skill just perfectly. It’s a brilliant, brilliant pose they’ve done with him singing, and punching
the air at the same time. So I was really glad to be able to get close to that and get
some photos of it. And of course in the shop they’ve got lots
of merchandise as well. You’ve got DVDs and albums and stuff like that. And there’s Queen
Monopoly, where all the properties are their concert venues over the years. And there’s
limited edition things like lamps and watches. And there’s some signed Brian May guitars
and some Roger Taylor drumsticks, and things like that. And of course there’s plenty of clothing as
well, so I got myself a few t-shirts. I got myself a black long sleeve top that’s got
the Queen crest on it, and also a white short sleeve top that’s also got the crest on it. In both cases it’s in multiple colours going
down through. So it starts at the top with a phoenix. Then you’ve got a crab sitting
on top of the letter Q in the middle. You’ve got a lion either side of the Q, and fairies
at the bottom of the Q on either side as well. And it basically represents different members
of the band, all these different elements. So if you look up online, you can see who
it represents. And it just looks really cool. I also got a yellow t-shirt that’s got an image
of Freddie Mercury on it above his signature, and on the back it references the Mercury
Phoenix Trust, which was set up in his honour to fund AIDS research. And then I also got one more t-shirt, which
is kind of a dirty white colour, that’s basically promoting Queen on tour. So it’s got a picture
of the band and some tour dates on there. So yeah, it’s a nice selection of t-shirts
I got there. And then the other thing I bought is a big
pint glass with a handle on the side, that’s got a big metal representation of the Queen
crest on it. So it’s really tactile and easy to see, which is quite cool. So I like that,
I’ve been drinking out of that quite a bit. So yeah, if you’re a Queen fan it’s a great
store to go to. And yes, you can buy a lot of this stuff online, I know. But it’s nice to be
able to go into a shop, with Queen playing in the background, and you can watch their
videos and stuff, as well as exploring all the items, and look at the photos and posters
and things. It’s just really nice to spend an hour or two in there, it’s great. So I really enjoyed the movie and the shop
and all the lights in Carnaby. It’s been great to celebrate my favourite band. And hopefully
all of this has helped to introduce them to a new generation as well, to help Queen’s
legacy alive, as it deserves to be. I’ve also continued meeting up with some of
the visually impaired social groups that I hang out with. And the most notable in October
was East London Vision, because they were celebrating their 5th birthday. So they had
a bit of a party for it. So we had a quiz during the afternoon, which
was all about East London, or staff members of East London Vision, or Elvis Presley, because
ELVis is the shortened name of East London Vision. And then we had fish and chips for
lunch during that. And then we had a game of Pass The Parcel,
because it is a 5th birthday party. We are adults, but we can still play games like that.
The twist with that was that everyone who had to take off a layer from the parcel, when
it was their turn, they had to do a forfeit as well, a light-hearted forfeit. So like
tell a joke, or dance the Macarena, or act out a scene from a TV show. Or in
my case, I had to sing an Elvis song! So I chose All Shook Up, because I vaguely
know the words. And they had the song playing as well to sing along to, and everybody else
sang along with it as well with me, so I wasn’t being embarrassed by singing
on my own or anything thankfully. So yeah, that was good fun. And we had a birthday
cake as well of course, chocolate sponge and cream on it, it was lovely. And there was
a speech from Masuma, the CEO of East London Vision, at the end. So yeah, it was just a
lovely afternoon. And there are some changes coming up, because
East London Vision and South East London Vision, and all these groups that come under the Thomas
Pocklington Trust, they’re all being brought together under the name London Vision. So
East London Vision is gonna become London Vision East, for instance. South East London
Vision is becoming London Vision South East. So it’s just bringing everything together,
just reorganising things behind the scenes really, I think. The services and support
that each of these groups provide will be pretty much the same as before. So yeah, it’s
just making things a bit more streamlined and reorganised as far as I’m aware. So it’ll
be interesting to see how that works out over the coming year. But yeah, congratulations to East London Vision
on their 5th birthday. They’ve done a lot for me since I moved to London last year.
They really helped me to settle and get into meeting people. And it’s helped me to do activities
that I might not have ever done in any other way, like the Go Ape obstacle course I did
earlier this year, and I’ve been to the London Marathon to watch that with them, and I’ve
been to museums and on walks, and just socialised with some wonderful people there. The same
goes for South East London Vision as well, who I joined a little while later. They’ve just been great at really helping me
settle into London and make some new friends. So I’m very, very grateful to them for that,
and I know they give a lot of support and advice to a lot of people. So yeah,
it’s great that they’re still going. And talking of anniversaries,, we must also
say Happy 150th Anniversary to the RNIB, the Royal National Institute of Blind People.
They also do amazing work, and it’s great to see them celebrating such a milestone. For my family, we’ve bought lots of products
from their shops, they’ve given us advice on things over the years. My parents met at
the Manor House in Torquay, the rehabilitation centre they used to run. Mum uses the Overdrive
service for her talking books these days. So yeah, they’re just a great organisation.
They do a lot of campaigning on behalf of people with sight loss of course, and I’ve
done a few bits and pieces for them since I started blogging. So yeah, a very happy 150th anniversary to
the RNIB, and here’s to another 150 years at least. Your support for the sight loss
community is very, very much appreciated. And then the other groups I met up with were
Aquabats and the London Sports Club For The Blind. In both cases I went ten pin bowling with
them at the Queens bowling alley in Queensway. And then afterwards, again in both cases,
we went for a meal at the New Fortune Cookie, which is a Chinese restaurant,
just by Queensway Tube Station. So it was great fun on both evenings, it was
great to meet them again as usual. I try and go to those bowling events regularly, because
they’re good fun, they’re a great way to socialise. Moving on to TV now, and the big thing this
month was of course Doctor Who. And we now have a new series with a new executive producer
in Chris Chibnall and a new female Doctor in Jodie Whittaker. And I think it’s brilliant. I think Jodie
Whittaker has done an amazing job. She really fits into the role very nicely. She’s got
the mannerisms of the Doctor, she feels like the Doctor, she’s a great actress in general. And the companions are good as well. I’m not
quite sure if we need all 3 of them, it feels a little bit overkill perhaps. I’m not sure
if we’re gonna get all the full potential out of them as a result. But maybe we will,
I don’t know. But I’m very glad Bradley Walsh is amongst them, that’s a nice touch. He’s
actually quite a good actor. If you only know him for presenting The Chase and stuff like
that, then it’s well worth watching him in this, because he’s actually good. And yeah, the stories are good, there’s a
nice variety of episodes, going back into history or going into space, and stuff like that.
The Rosa Parks story was a particularly good example of how Doctor Who is great at
history, and getting the message across that we should respect one another regardless
of how different we are. So yeah, it’s great that they do stories like
that, that make people think, and teach people a bit about their history, especially the children.
So yeah, I’ve been really impressed with that. And the theme tune’s not bad as well. Again
it’s been refreshed, like the rest of the series has. And we’ve got a new composer this
time as well, Murray Gold’s now stepped aside. And yeah, the new theme tune is good. It’s
not as good as some of Murray Gold’s stuff. I think my favourite version of the theme
is still the really heavy, driving theme that was used for David Tennant’s era. And I also
really like the rock version of the theme that was used for one episode of Peter Capaldi’s
run. It’s a shame they didn’t use that more often really. But yeah, this new theme is good. It’s got
a nice bassline at the start that drops before the main melody kicks in. And there’s a kind
of classic era type feel to it, the main melody. So yeah, it’s good, it’s nice to have a fresh
take on the theme. So yeah, I’m looking forward to the remaining
episodes of the series, I think they’ve got off to a very good start. I’ve been very impressed
with Jodie, and I think she’s really helped to shut up the critics a bit. I’ve been very
pleased to see a lot of positive reaction to her on social media. Good luck to Jodie
for the rest of the series, I think it’s gonna be very interesting to see how that pans out. Another show that’s come back is The Big Bang
Theory of course, that’s a comedy that I love. And they’re back for their final season now.
Season 12 is gonna be their last one. Which is a shame, but also understandable. You wanna
go out when you’re on top, and not drag it out too long. So I think that was a wise decision. And I’ve also got series 11 on Blu-ray as
well. So yeah, there’s plenty of extras on here as well. So you’ve got the Comic-Con
Panel on there, which they’ve done a few of on previous DVD releases as well, and there’s
a gag reel and some other features as well. So yeah, it’s gonna be great to have the whole
collection of these when series 12 finally comes out. Because it is a great show, and
I’m glad there’s so many episodes that I can look back on and enjoy. And then another comedy I’ve got, again on
Blu-ray, is Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy. I’ve already had this on DVD, but I wanted
to upgrade to this because it’s been remastered and restored, so it’s got better picture quality
and sound quality. And there’s also a lot more extra features on here as well, there’s loads
on here. You’ve got all the original extras from the DVD, plus a whole ton more. So there’s
stuff with Douglas Adams in there, and all sorts of other random bits and bobs. So I haven’t actually watched this yet, but I’m
looking forward to going through it. Firstly to relive the episodes, because they’re just
great, they’re really, really funny, and also to see what all the extra features are like.
So I’ll do a review of some sort in my blog or on here or whatever, as soon as I’ve gone
through that. And then finally, the other DVD I’ve got is
You Can’t Polish A Nerd. Now this is slightly unusual, because this isn’t a TV show. This
is a live show that was done by Festival Of The Spoken Nerd. If any of you follow Stand
Up Maths on Youtube, then you’ll know Matt from there for a start. I saw them earlier in the year at An Evening
Of Unnecessary Detail, which was a comedy show for nerds, that was held earlier this
year. And yeah, it’s basically all about maths and science basically, with comedy mixed in
as well. So you get to learn things and have a laugh at the same time. Yeah, there’s a lot of really fun and weird
stuff on here. So you’ve got a Pi-endulum – a pendulum with a pie on it, which makes
sense when you see it. There’s a spherical camera, the footage they get from that is
really cool. There’s stuff being filmed inside a microwave. There’s some interesting songs
in there, including one about the periodic table that some of you will know, but the
lady on here’s extended it a bit to take account of some new elements, and there’s other songs
she does as well. And yeah, it’s just some interesting experiments
and it’s a good laugh. It’s quite a long show as well, nearly 2 hours of material on here. Plus
you’ve got commentaries. There’s 3 commentaries, because they each do one each, commenting
on each other’s commentaries. And indeed, if you look at the cover, you
can see it’s recursive, in as much as they’re holding up the DVD cover on the front. So
if you zoom into it, you can see that then on that cover they’re holding, they’re also
holding the DVD cover. So it just goes recursive down, down, through, through the photos.
So that’s a really cool touch. And indeed the Unboxing extra on here as well
is kind of similar. I’m not gonna give it away too much, but the Unboxing feature on
here is really, really clever. It’s the most interesting unboxing video
you will see I reckon. So that’s good fun, I really enjoyed watching
that show. It’s a bit different, it’s a bit nerdy, it’s not for everyone in that respect.
But if you like a bit of maths, you like a bit of science, it’s good. I’m also enjoying the new series of The Flash,
series 5, that’s come out on Sky. That’s got a nice new twist to it this season, with
Barry’s daughter turning up from the future. I’ve also been watching things like
The Last Leg, Have I Got News For You, QI XL, Would I Lie To You? And they’ve also just finished the latest
series of Taskmaster as well, series 7, which is as hilarious as ever. I love Taskmaster,
it’s brilliant. So I’m looking forward to seeing who’s in series 8 now. And then finally to finish off, a few things
from my blog and social media to mention. On my blog there’s a couple of other posts
that I haven’t mentioned yet. The main one being an interview with Chelsey from VI Blind
Resources. She has a Youtube channel as well, where she actually audio describes a lot of
the content in her videos, which is great, and she makes the effort to describe images
on social media too. And she posts very, very regularly, about the stuff she gets up to,
and giving advice on how to interact with visually impaired people. And I did an interview with her for her blog,
where I wrote about what it was like to live with visually impaired parents, to grow up
in that kind of environment. Which is not something I’ve written about on my own blog
before, so it’s something unique for her to publish on hers. And then in return I invited Chelsey
to do an interview on my blog about herself, so you can find out a bit about her. So yeah, go and check out both those posts,
I think you’ll find them very, very interesting. And thank you to Chelsey for getting involved
with that, inviting me to her blog and contributing to mine. And then the other post I published during the
month was another scam that I became aware of, after I got a strange little business
card through my door. Someone called Mr Latif, who claims to be “born gifted”. And the fact
that I’m not here saying that the world’s problems have been solved kind of proves
he’s not the person he says he is. I did a bit of digging around, a bit of Googling,
and found he’d changed his name a couple of times, and he’s changed his address and mobile
numbers regularly over the years, as he’s continued to try and peddle this scam, of
claiming that he’s amazing and can solve any problem for anybody, anytime, anywhere. And the strange thing is that you can’t find
any single bit of evidence or review or anything like that to say that he is who he claims
he is. It’s just clearly nonsense from the outset. He was told off by the Advertising
Standards Agency, but just carried on anyway. So yeah, it’s a strange little scam, but it’s
important to make people aware of it. Because the fact that he’s been doing it for so many
years suggests that people might be falling for it. Otherwise it wouldn’t be worth his while
continuing to try and do it. So it’s important to make people aware of these things, however
bizarre they may seem to us. There are more vulnerable people who might fall for that
kind of thing, if they are in dire straits and they’re really desperate for any kind
of solution. So it’s important to get the message out there. And then finally just a few quick shoutouts
to some other disabled people that deserve a mention, including bloggers. Firstly a very big congratulations to everybody
who ended up on the Disability Power 100 List, which was put together by The Shaw Trust.
That’s basically a list of the most influential disabled people in the UK, so it’s a very,
very prestigious list. Everybody who’s on there has worked very hard and fully deserves
to be there. So congratulations to everybody on there, you’re all amazing. One of the people on that list is Holly from
the blog Life Of A Blind Girl. She was one of the people who influenced me to start blogging
when I first discovered this whole community. And she’s done a lot of great posts over the
past few years, giving advice on how to interact with visually impaired people, and sharing
her own experiences, and telling us a lot about herself, and really educating people
wonderfully, and raising a lot of awareness. So well done to Holly for that. One of her most recent posts, for instance,
is “6 Ways To Make Your Social Media Posts More Accessible”. So I highly recommend you
read that, because that’s very, very important information to know. And she’s also done an
interview for RNIB Connect Radio as well. So she’s becoming quite the star at the moment.
She’s also got her own Youtube channel that she’s been working on too more recently. So yeah, go and check out Life Of A Blind
Girl, because she is on that Power 100 List for good reason. I also recommend checking out one of the new
videos from Emily over at Fashioneyesta, where she talks about her Inaccessibility Horror
Stories, and has invited people to contribute their own as well. If you watch that video
you’ll find a lot of things you can relate to I’m sure. I know I certainly did. And if
you have any other stories of your own you want to share on Twitter or on video or whatever,
then Emily will really appreciate that I’m sure. And thank you also to Emily for alerting me
that Outlander series 4 is back on Amazon Prime. That I am gonna be watching because
that is a great show that Emily got me into. So thank you to her for that. And then finally just to mention a new podcast
that may interest some of you. Fern Lulham is a great motivational speaker who has the
same eye conditions as me, but her sight loss is more severe. I met her at the Aniridia
Network Conference earlier in the year, and was really impressed with her speech that
she gave there. And she’s got a great Youtube channel and a blog and stuff as well. And
she appears on a show on Canadian radio online, AMI Audio. And now she’s got a podcast of her very own
called The Things We Don’t See, which is all about mental health and the issues that we
all have to deal with at some time or another. So she gives some advice and shares her own
experiences. So yeah, do go and listen to that if you want a bit of support and advice
in that kind of area, because she’s really, really good. And that’s it. Those are all the things I’ve got
to mention for October. Like I say, thank you again to everyone who donated to the abseil,
it’s another opportunity just to say thank you for that. And yeah, I hope you found the rest of this
video interesting and enjoyable. It was certainly a good month for me. November has also been
very interesting already, and there are some other interesting things coming up. There’s 3 theatre trips I’ve done already this
month! And there’s a museum visit as well, which is gonna be very interesting,
that I’m gonna be doing the day after I’m filming this in fact. And then there’s one or two
other things going on. And I’m going on a little mini break as well, I’m going out of London
to stay with some friends. So yeah, I’m gonna have a fair few bits and pieces to talk about
in my November Favourites next month. But for now, that’s it for this video. Thank
you very much for watching and I hope you enjoyed it. Don’t forget to like,
comment and subscribe. And I will see you for another video
very, very soon. Bye! [Acoustic guitar outro music]

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